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Are the ETs in Sci-Fi Realistic or Not? By Ounngy Ing.

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1 Are the ETs in Sci-Fi Realistic or Not? By Ounngy Ing

2 The common portrayal of ETs in Sci-fi Antagonist They have super high intelligent and advance technology In a lot of movie and TV present alien as destructive and want to abduct human and colonize earth. Or they can be friendly There are movie like Paul that portray ET as a friendly guy and came to Earth as a visitor

3 Can you tell which of this ET came from which movie or TV show?

4 The look of ETs One of the most common thing in Sci-fi is that alien look like us Scientist also say that an ETs that look like human doesnt make any sense ET is a species that come from other planet that unlike earth, their planet could have different environment and atmosphere and gone through an evolution that unlike earth, so there is no way that ET will look like us.

5 Ridiculous ET? It would be scientific wrong if a writer want an ET to have extra or too many organ just to make it look weird For example: 3 eyes alien Too many eyes will only increase chance of vulnerability and accident if it dont have any reasonable reason other than just to make it look bizarre. Organ enhance a creature ability to survive but anything beyond that only have more thing to have accident with if we think of natural selection.

6 Other things to consider to make an realistic ETs Environment How ET will look like is determine by their natural selection of their environment Sense All organism have some sort of sensory input, depend by their environment, have additional sense or lack of some sense can be an advantage. So it possible that some ET might cant hear or smell Communication Talking is not the only way for ET to communicate, there are other way like use electric or any kind of electromagnet wave to talk


8 What make an ETs in Sci-fi look realistic? Since it a species that we never met before and its from other planet then it shouldnt be look like us. So any thing that doesnt look like us or earth-like can make it look pretty realistic.

9 Home work question What would ET be look like if you are design an ET?( dont make it look like us)

10 URL plausible-alien-life-form plausible-alien-life-form

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