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1 ICT SECTOR November 2013. 2 ÍNDEX 1.Catalonia 2.Sector figures 3.Competitiveness Drivers 4.Success stories 5.Invest Services 6.Incentives

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1 1 ICT SECTOR November 2013

2 2 ÍNDEX 1.Catalonia 2.Sector figures 3.Competitiveness Drivers 4.Success stories 5.Invest Services 6.Incentives

3 3 1. Catalonia

4 4 Facts and Figures Catalonias population is similar to those of countries like Bulgaria and Austria. Its GDP is greater than Denmarks and Finlands and similar to that of Austria. It exports more than Portugal and the Slovak Republic and about as much as Finland and Hungary. At 27,053 / year, Catalan GDP per capita is 14% above the European average (EU-27) and above those of United Kingdom and Italy. Source: IDESCAT, INE and the Ministry of the Economy. Area32,106 km2 Population7.5 million Average temperature16.17ºC Average hours of daylight12 h 57 min GDP mp 2010 209.7 billion Agriculture (GAV 2010)1.11% Industry (GAV 2010)18.55% Construction (GAV 2010)9.09% Services (GAV 2010)71.24% Tourism (visitors a year)25 million GDP per capita 2010 27,053 / year Exports 2010 48.59 billion Imports 2010 66.92 billion R&D spending 20091.68% of GDP

5 5 Strategic Location Barcelonas airport connects the city to 150 international destinations and was named best European cargo airport in 2009 and Best European airport in 2010 by the Airport Council International. Three more international airports operate in Catalonia. Catalonia is well connected to the European motorway and High-speed train network. INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT DESTINATIONS AmericaNorth America: Mexico, United States, Canada; Central America: Costa Rica, Panama, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica, Dominicana, El Salvador, Guatemala; South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela EuropeAustria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Romania, Malta, Moldàvia, Croàcia and Ukraine AsiaChina, Israel, Jordan, Azerbatjan, Korea, Singapore, Indonèsia, Tahilandia, Qatar, Kuwait, Arabia Saudí and Syria AfricaAlgeria, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Cabo Verde, Mauritània, Senegal, Nigèria, Guinea, Angola and Tunisia

6 6 Source: European Cities Monitor 2010 Best city in terms of workers' quality of life1st place Best city improving themselves 2nd place Best city for locating business projects5th place Best city ease for ease of travelling 6th place Best city in terms of availability of office space6th place Best city in terms of business climate 10th place Barcelona in Rankings Barcelona has consolidated its position as the best city in Europe in terms of the quality of life of its workers*. According to the study conducted annually by Cushman & Wakefield

7 7 Year Foreign Direct Investment received (billions of euros) 2000 4.89 20015.43 20023.00 20032.68 20044.07 20053.12 20063.04 20072.75 20083.36 20091.76 20104.52 Foreign Direct Investment received Source: DataInvex. Investment Statistics. Ministry for Industry, Tourism and Commerce. 34% of all Spanish exporting businesses are located in Catalonia (36.841 in 2009, 7% growth rate) 75% of exports go to EU markets. 60% of imports come from EU countries. 10% of total Spanish FDI inflows come to Catalonia. 51% of Catalan FDI inflows are industrial. Source: Invest in Catalonia based on data provided by ICEX-ESTACOM. Catalan exports (millions of euros) International and Globalized

8 8 2. Sector figures

9 9 Most of catalan ICT companies are SMEs (94,3%) Revenue 14.176M for 2010 24,1% of spanish market and 2,1% of european 70.632 direct employment 10.000 more than last year 9,7% annual employment growth for 2009-2010 ICT Cluster in Catalonia 3479 companies 55,9% services 29,1% software 8,8% Telecomunications 6,1% Hardware 3,2% annual growth for 2011 Interannual growth of 8,2%for 2008-2010 ICT in Catalonia SECTOR EMPLOYMENT CLUSTER STRUCTURE & DATA

10 10 Market distribution Source: Invest in Spain, Aetic.2005-2010 The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) play an increasing role in Spanish economy, since they have a direct impact in the improvement of the productivity and competitiveness of the country. In the period 2005-2010, ICT industry has grown considerably. Fifth largest ICT market in Europe. Worth over 92 billion in 2009 (6% of the national GDP) More than 418,600 direct jobs in Spain and out of the 41.721 ICT companies More than 1.5 million indirect jobs (7.5% of the total employment) Dominated by SMEs Catalonia, Madrid, Andalusia and Valencia are home to 70% of the ICT companies More than 40% of the private investment in R&D comes from ICT companies ICT in Spain Basic data

11 11 Computer 73,1 % Internet 68,3 % Broadband 67,2 % Land line 87,7 % Mobile line 95,1 % Main ICT indicators in Catalonias households, 2010 Source: Idescat and FOBSIC on data provided by INE. The ICT sector in Catalonia is dominated by telecommunications services companies, software development, manufacturing of consumer electronics goods and telecommunications devices. Catalonias turnover for telecommunications is 1/5 of Spains total productivity in this sector The Telecomunication shares in Spain 58% of total ICT market more than the average of EU that shares 49%. Critical Mass of companies in Catalonia ICT data Concerning ICT penetration, Catalonia is one of the leaders in Southern Europe, with 96.3% of companies with internet access and 30% involved in e-commerce.

12 12 Trends of the sector according with HP, IBM,Indra, Fujitsu, Microsoft, SAP Directors Public and Private Cloud computing. Managing and Consolidation of data center Virtualization, big data structure and not structure analysis. Automation and digitalization of information in order to reduce costs. Smart computing, Business Analytics. Smart eye where. E-commerce o self-care Intelligent infrastructures. Sensor infrastructures. Mobile devices and software to help integrate professional and personal life. Source: Computerworld Trends

13 13 3. Competitiveness drivers

14 14 MOBILE VENTURE CAPITAL 37 Investment ICT Funds operating in Catalonia 1. Axon Capital 2. Bcn Empren 3. CDTI- Neotec I 4. Compas P.E 5. Enisa 6. Eurecan 7. Icaria 1. Active Venture 2. Adara 3. Axon Capital 4. Highgrowth 5. CDTI- Neotec II 6. Debaeque 7. Enisa 8. Eurecan 9. La Caixa CR 10. Nauta Capital 11. Programa XIP 12. Uninvest 1. Active Venture 2. Adara 3. Axon Capital 4. Highgrowth 5. Bullnet 6. Corsabe 7. Debaeque 8. La Caixa CR 9. Nauta Capital 10. Spinnaker 11. Kreos Capital Up to 500.000 8. Innova31 9. Inveready 10. La Caixa CR 11. Programa XIP 12. Reus CN 13. Uninvest 14. Founders Institute Up to 4MM Up to 1MM

15 15 Business Opportunities Auxiliary services to mobile phones Services for electronic ID e-Government Open source software Nearshore centres e-Health E-Security Digital content and videogames Intelligent Transport Systems M2M Communications and Traceability Technologies E-Commerce ICT in Catalonia Mare nostrum supercomputer

16 16 Labour costs Human resources availability Spanish labour costs are below average of the European, and are competitive compared with the cost of emerging countries, mostly in management and direction positions. ICT Salary comparison (euros) Senior 5-9 years of experience Junior 1-4 years experience DenmarkSuedenGermany Norway HollandFinlandFrance Belgium United Kingdom Iceland Italy AustriaSpain Greece Czech Republic HungaryRumania Poland Source: Invest in spain based on OECD, INES LSO Network Group special data collection

17 17 Synchrotron light source: ALBA is a third generation Synchrotron Light Facility. Located in Cerdanyola del Vallès near Barcelona, Spain.. Innovative environment Barcelona Super Computing Centre: one of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe. For investigate, develop and manage information technology. With special dedication taken to areas such as Computer Sciences, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences and Computational Applications in Science and Engineering. Barcelona Digital: Is a Tecnological Center (BDigital) is specialized in aplication of ICT in medical devices, security, mobility, energy and environment. y el Medio Ambiente.

18 18 Extensive network of Technological Centers: TECNIO has more than 100 specialized agents in the system of technology transfer in Catalonia. Currently integrates technology centers, technology dissemination centers and university groups, and plans to incorporate new agents, such as research foundations hospitals and research centers. Supported by an extensive net of Tecnological centers

19 19 New Business Areas 22@ District Tenants Llacuna Building

20 20 Technological centers 22@Barcelona: Clusters & activities ICT District Companies Institutions Universities Incubators Residences Other services Specific spaces Dissemination spaces Entrepreneurs

21 21 Source: Map from Savills, prices from Jones Lang LaSalle 3Q 2010 /m²/month 7.00 – 10.25 9.50 – 16.50 10.00 – 16.25 14.75 – 18.75 Prime zone City Center New Business Areas Periphery Office Space according to Geographical Location

22 22 ICT SECTOR Software Telecomunicacions Hardware ICT Segmentation e-commerce Consultants and programmers R+D centers

23 23 ICT Segmentation Hardware Software Programació, Consultoria i altres e-commerceTelecomunicacions R+D Centers

24 24 World Mobile Congress & Mobile World Capital Mobile World Capital until 2018, expected increase business revenue in 6.000 millions euros in Catalonia. Catalonia is the right place to develop the core of mobile technologies and telecomunications and to expand existing activities.

25 25 Mobile World Capital

26 26 Productivity and competitiveness improvement Global talent recruitment / detaining Qualified job generation Raising of foreign private investment Barcelona as the reference platform where the World learns Quality of live improvement for individuals and citizens Mobile World Capital is the opportunity for Companies to become a world reference in an emerging market with one of the highest growth potentials

27 27 GSMA Agenda

28 28 GSMA Legacy

29 29 Smart city strategy Smart city strategy is a chance for public and private partners in order to design cleaner, smarter, and better cities to live in. Barcelona is involved in a project to develop the city of the future and companies are welcome to participate.

30 30 Universities and International Business Schools International Business Schools & Telecomunication schools 33 university research institutes Network of Technological Centres R&D Activities: 12 public and private universities More than 227,000 students More than 400 different degrees Quality Education Universitat de les Nacions Unides UNU Qualified Workforce 5,725 students finished engineering studies in 2010

31 31 4. Success stories

32 32 Founded three years ago by two Catalan entrepreneurs. They rent online films and videos, integrating a device in TVs, by agreement with the manufacturer. Access to finance through ESADE Business Angels, with venture capital rounds in 2010 & 2011. Rakuten The Japanese group Rakuten, dedicated to e-commerce, is the third company worldwide in the field of e-commerce and competes globally with Amazon. They sought a partner to compete in the area of digital content versus Amazon. They have purchased the Videoclub catalan online. The purchase does not mean it give up to operate in Spain with its brand, but will continue increasing catalog of films. They will shortly announce a flat rate for life of 4.99 Message New investments Partnership Japan – Catalonia. Reasons to invest. TALENT globally competitive. POTENTIAL. START-UP CATALAN. COSMOPOLITAN. WUAKI.TV The japanese group Rakuten buys

33 33 NXP SEMICONDUCTORS New innovation center Relation with MWC NXP is a US based company with 95% share of the mobile chips market. Its objective is to grow by generating new uses for mobiles. The company already has two innovation centers and wants now to create another one. Signed a Letter of Intent with MWC mentioned on this center. What Invest did? We have provided information regarding available spaces (technology parks, offices), incentives and opportunities as well as recruitment channels (engineers) Data of the project 1 MEURO & 20 new jobs Message Come to Catalonia to take advantage of the CAPITAL of MOBILE AND LOW COSTS.

34 34 LIVING SOCIAL – LETS BONUS Adquisition of Lets Bonus by Living Social Living Social Founded in 1993 in San Francisco, Nasdaq trading, with offices in Canada, Singapore, France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Japan, China and India. Turnover 2011: 134.9 M $. With more than 5,000 customers worldwide, including the financial sector, technology and public sector. They also founded the project Birt of opened code. There are more than one and half million developers. Lets Bonus LetsBonus was founded in 2009 in Barcelona with a small investment initial 100,000 euros and currently have 600 people in its offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Rome, Milan, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, Bogota and Montevideo and has 4.5 million customers. Provides services group purchasing discounts of up to 70% and now represent travel 30% of their revenues. Message The Catalan entrepreneurs are very powerful. Partnership with Catalan companies. Gateway to European and Latin American market. ENTREPRENEURS OF REFERENCE. ALLIANCES TO ENTER IN EUROPE AND LATIN AMERICA

35 35 TORO New office of product development in Catalonia Relation with Mobile Toro is a Taiwanese company. Wanted to open development office in Europe to search new customers and provide service to T-Mobile in Poland, which uses the platform of Toro. In Paris Toro didnt find the developers needed at the price they wanted. What Invest did? We have provided complete information on Toro Catalonia (taxes, labor regulations, incentives, venture capital, creating a society, etc), contacts with lawyers and successful contact with the University to hire people. We operated his visit with Catalan Industry Ministry. Data of the project 0,1 MEURO & 20 workers (2012-2013) Message REASONS TO INVEST IN CATALONIA: MWCAPITAL PROPOSAL: INDUSTRIAL PROGRAMME M-WALLET BE IN CONTACT WITH OTHER LEADING COMPANIES OF THE SECTOR

36 36 LARGE DEALS Bain Capital acquires Atento Atento Subsidiary of customer care and service outsourcing Telefonica. Ranks nº2 worldwide in the segment of business processes outsourcing (BPO) and its strong presence in America and organic growth recorded in 2011. With presence in over 12 countries worldwide which employ more than 152,000 people. Revenue 2011 1.802M and OIBDA (Operating Income Before Depreciation and Amortization) of 161M. Bain Capital Venture capital fund, with strong presence in Europe with offices in London and Munich. Manages 3.500 M Europe Fund III and has access others $ 10.700 M international funds. Message New U.S. investments in Barcelona, the main reasons to invest: among the top BPO companies in the world and their high degree of internationalization. LARGE OPERATIONS WITH THE BEST COMPANIES OF THE WORLD AS SECTOR OR SEGMENT.

37 37 5. Invest services

38 38 How we can help you set up your business in catalonia BUSINESS HELP FIND THE RIGHT PARTNER FIND THE PROPERTY & LOCATION EXPAND YOUR NETWORK Business Intelligence Sector Intelligence Legal Requirements Tax Structure Visas & work permits Business Match-making Companies pool JV &M&A desk Labour pool Professional Service Real Estate Support Offices available Real Estate market Infrastructures Personalized advice Business Environment Government Contacts Policy-makers Culture & Social Life

39 39 Our services Is your company thinking about the possibility of investing in Catalonia? Do you have a investment project to do business in Catalonia? Are you looking for a location for your business project? Do you need information on available incentive programmes? Do you regularly work with foreign companies as clients? Information for foreign companies One-stop shop for investment projects Finding a business location service Incentive advice service Public-Private Partnership Is your company already set up in Catalonia? Aftercare for companies with activity in Catalonia Services

40 40 6. Incentives

41 41 Incentives for ICT companies R&D incentives Investment Incentives Hiring incentives Training incentives Energy and environmental releated incentives Financing The Incentives Advisory Unit offers information on incentives and financing available in Catalonia, at all administrative levels, from European to National, regional and local funds. The assessment provided on the applicable incentives is prepared according to the characteristics of the investment project and the company.

42 42 Invest in Catalonia Incentives Programs and objectivesEntityBeneficiaries and type of incentiveIntensity and maximum aid amount Incentives program to promote high impact business investments Invest in Catalonia – Ministry of Enterprise and Labor of the Government of Catalonia. Companies with high impact investment projects creating new jobs. The minimum number of jobs created will be set depending on the type of project (Services related activities, R&D&i centres, Industrial activities and Logistic centres). Companies must hire disadvantaged people.* Eligible expenses are the annual company cost (annual gross wage + companys contribution to the Social Security) of the newly created jobs (period to create the new jobs: from 1 st January 2013 to the conclusion of the project (the period shall not be higher than 12 months from the submission of the application form). Up to 10% of the eligible expenses, depending on the main characteristics of the project. Call expected to be published in March 2013 INVEST IN CATALONIA INCENTIVES *A disadvantaged worker refers to the individual who meets any of the following criteria: (a) A person who has not been in regular paid employment for the previous 6 months (employment under temporary labor contracts), (b) A person who has not obtained a high school education or vocational qualification, (c) A person who is over the age of 50, (d) A person who lives as a single adult with one or more dependents.

43 43 INVESTMENT INCENTIVES Fixed Assets Investment Incentives Programs and objectivesEntityBeneficiaries and type of incentiveIntensity and maximum aid amount Incentives to promote competitiveness plans in industrial sectors Ministry of Industry Energy and Tourism Companies of the following sectors: automotive, aerospace, capital goods, chemical & pharmaceutical, metallurgical, manufacture of metal products and manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products, railway. Investment projects shall include some of the following actions: development of new products, process reengineering, investments implying energy savings and environmental improvements, environmental studies, training actions, etc. Loans at 3,95% interest rate, with a payment period of 10 years maximum with a grace period of 3 years. It is not necessary to present guarantees to endorse the loan. Incentives for investments in reindustrialization actions Ministry of Industry Energy and Tourism Companies with industrial production activities, to be carried out in certain zones (see map on following pages) Reimbursable loans up to 50% of eligible expenses, at 3,95% interest rate, payable in 10 years maximum (including a grace period of 3 years). Reimbursable loans up to 50% of eligible expenses. Up to 15% (grant equivalent). Incentives for investments in mining areas Ministry of Industry Energy and Tourism Companies with industrial investment projects in mining areas (RECHAR, see annex below). From up to 3.75% to 15% depending on the municipality (according to the EU map of State aid below). Incentives for high impact strategic change ACCIÓ – Catalan Ministry of Enterprise and Labor Companies with industrial activities or those providing services to the industrial sector with investment projects to develop new business opportunities that allow strategic change of its business core. Eligible expenses: equipment (only SMEs); outsourcing cost of strategic consultancy, prototyping and testing, and certification and homologation; benchmarking analysis of Technology Centres, Universities and companies; training related to the new activity. For R&D projects: up to 50%, including personnel among others. Up to EUR 90,000

44 44 Beneficiaries: Companies and entrepreneurs dealing with mobile technology investment projects. These new projects must set up in a special zone in 22@ district in Barcelona (still to be defined). Type of incentive: Companies may benefit from (yet to be specified): Tax incentives in Corporate Tax Reductions in Employers Social Security Tax Reductions in local taxes Special location conditions: very competitive price of office rental Other benefits: Innovative environment, with access to Research and Technology centers Synergies with other companies dealing with mobile technologies. The Barcelona City Council is leading the project, in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Treasury. INCENTIVES TO PROMOTE THE ESTABLISHMENT OF MOBILE TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES IN BARCELONA Incentives are being defined at present. Therefore, main characteristics and conditions are still to be announced.

45 45 You can contact Invest in Catalonia at our headquarters: BARCELONA Passeig de Gràcia 129 08008 Barcelona Tel. 93 476 72 87 At any of ACCIÓs international offices: Or at

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