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Faces of Anguilla ~~ a common thread ~~ Faces of Anguilla ~~ a common thread ~~

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1 Faces of Anguilla ~~ a common thread ~~ Faces of Anguilla ~~ a common thread ~~

2 Before travelling to Anguilla, our project began with an orientation session in…

3 …Ottawa Teams met at the Canadian Teachers Federation Administrations Office for a three day orientation~ Each team had an opportunity to spend an afternoon with a representative of their host country in order to become acquainted with the country~

4 On July 10th, the teams left Ottawa for Africa, Mongolia, and the Caribbean~

5 I went to Anguilla with 3 other teachers from Nunavut, the Yukon and Ontario~

6 Anguilla... …is the most northerly of the leeward islands in the Eastern Caribbean

7 The island is 3 miles wide and 16 miles long with a population of about 15,000~

8 We were warmly welcomed by the Anguilan people…





13 …and the Anguilla Teachers Union, the co-tutors and teachers~

14 The island is known for its beautiful white sand beaches, turquoise waters, snorkeling and diving~

15 Its main industry is tourism~

16 The island is safe and hospitable. Everyone we encountered was courteous and helpful~

17 In the process of our discussion, I invited her daughter to join us at the workshop. She was pleased with the invitation and took me up on it~ My co-tutor had brought her nursing baby and her daughter, who was busy sketching a masterpiece… On a hot Friday afternoon, soon after we had arrived in Anguilla, I found myself in the Technology and Communication classroom for a planning session~

18 Being a small island, word-of-mouth had spread quickly! On Monday morning, many teachers came to the workshops with their children…

19 …the builders of the future!

20 ~Bringing their children to the workshop seemed to fit very much with the Caribbean way of life~

21 Typically, the day began with an assembly led by Marilyn Hodge~

22 Participants and guests were invited to take part in the opening exercise…

23 …to sing

24 …to tell a story

25 …to share a poem

26 My team and I taught alongside co-tutors and gave workshops on…

27 … classroom management

28 …make and take

29 …English as a Second Language

30 …technology and communication

31 I was responsible for the technology and communication workshop… …the teachers initial uncertainty turned to awe when they had accomplished something they had thought was impossible~

32 Some helped other teachers~ Teachers also discovered things that I didnt know, so we learned and shared together~ An older teacher came in early each morning to show me pictures of her family, grandchildren, the life she led as a young girl and important milestone as an adult~

33 Week 1 Mrs. Patricia Beard HIV / AIDS Coordinator Workshops in HIV / AIDS were also presented Week 2 Mr. John Lake National AIDS Program Officer

34 Teachers from week 1

35 Teachers from week 2

36 Our team met with Mr. Rodney Rey, an Education Ministry official, who was supportive of Project Overseas and the workshops

37 At the Anguilla Radio Station we were interviewed by Mr. Ken Hodge

38 Each morning, we awoke …to the call of the roosters crow …to a brilliant blue sky …to the turquoise ocean~

39 Each day, we walked to school, getting to know the local people and a bit about daily life~

40 Anguillas beauty, spirit and charm fits very much with what the locals call their little island tranquility wrapped in blue"

41 As part of the web of humanity we are all connected in some way In this case our web of friendship is formed ~

42 Project Overseas is a joint professional development initiative of the CANADIAN TEACHERS FEDERATION and Member organizations commonly referred to as PO~ Team Anguilla

43 The Project involves Canadian teachers who volunteer their time and talents to assist in raising the academic and professional qualifications of teachers in developing countries~

44 50 teachers from across Canada were accepted by CTF to participate in Project Overseas to professionally assist fellow teachers in 13 developing countries ~Africa, Mongolia and the Caribbean~ for July and August 2007

45 The primary purpose of Project Overseas is to improve the quality of education in developing countries~

46 Professional development is the primary focus…

47 …and the goal is improved teaching and learning for students around the world~

48 Working towards quality public Education for All is the driving force behind the project~

49 In addition to raising the profile of the teacher organization in the developing country, Canadian teachers learn from their host country colleagues and each other~

50 This year alone, 1,691 teachers in 13 countries received in-service training~

51 Since 1962, 1,882 Canadian teachers have participated in Project Overseas, working with close to 100,000 teachers around the world~

52 When connecting through the ~heart, the mind~ anythings possible! ANGUILLA TEAM Elizabeth Schubert Kathy Andrus Alice Assor-Chandler Meeka Kakudluk Project Overseas 2007 BURKINA FASO TEAM Christiane Lefebvre-Bollinger Nicky Callaghan Solange Coté Jolène Gaudet DOMINICA TEAM Gay Sul Linda Di Cesare Antonino Giambrone Robert Jong GHANA TEAM Jan Walsh-Hohert Martyn Chapman Maleka Kaderbhai Kristen Sawyers Don Tessier Marina Willats GUINEA TEAM Suzanne Jolicoeur Manon Desjarlais GUYANA TEAM Owen Fortosky Larry Lemieux Denise Perron-Green Lee-Ann Sparling MALAWI TEAM Ron Adair Karen Brooks Jennifer Douma Denis Stokes MONGOLIA TEAM Deidre McConnell Kathleen Enns Irene Grezel Marijka Stadnyk NIGERIA TEAM Geoff Stubbs Patricia Howard Christopher Irvine Charlene Saunders SIERRA LEONE TEAM Christie Hartlin Kenneth Marland Ivan Pankratz Amanda Shurrie SAINT VINCENT TEAM Kevin Gabbert Karen Ingram Dana Kosowick Michele Pierce Heather Reid TOGO TEAM Paige Guidolin Corinne Garieri UGANDA TEAM Jeff Wilson Denise Edwards Daryl Rideout June Sanderson

53 July 2006, two Canadian teachers and I taught ESL at Zhong De Private School, Chao Yang District, in Beijing, China 2006 7

54 That same summer of 2006 I coached teachers at #3 Middle School in Fengtai District 2006 ~an inner city school in Beijing, China~

55 July 2007, I participated in Project Overseas 2007 –Anguilla, Caribbean ~a unique opportunity to teach Teachers in the developing world 2007 7 2007

56 July 2008, a Canadian teacher and I taught ESL at Yángzhōu Teachers College, Yángzhōu, Jiangsu Province, China 2008 7

57 July 2009, Jiángning Teachers College 2009

58 The ripple effect of teachers participation has touched over 3 million students around the word!

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