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Multiple strands of activity to benefit us all Jocelyn Wyburd and Adrian Armstrong, University of Manchester.

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1 Multiple strands of activity to benefit us all Jocelyn Wyburd and Adrian Armstrong, University of Manchester

2 National and institutional context Sharing Words Bridging the Gap University of Manchester Insight into Languages Programme (UMILAP) Language Teachers Consultative Forum (LATCOF) Characteristics, costs and benefits Future perspectives

3 National and institutional context National imperatives for widening access Demographics of secondary language students Changing application patterns Developing cross-sector collaboration Skills gaps Need to promote portfolio diversification Strengthening regional presence

4 Sharing Words - characteristics Supporting local 14-19 provision through supply of resource to develop oral competence Providing work and cultural experience for visiting university students Pedagogic ownership remains in partner institutions Av ½-1hr/fortnight per learner in small groups (5-6 learners) Av 1hr/week contact per visiting student c 25 visiting students & 5 local institutions involved in any one academic year

5 Sharing Words – costs & benefits Costs Visiting students hourly pay (£15/hr) P-T admin assistant (PhD student) pay (£1,000/ac yr) Police clearance process Academic staff time: initial partner liaison, selection of visiting students Benefits: enhancements: 14-19 pupils: cultural & linguistic confidence commitment to language study exam performance in AS/A2 Visiting students: CVs transferable skills cultural & linguistic confidence

6 Bridging the gap - characteristics 1-day summer schools for GCSE-AS and AS- A2 pupils, hosted at uni and at one partner school, free of charge; Organisation: university language teachers in partnership with secondary colleagues; Delivery: both university and secondary staff; Focus: grammar, oral competence, written skills, why learn languages, relation to career planning, debate re. content sessions, ab initio tasters for GCSE-AS level only; Very high demand!

7 Bridging the gap – costs & benefits Costs Organisers time (built into employment contracts) Delivery fees (variable hourly rates for teaching) + student ushers (£9/hr) Refreshments (not inc lunches) Materials Benefits 16-18s & their teachers Motivation + confidence change of scene + input Increased awareness of post-18 opportunities To university Enhanced awareness of gaps needing to be bridged impact on HE curriculum/ teaching methods Strengthened partnerships

8 UMILAP - characteristics Primarily years 10 & 11, widening access target groups; ½-day visits to university: Campus tours Talks eg careers & language study Meet university students Hands-on workshops in Language Centre (CD ROMs, internet, TV) Option of subsequent virtual mentoring scheme

9 UMILAP – costs and benefits Costs P-T admin assistant (PhD student) pay (£1,000/ac yr) PG demonstrators (£20/hr); UG helpers (£9/event) Academic staff coordination Benefits - enhanced: 14-16s: Confidence + motivation from hands-on workshop De-mystification of university Increased awareness of post-16 opportunities Teachers: Knowledge of ICT resources Understanding of relevance of university to their pupils

10 LATCOF - characteristics Monthly forum (5-7pm Thursdays) Secondary/6 th form teachers (by invitation)+ university language teachers/academics Thematic re pedagogies, resources, strategies Bilateral presentations stimulating discussion Contacts have informed Bridging the gap, engendered partnerships & stimulated research




14 LATCOF – costs and benefits Costs Refreshments and parking permits Staff time: contacts, reminders, arranging speakers, dissemination (notes of proceedings, web presence) Benefits: bilateral CPD: pedagogical debate Understanding of curriculum and practice in other sector Impact on practice Potential for dissemination within own institutions

15 Future perspectives Need to build initiatives into strategic planning for the School with links to agendas for: Recruitment & Admissions External Relations Teaching and Learning / curriculum development Staff training and development Need for concomitant infrastructural support to sustain and develop outreach: Budgetary, inc identification of new funding sources Administrative, inc dedicated support

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