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English. 4th level. (pack of photocopies)

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1 English. 4th level. (pack of photocopies)
Unit 1: PROGRESS AND CHANGE Correction of the activities in the grammar workshop (pack of photocopies) English department

2 Remember the objectives !!
1. Produce a report on the changes our lives have undergone through years. 2. Revise the simple past tense of regular and irregular verbs 3. Revise the simple past structure 4. Revise the past participle of regular and irregular verbs 5. Use the present perfect tense to express actions that happened in the past 6. Compare the simple past with the present perfect tenses and learn how to use them 7. Compare and use SINCE and FOR 8. Use other time expressions: EVER, NEVER, YET, ALREADY, JUST 9. Learn how to use the comparative and superlative forms 10. Learn the difference between the simple past tense, the present perfect tense and the past perfect tense 11. Learn the present perfect continuous 12. Learn how to use “the more …the more”, a little, so, such a..

3 problems with SINCE and FOR?
Grammar activities Workshop 2 1. We often announce a piece of news with the present perfect. We can use just to say that something has happened very recently Join the beginnings and ends to make pieces of news. BEGINNINGS ENDS A parachutist has just Lucy has had My poor old father has Polly and Simon have Some people have bought Somebody has just crashed The firm has United have won ....b. a baby girl. ...c.. gone into hospital again. ...f.. into our garden gate. ...d.. just got married. ..a landed on the roof. ...g.. lost €30 million this year. ...h.. the cup again. ..e the house next door. 2. Look at this time expressions and choose between SINCE or FOR 1______for______ a very long time 5. ____since______ my last birthday 2. _____since__ yesterday 6._____since____ 8 o’clock this morning 3___for_____ three hours 7. ______since_____ last Tuesday 4.___for____ about four years 8. __for_____ most of my life 3. Complete the blanks using FOR or SINCE 1) I have had this job__for__ a month. 6) I have lived here __ since __ 1992. 2) He’s known her ____since____ April. 7) He’s been away ___for___a long time. 3) She’s been ill____for____ years. 8) I haven’t slept___for____ two nights. 4) I haven’t seen him__for__ ages ) We’ve had this car_ since June. 5) We haven’t had any visitors since May 10) This house has been here ___for__ the last century problems with SINCE and FOR? Go to page 11 on your pack

4 Grammar activities Workshop 2
4. Finished or unfinished time? Put the expressions in two lists. A long time ago Before I was born Lately In In my life Just after I got up Last year This year Today When I was nine FINISHED UNFINISHED A long time ago Lately Before I was born In my life In 1991 This year Just after I got up Today When I was nine 5. Choose the best verb form and circle it. 1. His brother __________ London last year. has visited / was visited / visited 2. I __________ this quiz. haven't finished yet / haven't yet finished / yet haven't finished 3. __________ my car in 1991. I've bought / I've owned / I bought 4. __________ my car for five years. I've had / I bought / I've bought 5. When __________? have you born / were you born / did you born 6. __________ to Singapore? Have you ever went / Did you ever went / Have you ever gone 7. No, Bob isn't at home. __________ He has just left. / He is just leaving. / He is just left. 8. __________ almost finished this quiz, haven't you? You / You've / You were 9. My car ________ down. have broke / have broken / has broke / has broken 10. We ________ across the Pacific. have sailed / have sail / has sailed / has sail

5 Workshop 2 9. Write the interviewer's questions, putting the verbs into the present perfect or the past simple. Chris : This is Chris Bowker. I'm talking to the writer Jayne West at her home in the north of Italy. How long have you lived (live) in Italy, Jayne? Jayne: About three years now. Chris: Where………did you live…………………..(live) before? Jayne: I lived in New Zealand for about ten years. Chris: Why……..……did you go………….(go) to New Zealand? Jayne: My husband was from there Chris: Why…did you leave……….. (leave)? Jayne: My husband died and I had no reason to stay there. Chris: How many books………have you written……(write)? Jayne: Oh, about thirty, I think. I'm not sure. Chris: What……was…..(be) your first novel? Jayne: It was Winter Rose. Chris: The last time that we spoke you were writing a novel about the American Civil War.………Have you finished………..(finish) that yet? Jayne: Yes, I finished it last year. Chris:……Have……you…started……..(start) a new novel? Jayne: No, not yet. I'm taking a break.

6 Hope things are Ok with you. The doctor………came………….(come) yesterday.
Complete this letter using the verbs in brackets in the present perfect or the past simple. Dear Eileen Hope things are Ok with you. The doctor………came………….(come) yesterday. He……didn’t like….(not like) my cough. I have lain (lie) in bed looking at the ceiling since Tuesday, and I can tell you, I'm fed up with it. I …have never been……… (never be) ill like this before- don't know what's happening to me. And the weather is terrible. It……has rained…… (rain) all day, and I can't even have a cup of tea to cheer myself up, because the milkman …didn’t come…(not come) this morning. Don't know why - I'm sure I …I have paid…(pay) his bill. Alice …got married…(get) married last week, so now all Mary's kids (leave)…have left…..home. She won't know what to do with herself, will she? Lucy Watson …has moved…(move) to Doncaster. Since Fred……died….(die) she…has lived…… all alone. It …was…(be) a heart attack, apparently. I'm sorry she ……has gone…(go) - we …have been.(be) neighbours …for…(since/for) over thirty years, and she …has always been….(always be) friendly and ready to help you. There …hasn’t been…(not be) much change in the village. Some new people …have taken……. (take) over the shop. They seem quite nice. Hope they're more efficient than old Joe. No more news. Write when you've got the time. Love Ema.

7 Workshop 2 Choose the correct tense (Present Perfect or Past simple) 1. My brother had (have) a fight with his neighbour last week. 2. During the last three years, I.....have travelled (travel) about miles. 3. “Do you know Canada?” “No, I have never been (never be/never go) there” 4. I......didn’t like (not like) grammar when I was at school. 5. I have spoken (speak) to the President several times. 6. When we were small, Mother......made (make) us delicious ice cream every Sunday. 7. “When you were a child did you ever (ever run) away from home?” “Yes, I.. ran......(run) away when I was three years old”. 8. “ have you ever broken.....(ever break) your arm?” have you ever put....(ever put) and advertisement in a newspaper? 10. The population in Andorra .....has increased....(increase) since 1975. Read this text and circle the correct tenses. Last February Bert and Emily Atkins won € 2 million on the lottery. How have their lives changed since then? Well, the simple answer is their lives haven't changed at all! They still live in their neat little house. "We don't want to move", says Emily. "We have lived here since 1970, and all our friends are around here." Bert hasn't given up his job at a local factory. He has worked there for thirty years. So what difference has the money made to their lives? "Well, we have bought a new car," says Emily. "And we have booked a holiday in -Florida. We neverhave never been abroad and I've always wanted to go to Florida. My sister's family went last year. They had a lovely time. We are going next year, though.

ALREADY :         Already is used to say that something has happened earlier than expected or earlier than it might have happened.                    "Hurry up Susan.  Breakfast is ready!"                    "I've already had breakfast thanks.  I woke up early."  STILL :            Still is used to refer to continuing situations.                   "They've been married for 40 years and they still love each other." ALWAYS :           Always refers to something which happens regularly.                    "I always send cards at Christmas."  YET :               Yet is used :                - to ask if something expected has happened :            "Has the postman arrived yet?"                           - to say that something expected hasn't happened :   "The postman hasn't arrived yet."    Fill the gaps with still, yet, already or just. 1 Jim sends his love. I've ____just____ seen him in the high street. 2 We can't have chips again. We've ___already____ had them three times this week. 3 I can't decide. I ______still______ haven't made a decision. 4 I haven't phoned Begonia _____yet_________. I'll do it when I get back from work. 5 Billy: Do you know anything about Sally? Betty: Oh she's fine. I've ____already_______ spoken to her on the phone. 6 Monica says she's ____just_____ caught the train so she'll be here in half an hour. 7 Betty: Have you cleaned the bathroom yet? Billy: I've ___already_______ done it. I did it an hour ago. 8 We're going to a concert on Friday, but we haven't bought the tickets __yet____. 9 Daphne __still____ hasn't bought the tickets. I hope she does it soon. 10 The government ______still___ hasn't said anything about the oil slick. 11 Have you finished your homework ____yet______? 12 Bill: I've finished using the computer if you want to go online. Ted: No, thanks. I've ___already_____ checked my today.

9 EXTENSION Workshop 2 11. Complete these sentences using the Simple Past tense and the Past Perfect 1. First, we ate at the cafeteria. Then, we went to class. After we ____had eaten______ at the cafeteria, we___went__ to class. 2. First, Juan made himself a sandwich. Then, he poured some tea. After Juan _____had made______ himself a sandwich, he __poured___some tea. 3. First, Gunawan plugged in the headphones. Then, he played a CD. Before he __played___a CD, Gunawan ___had plugged_____ in the headphones. 4. First, Soriah fed the cat. Then, she called her mother. Soriah ___called_____ her mother after she ___had fed___the cat. 5. First, Marie did her homework. Then, she watched TV. Marie __had done__her homework before she __watched__TV. 12. Simple Past / Past Perfect. Complete this text using the suitable tense. I can't believe I (get) _had won__that apartment. I (submit) ___submitted_____my application last week, but I didn't think I had a chance of actually getting it. When I (show)___showed____up to take a look around, there were at least twenty other people who (arrive) ________had arrived___before me. Most of them (fill, already) __had already filled__out their applications and were already leaving. The landlord said I could still apply, so I did. I (try) __tried_____to fill out the form, but I couldn't answer half of the questions. They (want) __wanted__me to include references, but I didn't want to list my previous landlord because I (have)__had had___some problems with him and I knew he wouldn't recommend me.

10 Workshop 2 I (end) _____ended________up listing my father as a reference. It was total luck that he (decide) ________had decided___to give me the apartment. It turns out that the landlord and my father (go) _________had gone______to high school together. He decided that I could have the apartment before he (look) __had_looked__at my credit report. I really lucked out! EXTENSION 13. Simple Past, Past perfect, Present Perfect. Complete these sentences using the suitable tense. 1. When I (arrive) ___arrived____home last night, I discovered that Jane (prepare) _______had prepared_______a beautiful candle-lit dinner. 2. Since I began acting, I (perform) ______have performed_____in two plays, a television commercial and a TV drama. However, I (speak, never even) _____had never spoken__publicly before I came to Hollywood in By the time I got to the office, the meeting (begin, already) _had already begun__without me. My boss (be) _____was_______furious with me and I (be) ___was_____fired. 4. When I (turn)____turned____the radio on yesterday, I (hear) ___heard______a song that was popular when I was in high school. I (hear, not) ______hadn’t heard_____the song in years, and it (bring) ____brought_____back some great memories Last week, I (run) ___ran_____into an ex-girlfriend of mine. We (see, not) _____hadn’t seen_____each other in years, and both of us (change) _________have changed_____a great deal. I (enjoy) ___enjoyed__talking to her so much that I (ask) __asked_____her out on a date. We are getting together tonight for dinner. 6. When Jack (enter)___entered___the room, I (recognize, not) ________did’nt recognize___him because he (lose) ____had lost________so much weight and (grow) ______had grown______a beard. He looked totally different!

11 Workshop 2 EXTENSION 14. Present Perfect / Present Perfect Continuous. Complete these sentences using the suitable tense. 1. A: How long (be) ____have you lived ______in Canada? B: I (study) _have studied // have been studying _here for more than three years I (have) __have had______the same car for more than ten years. I'm thinking about buying a new one I (love) _have loved_____chocolate since I was a child. You might even call me a "chocoholic" Matt and Sarah (have) _have had_// have been having___some difficulties in their relationship lately, so they (go) _______have gone_____to a marriage counsellor. I hope they work everything out John (work) __has worked // has been working__for the government since he graduated from Harvard University. Until recently, he (enjoy) _____has enjoyed__his work, but now he is talking about retiring.

12 Consolidation test 1.- Change these statements into questions using the Present Perfect. 1) Have you played a lot of tennis matches this year? 2) How many jobs has she had since she left school? 3) How many books has Alice written since she stopped working ? 4) Have your parents travelled a lot ? 2.- . Now change the affirmative sentences into negative ones. 1) You haven’t played a lot of tennis matches this year. 2) She hasn’t had several jobs since she left school. 3) Alice hasn’t written sany books since she stopped working, 4) Your parents haven’t travelled a lot. 3.- Complete the verbs in brackets with present perfect or past simple. Joji ____lived__ in Tokyo for five years, but he left in (live) The Titanic ______sank__________ in (sink) Gerry ___has fallen___ off his bike three times this month.(fall) Chika ____graduated_____ from university last July.( graduate) I _have watched__ the movie Titanic three times. I'm going to see it again tonight. (watch) I _____have walked___ to work every day for the last six weeks! (walk) When Young Hee was a child, she _____lived____ in Seoul. (live) Ouch! ____I have cut_____ my finger! (cut) I _lost______ my key yesterday, so I couldn't get into the house. Eventually, I found it in my jacket pocket. (lose) Somebody ____has stolen________ my bicycle! Now I'll have to walk home. (steal)

13 4. Complete this text using present and past tenses
Lars: Excuse me, which movie are you waiting for? Tony: We___are waiting___ (wait) for the new Stars Wars Phantom Menace movie. In fact, we____have waited_/ have been waiting__ (wait) here for more than five hours. Lars: Five hours? When did you arrive? Tony: We__got__ (get) got here at 6:00 o'clock this morning. More than forty people___were already standing____ (stand,already) here waiting for tickets when we arrived. Lars: I can't believe that! Are you serious? Tony: Yeah, people___have taken / take____ (take) Star Wars movies seriously. In fact, this particular showing has been sold out for over a week. We____have just waited___ (wait, just) in line to get a good seat in the theater. Lars: When did you buy your tickets? Tony: I ___bought____(buy) them last week by phone. I ____knew___(know) tickets would be hard to get because I ___heard___(hear) on the news that a group of people in Los Angeles _____had waited____(wait) in line for almost a month to buy some. Lars: I don't believe that! Tony: It's true. They __camped___(camp) out in front of Mann's Chinese Theater in Los Angeles for about a month because they___wanted______ (want) to be the first people to see the movie.

14 Self evaluation It’s moment now to stop for a while, think and evaluate all the skills and contents we are working on in this unit. Grade each General Aim with your opinion: 0 = No idea! 1 = I have serious problems 2 = I can do it, with difficulties. 3 = I can it OK. 4 = It’s very easy. 1. Produce a report on the changes our lives have undergone through years  2. Use the Present Perfect Tense to express actions in the past  3. Compare the simple past with the present perfect tenses and learn how to use them  4. Compare and use SINCE and FOR correctly  5. Use other time expressions :EVER, NEVER, YET, ALREADY, JUST  EXTENSION!!! Compare and use the simple past, the present perfect, the past perfect and the present perfect continuous tenses 

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