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by Wojtek Graniczewski

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1 by Wojtek Graniczewski

2 Lippy and Messy is a television series for children (3–6 years of age) produced by the team of Bell Krakow and TVP (Polish Public TV). It combines entertainment with English language teaching. The heroes, a mischievous boy-clown Messy and a talkative girl-clown Lippy, go through amusing adventures and each time they learn new words, new language structures and at least one original song. They interact with a third character Wizzy (The Wizard of Words), who conjures up objects and situations to explain new language. The actors are British native speakers of English.


4 The 180 episodes (each about 4 minutes long)
are divided into five series: Lippy & Messy - in which they learn basic words and phrases and have a lot of fun with Wizzy Lippy & Messy ABC - in which they also learn the letters of the alphabet Lippy & Messy: Do-Be-Do - in which they do lots of tasks and play at being in various jobs Lippy & Messy: Go! Go! Go! - in which they visit different magic lands Lippy and Messy Play and Learn - in which we watch examples of good classroom practice with The Lippy and Messy Teaching Packs.

5 EPISODE 22 - Winter! Winter!
Topic: Winter sports and games Grammar: Let’s go, build, have, throw … Vocabulary: Skis, skates, sledge, snowman, snowballs, warm clothes


7 USERS’ COMMENTS My daughter is two. When Lippy & Messy is on, she watches it open-mouthed and in absolute silence. My husband and I wish it were on all day long. My four and a half year old daughter loves it. She catches some of the words and is really happy that she understands. My little boy loves watching Lippy & Messy. For him it’s not English lessons but simply bright colours, catchy songs and simple situations. My little Alex loves Lippy & Messy. She’s simply nuts about it. If she is not in the room and hears the theme tune she arrives like a rocket. The only thing our little girl watches is Lippy & Messy. It’s a huge hit Amanda just sits there hypnotised. Maybe she will be in the one in the family who is good at languages because her parents aren’t.

8 Lippy & Messy - Awards The European Language Label is awarded by
the European Commission to innovative projects and products that have found creative ways to Improve the quality of language teaching and learning.

9 Lippy & Messy - Awards Main Award in the multimedia category in the ”Child-Friendly World”competition organised by the Polish Committee for the Protection of Childrens’ Rights

10 Lippy & Messy - Awards The British Council Innovation Awards for
NOMINEE The British Council Innovation Awards for English language teaching products and services, or ELTons, are the ‘Oscars of the ELT world’. They are offered to outstanding new language learning resources which use innovative ideas.

11 a complete teaching system for pre-school
and primary school children developed by ELT specialists at the Bell Institute for English Language Studies in Krakow together with the creators of the TV series Lippy and Messy

12 based on the first 30 episodes where two clowns
Lippy and Messy, together with The Wizard of Words go through amusing adventures children have fun and learn lots of English words and phrases presented in a playful and easily accessible form

13 of 3 modules, each of which contains:
The pack is composed of 3 modules, each of which contains: multimedia materials complete lesson plans attractive teaching aids It can be used for teaching at: kindergartens primary schools language schools


15 It equips teachers with
a rich bank of ideas for original and effective lessons a set of materials and tools to conduct them detailed guidelines easy ways to modify and adapt the materials to specific teaching needs

16 teaching materials and aids necessary for each lesson
Contents of each teaching module a bank of games and activities 50 detailed lesson plans teaching materials and aids necessary for each lesson a DVD with 10 episodes a CD with songs a set of flashcards a set of colouring-in pictures a picture story book a cut-out theatre

17 a bank of classroom games and activities

18 50 detailed lesson plans in each module: all in all 150 complete

19 3 DVDs with 10 episodes each, all in all 30 episodes

20 3 CDs with songs and song texts

21 3 sets of flashcards: A3, A4, A5, all in all over 450 flashcards

22 3 sets of colouring-in pictures

23 3 picture story books (A3 format)

24 3 versions of the Lippy and Messy cut-out theatre

25 The 3 modules provide 150 lessons of English from level A1 to B1.

26 To enhance the effectiveness of the method, the authors have also developed a series of activity books for children entitled Lippy and Messy Songs and Games with DVDs for home use.

27 The Lippy and Messy system
of teaching is available after making direct contact with its publisher and distributor: GAMA5 signing an agreement and attending an introductory training session (optional) signing a licence agreement for the classroom use of the Lippy and Messy TV series For more information please contact:

28 Thank You!

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