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MAGIC OF DABBAWALAS UNFOLDED. Introduction A dabbawala (one who carries the box, see Etymology),Etymology ORIGIN SIMPLE YET SPECIALIZED Change Important.

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2 Introduction A dabbawala (one who carries the box, see Etymology),Etymology ORIGIN SIMPLE YET SPECIALIZED Change Important (Here TOO) WHY DO they need TO CHANGE

3 What is NMTBSA? (Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Association) History Started in 1890 Charitable trust Registered in 1956 Avg. Literacy Rate 8 th Grade Schooling Total area coverage 60 Kms Employee Strength 5000 Number of Tiffin's 2,00,000 Tiffin Boxes i.e 4,00,000 transactions every day. Time taken 3 hrs

4 Error Rate : 1 in 16 million transactions Six Sigma performance ( ) 2 errors a month (30*2*2,00,000=1,20,00,000) Technological Backup : Nil. Cost of service - Rs. 300/month ($ 6.00/month) Standard price for all (Weight, Distance, Space) Rs. 72 Cr. Turnover. [200,000*300=600,000,00 p.m. i.e 72 crore p.a.] No strike record as each one a share holder Earnings to 6000 p.m. Diwali bonus: one months from customers.

5 FINANCIAL DATA OF A GROUP 1 st group – Rs Total earnings -20 People Rs Maintenance cost Tiffin luggage basket pass – Rs 180 per person. Maintenance of cycles – Rs 300 – 2 cycles per month. Maintenance of wooden boxes – Rs 100 per person. T.C, police robbery of Tiffin Rs 500 yearly. Organizational fee Rs 15 per head. Puja held per station Rs 50 per head.

6 APPROACH DISCIPLINE : No Alcohol Drinking during business hours Wearing White Cap during business hours Carry Identity Cards WOMEN: Mrs. Bhikhubai of Borivali(East) Mrs. Anandibai of Andheri(East) Mrs. Parvatabai of Karale (Ghatkopar) Mrs. Laxmibai Bagade of Santa Cruz LATEST MARKETING STRATEGY: Marketing message in the dabba

7 THE THREE SPEAKERS OF NUTAN MUMBAI TIFFIN BOX SUPPLIERS ASSOCIATION »President- Mr. Raghunath Dhondiba Medge »Secretary- Mr. Gangaram Laksman Talekar »Director(IT)- Mr. Manish Tripathi Website: E- Mail :




11 Coding VLP : Vile Parle (Suburb in Mumbai) 9E12 : Code for Dabbawallas at Destination E : Express Towers (Bldg. Name) 12 : Floor No. E : Code for Dabbawallas at Residential station. 3 : Code for Destination station (E.g.. Nariman Point)

12 Let us now look at an example of these codes on the tiffins to better understand the system and what it all denotes:

13 DABBAWALLAS MODES OF TRANSPORT Zero % fuel Zero % investment Zero % modern technology Zero % Disputes % performance 100 % Customer Satisfaction


15 10:34-11:20 am : 12 coach local – 4000 people- regular disputes but no delays / errors 11:20 – 12:30 pm : UNLOADING AT DESTINATAION In particular areas with high density of customers, a special crate is dedicated to the area. This crate carries 150 tiffins and is driven by 3-4 dabbawalas

16 RETURN JOURNEY: 1:15 – 2:00 pm 2:00 – 2:30 pm 2:48 – 3:30 pm 3:30 – 4:00 pm


18 RICHARD BRANSON CHAIRMAN VIRGIN ATLANTIC AIRWAYS MUMBAI Sir Richard Branson, Chairman, Virgin Atlantic Airways, meeting the Mumbai's famed 'Dabbawalas' at their nodal point, the Churchgate Railway Station in South Mumbai, on April 1, 2005.

19 Awards and Felicitation Shri.Varkari Prabhodhan Mahasmati Dindi (palkhi) sohala – 4 th march – Documentaries made by BBC,UTV, MTV, and ZEE TV CERTIFICATES Six Sigma Certificate By Forbes group ISO 9001:2000 by "The Joint Accreditation System Of Australia And New Zealand – JASANZ NATIONAL INSTITUTION FOR QUALITY AND RELAIBILITY 23 April 2005

20 Some Achievements World record in best time management. Name in GUINESS BOOK of World Records. Registered with Ripley's believe it or not.

21 Inspiration of Management supported by h ttp:// Inspiration of Management supported by h ttp:// ttp:// ttp:// Their Achievements Documentaries made by : BBC,UTV, MTV, ZEE TV, AAJ TAK, TV TODAY, SAHARA SAMAY, STAR TV, CNBC TV 18, CNN, SONY TV, TV TOKYO, NDTV. CASE STUDY made by : ICFAI Press Hyderabad & Bangalore Richard Ivey School of Business – Canada Also, Included in a subject in Graduate School of Journalism University of California, Berkeley Invitations from : CII for conference held in Bangalore, IIML, IIMA, CII Cochin, CII Delhi, Dr. Reddys Lab Foundation Hyderabad, SCMHRD Pune, SCMHRD Nasik, Sadahana – Pune, Rotary Club – Bangalore, NIQR at Chennai Radio: German Radio Network, Radio Mirchi, Radio Mid-day, FM – Gold, BBC Radio, Radio City

22 Order Dabbawalas Products and services Online developing a software application through which the people of Mumbai can order Dabba service online through internet. The order will be booked online and Dabba will be picked up from your home and will be delivered to office in time. Please wait, the software will be soon available. Meanwhile you may send us us at with your details ( name, home address, office address, home phone, office phone, mobile number, whether you want dabba on Saturday) and He will contact you to start the service.

23 Order through SMS Although the service remains essentially low-tech, with the barefoot delivery boys as the prime movers, the dabbawalas have started to embrace technology, and now allow booking for delivery through SMS. A web site,, has also been added to allow for on-line booking, in order to keep up with the times. An on-line poll on the web site ensures that customer feedback is given its place. The success of the system depends on teamwork and time management that would be the envy of a modern manager. Such is the dedication and commitment of the barely literate and barefoot delivery boys (there are only a few delivery women) who form links in the extensive delivery chain, that there is no system of documentation at all. A simple colour coding system doubles as an ID system for the destination and recipient. There are no elaborate layers of management either just three layers. Each dabbawala is also required to contribute a minimum capital in kind, in the shape of two bicycles, a wooden crate for the tiffins, white cotton kurta-pyjamas, and the white trademark Gandhi topi (cap). The return on capital is ensured by monthly division of the earnings of each unit. -


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