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Emmanuel Acha ASONGALEM Vice Dean, Research and Cooperation, Faculty of Health Sciences University of Buea Tel:

2 Biomedical conference, Kumasi 2012
Objectives Introduction Organisation of research in Cameroon Biomedical Research Centres National biomedical research priorities Percentage distribution of research conducted in Cameroon Types of research Research funding Some ongoing clinical researches going on in Cameroon Some biomedical researches going on in UB Unethical incidence of biomedical research Ethical issues in Cameroon Areas of collaboration Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

3 Cameroon July 2010 Population 19 406 100
Official Name: Republic of Cameroon Area: Capital: Yaounde Official Languages Official Name: Republic of Cameroon AREA: 457,439 Sq Km (183,568 Sq Mi) Official Languages: English and French July 2010 Population 19  Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

4 Organisation of research in Cameroon
No single National organ is responsible for coordinating research in Cameroon. Three Ministries are involve in biomedical research: Ministry Higher Education (MINESUP) Coordinated by Div. Operational Research Ministry of Health (MINSANTE) Coordinated by Division of Operational Health Research Ministry of Scientific Research (MINRESI) Coordinated by Div. of Research and Program Policy) Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

5 Centers of Biomedical Research
MINISTRY OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH Camdiagnostics Institute of Medical Research and Medicinal Plants Studies (IMPM) National Institute for Agricultural Research (IRAD) MINISTRY OF HIGHER EDUCATION Universities (8 state and >10 private) University of Buea – Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Influenza virus and other emerging infectious diseases University of Yaounde 1 – Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Metabolic syndrome University of Douala – Malaria University of Dschang – Malaria MINISTRY OF HEALTH International Reference Center of Chantal Biya (IRCCB) Institute Pasteur – Medical Services Organization of Coordination for the fight against endemic diseases in Central Africa (OCEAC) – Malaria, HIV/AIDS, infectious diseases PRESICA, Yaounde – HIV/AIDS Investigative Research – Cameroon (IRECAM) – HIV/AIDS Baptist Center, Mutengene – HIV/AIDS National Health Laboratory (Hygiene Mobile) – emerging diseases National Laboratory for quality control of drugs (CENAME) – National Medication Distribution Center. Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

6 National Biomedical research priorities
Communicable diseases HIV/AIDS Malaria Tuberculosis Emerging diseases – bird and swine flu, cholera Onchocerciasis Non Communicable disease Cardiovascular diseases Hypertension Heart diseases Diabetes Cancer Respiratory diseases Asthma Others Traditional medicine Nutrition Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

7 Percentage distribution of research conducted in Cameroon
Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

8 Distribution of Health Research in Cameroon
Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

9 Types of biomedical research in Cameroon
Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

10 Preclinical research Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012
Natural products Identification and isolation of new drug leads Pharmacological screening Toxicological screening Pharmaceutical formulations Others Drug resistance studies HIV, HVB variants Development of diagnosing kits Therapeutic strategies (traditional treatments of HIV/AIDS) Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

11 Study types of Clinical Trials
Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

12 Distribution of primary outcomes of clinical trial performed in Cameroon
Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

13 Sources of biomedical research sponsorship
Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

14 Budget estimates for research in Cameroon
Year National (USD) International (USD)(§) Total (USD) MINESUP(*) MPH (†) MINRESI‡ PRIVATE 2006 >18, NA >35 million 2007 >47 million 2008 >41 million 2009 >52 million 2010 >18, >31 million 2011 >19, >43 million 2012 >20, >37 million * Not specifically for biomedical research † subsidises to public medical schools and research institution; excludes money in collaborative centers such CIRCB ‡ allocated for health research . It is mainly given to IMPM NA: data not available § Allocation from Global fund to fight HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

15 Areas of international-sponsored research
Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

16 Distribution of sponsorship
Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

17 Sponsors of Biomedical reseach in Cameroon
Biomedical conference, Kumasi 2012 Sponsors of Biomedical reseach in Cameroon International sponsors & Institutions America Centre for Disease Control John Hopkins School of Public Health National Institutes of Health US Army HIV Research project (LEID) USAID France Institut de Recherche pour la Développement (IRD) French National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis (ANRS, France) Centre de Recherche pour la Santé des Armées (CRESAR) Italy CIRCB Canada Canadian International Development Research Center (IDRC) International organs WHO (TDR, UNAIDs, Global Fund) European Union (EDCTP project on HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB, CANTAM) United Nations Family Planning Agency (UNFPA) UNICEF World Bank (Global Fund for the fight against HIV/AIDS/TB/Malaria) GTZ International NGOs Helen Keller International Gates & Melinda Foundation Médecins Sans Frontiére Pharmaceutical companies Pfizer Sanofi Aventis Gilead Science Roche National institutions Government (Universities, IMPM, CENAME, Hygiene Mobile) Private (very little contributions) Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

18 Clinical trials going on in Cameroon
Prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in patients attending general practice clinics in selected countries in the Africa and the Middle East region (49 (6) locations) Yaounde, Deido-Douala, Bafoussam, Mbandjock, Njombe and Soa (Pfizer) Evaluation of three strategies of second-line antiretroviral treatment in Africa (Dakar - Bobo-Dioulasso - Yaoundé) (Gilead Sciences and Janssen Pharmaceutical N.V., Belgium) Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

19 Some biomedical researches going on in UB
This project is part of the MalariaGEN (Malaria Genomics and Epidemiology Consortial 1 project involved recruitment of severe malaria in Buea and collecting blood for genomic variations. Central Africa Network on Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and Malaria (CANTAM project) sponsored by European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) Work on Infectious diseases like influenza, cholera (LEID), sponsored by John Hopkins - Army Institute. Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

20 Unethical incidence of biomedical research
Tenofovir (VIREAD) prophylactic or preventive properties against HIV infection Cambodia and West Africa (Cameroon, Ghana & Nigeria) (started July, 2004). Gates Foundation (USA)  Family Health International (FHI –USA)  Care and Health Programme (CHP) – an NGO.400 uninfected sex workers (200 test drug placebo) Visit by Act Up-Paris and REDS (Réseau Ethique Droit et Santé, to Cameroon, protest from sex workers, picked up by France-2 TV, magnified and trial suspended in February 2005. Causes leading to failure Transport of USD3 Prevention package did not include female condoms 5 social workers to counsel 100 participants Infected HIV participants were not to treated with HIV drugs 6 (palcebo) 4 (Tenofovir) have seroconverted by August 2005. State-of –the-art treatment was ordered by FHI. Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

21 Ethical issues in Cameroon
All health research projects must obtain permits from the Div. of Operational Research in MPH. About 14 ERCs in Cameroon, but only 2 are recognized at the MPH (the national ERC (1987), and the ethics committee of Centre International de Reference Chantal Biya (CIRCB) since 2006) To date, Administrative Authorization for clinical trials and protocols with international collaboration is only granted for protocols reviewed at the National Ethics Committee The MPH (in collaboration with the CNEC) is currently proposing a guide to regulate the creation of Institutional Review Boards in Cameroon Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Buea, has a functional ERB for both students and externally funded projects Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

22 Areas of collaboration with University of Buea
Biomedical and Fundamental research Social research Epidemiological research Applied research Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

23 Conclusion Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012
Biomedical research in Cameroon constitutes only 15% of all health researches conducted and depends mostly on external collaboration. Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

24 References & Information sources
National Ethical Committee of Cameroon, Yaounde. Ministry of Health Division of operational Health research Ministry of Higher Education Division of Operational research Ministry of Scientific Research & Innovation Division of Rsearch and Program Policy Cadre de dépenses à Moyen Terme Santé by Ministry of Public Health, 2010 Situational Analysis of Health Research in Cameroon by Council on Health Research for Development (COHRED), 1995. Libraries and interviews University of Buea University of Yaounde1 University of Douala Univesity of Dschang OCEAC library Global fund ( Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012

25 Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012
YOU THANK FOR YOUR ATTENTION Biomedical Conference - Kumasi, 2012


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