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Can You Identify the most Challenging Issue in todays Business Scenario ?

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1 Can You Identify the most Challenging Issue in todays Business Scenario ?

2 To Identify a Medium of approaching the customer which should be :-- Innovative Focused Instant & Effective Cost effective Gives Value of Money Marketing Challenges

3 6/10/20143 Yes ! We Have the Medium which fulfills all these needs & Much More


5 SMS Short Messaging Service popularly known as SMS Latest Buzz Word in the World of Marketing ; Quick,Innovative & Interactive ; Your Message is just a Fingertip Away from the client.

6 Why SMS ? Increasing usage of Mobiles; Presently 6 million mobile users in our country; Monthly growth rate of 5% (approx.) 3 Million SMS messages are being sent every day.

7 6/10/20147 How does it works ? Services provided by SMS Routes are related to the mobile segment. We provide the technology that facilitates the communication between the mobile user and the concern party. We are pioneers in the concept of advertising through S.M.S. We can help you to send bulk advertising SMS to subscribers.

8 Benefits of Advertising Through SMS

9 100% Readability Whosoever gets this is definitely going to read it. SMS is the medium which carries the message to the destination without fail.

10 6/10/201410 Personal Touch Since the message is received on the personal phone (Mobile ) of a person it gives a very personalized feeling to an individual

11 6/10/201411 One To One Relation One to one Relation can be very fruitful in the long run

12 6/10/201412 Cost Effective In todays Economic Scenario every Organization needs a very economic, cost effective but an effective mode of communication with the client. Here is the medium that fulfills all such needs without burdening the companys marketing budget.

13 6/10/201413 Value Of Money Any Organization that spends even a single penny expect some value out of it. No other medium be it News Paper, Magazine, TV, Radio, Internet etc. can claims to have 100% Viewer ship i.e. whosoever reads or listen or see that medium will going to see your ad. But we are proud to make such claims. Thus giving you complete value of your money.

14 6/10/201414 Instant Communication Only medium through which client can be approached instantly. No time lag between planning & Implementation

15 6/10/201415 Schedule day or time option A Particular day and time can be selected when the client is required to be contacted. If on a particular day some special offer / scheme / new product been launched people can be informed to go through the desired newspaper or at a specified time view a specific TV Channel.

16 6/10/201416 Advertisement An Effective advertisement is normally being judged on the following two Parameters :- The Strike Rate Recall Rate

17 6/10/201417 The Strike Rate If through a medium a Product is being advertised how many people visiting that medium ( newspaper, TV, Internet web site etc.) actually sees that ad over their. SMS is the only medium having 100% Strike Rate. To whom so ever it is being sent reads it.

18 6/10/201418 Recall Rate How many individuals after seeing an advertisement remembers that. SMS mode of advertisement establishes a personal touch with the client thus having a very high recall rate.

19 Welcome To The World Of Sms Routes

20 6/10/201420Introduction SMS Routes is the SMS solution provider engaged in the intelligent data transfer and communication. The company has embarked upon a ambitious project of data networking across whole India based on GSM. The network is developed to serve the media and entertainment industry and as an economic solution to the corporate as a whole.

21 For any information or query please contact at : Email ID : Live Chat Id : MSN : Yahoo :

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