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Marketing and your library Alison

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1 Marketing and your library Alison Miller @millerlibrarian

2 Marketing and Libraries 1.Effective marketing can be done on a shoestring and, in a small library, usually has to be. 2.In a small public library, marketing is an excellent use of library staff time and results in better library service.

3 Marketing and Libraries Marketing is a process… not a poster

4 Marketing is about telling a story What is the VALUE message to the customer…

5 Think about your population… Geography -research your patrons; where do they live or come from Demographics - age, sex, income, etc. Lifestyle - retired hobbyist, student, homeschool, etc.

6 4 PARTS OF THE MARKETING PROCESS 1.Advertising 2.Sales Promotion 3.Public Relations 4.Personal Selling

7 1. Advertising The paid message – you can control how they are placed –Example: newspaper, tv station

8 2. Promotion Things you hand out –Brochures, Pencils, posters, flyers, bookmarks, etc.

9 3. Public Relations Messages that you create and try to interest others in… –In the media, social media, getting the message out there for free

10 4. Personal Selling From within the library or from the librarian/library staff: internal PR –Increases the interest and value to the patron

11 Marketing and Libraries What do you tell them? –Value message What do you use? –Logo –Slogan –Talking points

12 Marketing and Libraries Positioning: Where does the library fit into peoples lives?

13 MARKETING AND LIBRARIES? What/who is your target market? Existing users New users


15 Advertising

16 Promotion

17 Public Relations

18 Personal selling Regina Public Library on YouTube

19 Brand/logo exercise

20 Chevy McDonalds Denver Broncos Vera Bradley Pepsi

21 Brand/logo exercise

22 STLS Wikipedia Library of Congress Dormann cafeOver Drive Brand/logo exercise

23 Thank you Alison Miller @millerlibrarian

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