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Renewable Energy for Ontario How we got into this and where we are going…

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1 Renewable Energy for Ontario How we got into this and where we are going…

2 How It All Started……2008 George Smitherman was the energy Minister. David Suzuki showed Ontario Government how Germany was producing Green Energy. Green Energy Act will create 50,000 jobs and will only raise hydro rates 1% per year.

3 Green Energy Act. 2009 Help attract investment and jobs in renewable energy, promote energy conservation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Ministry of Energy superseded many of the Governments usual planning processes. Develop a Feed in Tariff system to provide guaranteed prices for renewable energy projects.

4 Feed in Tariff Program - FIT Ontarios FIT program is North Americas first comprehensive guaranteed pricing structure for renewable electricity production 13.5 cents for wind and 44.3 cents for solar/kWh. Wanted to boost economic activity and technologies and create new green industries and jobs

5 The Sweetheart Samsung Deal, 2010 Secret Sole Sourced deal with Korean giant. We get $7 Billion investment, 4 new plants, 16,000 jobs and 2,500 Megawatts. Ontario gives them transmission capacity. Could raise hydro rates 7%/year.

6 The Ontario Gold Rush Begins.. Wind farms from Wolfe Island to Ripley, Stayner to Kincardine, Chatham to Port Dover, and along Lake Erie, go up like overnight!

7 Rural Ontario Speaks Up! Ontario Wind Resistance comes alive from Lambton to Algoma, Lanark to Chatham. Liberals almost lose Ontario election over this.

8 Wind Turbines Affect People and More For rural people in Ontario there is no safe place from IWT. Dr Robert McMurtry, Member of Order of Canada Wind Turbine Syndrome. People are getting sick. Dr Nina Pierpoint, MD, PhD

9 Wind Turbines Threaten Swans Dr. Scott Petrie, UWO professor and waterfowl specialist, says putting IWT along the Great Lakes shoreline may adversely affect waterfowl migration routes and habitat. turbines-lambton.html

10 Dirty Electricity Making People Sick Dairy Farmer David Colling from Ripley, says Wind Turbines generate electromagnetic waves and pressure waves, that may adversely affect human and animal health.

11 Neighbours vs. Neighbours Stayner resident Sylvia and John Wiggins are suing the wind developer and their neighbour for devaluation of property. In April 2012, 20 more landowners have joined the fight, for $17 million. for-offering-land-to-wind-turbine-development

12 Property Values Decrease A 2009 Wind Turbine Impact Study by Appraisal Group One in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin found that within 3 miles of the turbines values decreased a minimum of 20%, double the days on the market and substantially less sales. property-values.html

13 Ontario Federation of Agriculture The OFA makes a statement regarding Industrial Wind Turbines proliferation across rural Ontario and wants FIT contracts suspended until review. Wind company leases are eroding Property Rights in rural Ontario and are complex. %20on%20industrial%20wind%20turbines.pdf

14 Ontario Engineers Recommendations Ontario Society of Professional Engineers report of Mar. 2012 says Energy Ministry should do more studies first. Apart from the health and safety concerns of nearby residents, wind generation is intermittent, it has a low capacity factor and it delivers its energy when nature provides it rather than when consumers want it. These weaknesses make wind generation one of the most technically challenging and costly energy sources to integrate into the electrical grid

15 Auditor Generals Report Dec. 2011 Power rates will be significantly increased. Wind and Solar energy sources are not reliable. Feed-In-Tariff program leads to higher prices. Samsung Deal had no economic business case. Most jobs are temporary and for each job created, 2-4 jobs are lost with Renewable Energy Initiatives.

16 Quality of Life Values Attacked Economic Vitality: not with industry leaving due to higher electrical rates. Environment: migration routes and habitat. Property Values: Being affected in areas. Communities: Rural vs. Urban infighting. EALTORS-Improving-Quality-of-Life-Brochure.pdf

17 What can we do now! Educate our Members and our community. Get support from OREA to lobby for a Wind Turbine Moratorium. Get involved with and understand the impact of Renewable Energy for Ontario.

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