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Mono Inc..

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1 Mono Inc.

2 Structure 1. history 2. the band 3. the members 4. the song 5. albums
6. sources 7. quiz

3 history - was found in 2000 by Martin Engler, Miky Mono and Carl Fornia - they are friends because they played all in a band before there was Mono Inc. - in 2003 came the bass player Manuel Antoni left Miky Mono the group - Martin Engler was till then the leader and stopps play the drum - the free position takes the only woman in this band Katha Mia Micky Mono died

4 the band - it is a Alternative rock band from hamburg
- they play also dark rock - the name comes frome the pathology* of the 19. century - it means monomanie it`s a some madness* * pathology = Pathologie * some madness = Teilwahnsinn

5 The members - Mono Inc. consists of 4 people
- Martin Engler, Katha Mia, Manuel Antoni and Carl Fornia

6 Martin Engler - he is the singer of the group
- he was born at 08. Oktober. ???? - other things which me make is for example: play the drum - he is in the group since 2000

7 Katha Mia - she is the drummer - she sings too
- she was born at 17.june.1987 - she designed her equipment at herself - she´s in the group since 2007

8 Manuel Antoni - he plays the bass and he sings too
- his favourite Mono Inc. Song is Gothic Queen - he is in the group since 2003

9 Carl Fornia - he plays the guitar and sing too
- his favourite song of Mono Inc. is, my sick mind TV - he is in the group since 2000

10 the song - it`s about a man witch tells how strong he is in love
- he says that she is in every part of his body for example in his spine * spine = Wirbelsäule

11 Albums - 2004 Head under water - 2007 Temple of the torn
Pain, Love & Poetry Voices of Doom

12 cms/?option=com_content&task=view&id=4
sources mono_inc_offical_press_07.jpg slider_mono-inc.jpg cms/?option=com_content&task=view&id=4

13 quiz 1. Who died in 2010 ? 2. How many members are there ?
3. How are two albums from them called ? 4. When left Miky Mono the group ? 5. What the Genre of them ? 6. When was Katha Mia born?

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