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The photos in this presentation were taken by Lukas, Basia, and Joanna, who also wrote the text.

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2 The photos in this presentation were taken by Lukas, Basia, and Joanna, who also wrote the text.

3 VOLUNTEERS HARDY MUSIC: Bucovina Club Czernowitz Jewish cemetery clean-up operation - August 2008.

4 This wall, at the entrance to the cemetery, was constructed of fragments of graves

5 Jasmin Jasmin is from Germany, and with Basia the leader of the group. She is very interested in politics and world affairs.

6 Basia from Poland was one of the co- leaders of the group. She has been living in Ukraine this year. Basia

7 Marcus Marcus is Swiss. He has been living in Warsaw studying Polish

8 Marilena Marilena is from Italy. She and Marcus met in Warsaw and came to the project together.

9 From Australia, she is 18 and the youngest member of the group Clare

10 Sad that it was broken and separated from the rest of its stone, but beautiful nontheless.I especially liked the leaf detail again the foliage.

11 Joanna, an American of Jewish Cz origin whose great grandparents are buried in the cemetery.

12 This is Ola from Poland, very kind and helpful. Ola

13 Pedro is 1/2 Swedish, 1/2 Portuguese, speaks those languages and Russian, English, and Hebrew. He helped translate my great grandparents' graves." Pedro

14 Dinnertime We ate all our meals together, breakfast and dinner at the house, a school for deaf children, and lunch at the cemetery. The signs on the wall are our schedule of events and chores."

15 From France, she brought delicious cookies from Brittany to share. A very sweet and friendly person Sophie

16 Lukas Lukas is Ola's friend, had planned to meet her after the project, but heard what we were doing and decided to join us. He took most of the portraits.

17 He, like Marina, heard about the project and joined us many days. He is Jewish, born and raised in Czernowitz. He came with us to visit Sadagura and the Wonder Rabbi's palace, as well as the Czernowitz synagogue, which he attends.(on holidays!) Kostas

18 Tetyana, the mayor's assistant for public and international relations, accompanied us to the University for a tour and the opening of the Yiddish conference. That's Tetyana on the left with the sunglasses on her head

19 Katya is from Germany, very bright and politically astute, as well as very nice. Katya

20 Off to work….

21 Christian and Mimi These two folks are the ones responsible for spearheading this project. They came to join us for several days, along with Mimi's husband. Mimi shared her vitality and her memories of her childhood in Czernowitz. Christian cooked us dinner several nights, and read us poetry by Paul Celan and literature about the Wonder Rabbi.

22 Mimi sharing info with us at lunchtime at the cemetery. Pedro and Marilena in the back.

23 This is what most of the cemetery looked like, if not even more overgrown,and which most of it still looks like. I made good use of those clippers

24 Mimi,Milton, and Christian all helped us with clearing

25 Shannon Shannon is from the U.S. and is a Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine, where she is teaching English.

26 Marina Marina is from Czernowitz, a student at the University. She heard about us on TV and came to join us. She was instrumental in locating my great grandparents' graves, and has offered to take care of them for me.

27 Local students This group of teenagers came to help one day

28 Joanna Liss, on right, with a local woman who said she had been Jewish but was now Baptist. Asked if she had been a hidden child, the woman began to cry, so Liss dropped the subject.

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