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Cutting-edge technology for the development of business software applications Takes advantage of the most recent international trends, combining Microsoft.NET.

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2 Cutting-edge technology for the development of business software applications Takes advantage of the most recent international trends, combining Microsoft.NET Framework 4 with the most advanced application development tools of SingularLogic Key characteristics Unique user experience Unlimited capacity of personalization and customization Access from everywhere Process automation One view decision making and control Easy upgrade with no training or data migration needed Unique user experience and business benefits, in a modern working environment, resulting in improved productivity and growth potential Galaxy is DO YOU SPEAK FUTURE ?

3 Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) for medium-sized or large enterprises Integrated, modern and flexible ERP system for enterprises that require rich functionality, automation, and unlimited information.

4 FUNCTIONALITY DO YOU SPEAK FUTURE ? Financial Management Financial Management Commercial Management Commercial Management General Ledger- Cost Accounting – Financial Reports General Ledger- Cost Accounting – Financial Reports International Accounting Standards International Accounting Standards Financial Dimensions Financial Dimensions Income and Expenses Income and Expenses Fixed Asset Management Fixed Asset Management Special Attributes (Color-Size-Style) Special Attributes (Color-Size-Style) Commercial policy (sales and purchasing) Commercial policy (sales and purchasing) Cash Flow Cash Flow Budgeting Budgeting Purchasing Scheduling Purchasing Scheduling Import Costing Import Costing Lots Lots Serial Numbers Serial Numbers Manufacturing Manufacturing Project Monitoring / Project Budgeting Project Monitoring / Project Budgeting Services Services Management Information System Management Information System 5usersminimum

5 Numerous readymade reports for each sub-system OLAP Views/ Grids Numerus readymade statistics in the form of OLAP Views/ Grids Report Generator for generating custom reports Visual Reporting tool for composite reports with the added capacity to aesthetically intervene in the printout Visual tools to create your own OLAPs / grids Competitive advantages M.I.S Information without limits DO YOU SPEAK FUTURE ?

6 One view snapshot One view snapshot of the enterprise, representing the most important KPIs, graphs, reports, or lists according to each users needs performance indicators Ready-made performance indicators about the course of the enterprise to display on the users desktop. Paraller execution of reports Paraller execution of reports, while performing other tasks. Upon completion, the application stores the report and notifies the user (via an alert). Information accounts Information accounts to aggregate data from General Ledger and Financial Accounting to present and integrated view of the company Competitive advantages M.I.S Information without limits DO YOU SPEAK FUTURE ?

7 Competitive advantages Multicompany Management of multiple companies in the same database Capacity for simultaneous registering of records in different companies without the need to separately login to each company All entities (customers, items, sales staff etc) are generated once in the database, while they can be moved from all companies and provide financial data for each of them. Credit control execution on customers-suppliers-debtors- creditors at Group and company level. DO YOU SPEAK FUTURE ?

8 Competitive advantages Security system Extensive security system for managing user rights Rights for each role in the enterprise Truck changes at record lever or record field level Determine the work profile of the users and rights for each profile Recording actions per user DO YOU SPEAK FUTURE ?

9 The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is integrated in the application, so that they function in a single environment and platform. Ensures homogeneous and overall information, complete history of each sale, while avoiding double entries. Indicatively: An appointment with a prospective customer that gradually evolves into a sales opportunity, offer and, finally, order and sales document, through a unique workflow. Services provided to a customer can be transformed from simple actions in the system directly into an invoice of services rendered It is designed, in a smart way, so not to burden your commercial management with marketing data that regard exclusively CRM. Competitive advantages Integrated CRM DO YOU SPEAK FUTURE ?

10 Competitive advantages Warehouses, storage locations, types of stock Warehouses in a hierarchical structure (tree display) for more information Define storage locations for the items and their identification with types of stock (available stock, for quality control, packaging, defective, etc.) to know at any moment in what condition they are. Balance of items per branch, warehouse, storage location and type of stock DO YOU SPEAK FUTURE ?

11 3 Measurement Unites 3 Measurement Unites Price lists Price lists specified price setting rules, for specific time periods Settings using calculation formulas Settings based on a scale and a special attribute (e.g. size) Assignments Assignments Determination of rules governing commercial management. Following orders the application applies the rules en masse Different credit control scenarios for each category of customers Price lists for specific customers categories or items Specific repayment agreements for categories of customers or items Inventory commitment Inventory commitment Commitment of specific quantities of goods / products from stock, from expected, from production, while placed in a queue to be served automatically by the next available. Competitive advantages Items/goods DO YOU SPEAK FUTURE ?

12 Competitive advantages Role-based entities Role-based entities Determination of roles for each entity (e.g. customer, supplier, debtor, creditor) are determined so that common information exists at central level and only the additional data per role are filled in. Intermediates/roles Intermediates/roles Sales staff, collectors, subcontractors, agents, assigned to a role or roles. Involvement of all intermediates in purchasing, sales and financial transactions. DO YOU SPEAK FUTURE ?

13 Competitive advantages Financial dimensions Financial dimensions The application enables the presentation of all financial data of a business in designated economic dimensions (holdings, cost centers - profit, etc.) and combinations thereof, beyond general ledger. Scenarios statements Scenarios statements The scenarios define all the possible states that a transaction can reach. For each state, you can select specific actions to be performed or to be implemented through scripting. DO YOU SPEAK FUTURE ?

14 Hierarchical categories Hierarchical categories Multiple categories for items, customers, suppliers, accounts with hierarchical deployment, for display of statistical information on analytical or aggregate basis. Hierarchical categories are also used to develop rules in the application for such matters like commercial policies, pricelists, payment methods etc. Competitive advantages Variables Variables In each basic entity (items, transacting parties, financial accounts) you can define new calculated fields, bringing together the results from the transactions at the day, month, year and used both for creating and printing the design views per entity. DO YOU SPEAK FUTURE ?

15 Groups of attributes Groups of attributes Search for your data (items, customers, suppliers, sellers, agents, accounts) via smart search engines. Determine groups of attributes of items / customer / suppliers / sellers / accounts with type, date, text, number, table of values. Link the item / customer / supplier / seller / account with the groups of attributes it belongs to and enter the values of the attributes related to it. Capacity to find records based on the attribute values via smart search engines ΤVΤV Inches 32 37 40 TV type LED LCD PLASMA manufacturer Philips Sony LG Competitive advantages DO YOU SPEAK FUTURE ?

16 On line - offline On line - offline Re sync after remote connectivity has been lost, intentionally or not, between branches, point of sales, subsidiaries, or remote users of a certain installation. Each remote user will be able to continue working and perform transactions without any interrupt. When the system comes back on line, the Enterprise Suite will synchronize data between remote and central points (transactions, new values, changes in customers etc.). Competitive advantages DO YOU SPEAK FUTURE ?

17 See your business going to the future, today !

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