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RADITEK inc RADITEK was founded in 1993

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1 RADITEK inc RADITEK was founded in 1993
Started as a manufacturer of isolators High power coaxial, drop-in, microstrip and waveguide to 150GHz. Included Oscillators: DROs, Phase locked DROs Crystal: OCXOs, VCXOs, VCTCXOs etc Synthesizers, VCOs etc Most recent YIG oscillators to >18GHz Frequency Standards: Rubidium, GPS ©RADITEK inc 2009

2 RADITEK continues… Combiners and couplers Filters Subsystems
Coaxial and SMT , multi way, couplers etc Filters Combline, SAW, waveguide, diplexers etc Subsystems Amplifiers, Converters, etc Raditek starts new Business Unit: RADITEK TELECOM Group ©RADITEK inc 2009

3 RADITEK TELECOM GROUP WiMax Point to Multipoint 3.8, 5.8 and soon 2.4GHz band Low cost, last mile, highly competitive WiFi Mesh Point to Point Radios, standard, licensed bands 7 GHz to 60GHz Standard non licensed bands, e.g. 5.8GHz, 57-64GHz Satellite communications Point to Point/SCPC DVB S2 etc DVB-RCS Star…Rural sat and Ipsat. ©RADITEK inc 2009

4 TV/Movie studio equipment
Wireless camera links Uncompressed, no delay, light weight, non line of sight 57-64GHz Point to Point Fixed wireless link. ©RADITEK inc 2009

5 Contents.. Section 1 Isolators and Circulators
Section 2 Oscillators (DRO, PLDRO) Section 3 Filters (Cavity, Combline etc) Section 4 Broadband couplers and splitters Section 5 Amplifiers Section 6 Special sub-systems Section 7 High speed switch , 2-4, 4-6GHz models Section 8 YIG Products (broadband filters and oscillators) Section 9 Advanced PC/Semi Components group ©RADITEK inc 2009

6 Telecom Group Section 10 Satellite communications
Section Point to Point Radio products Section GHz Transmitter/receiver Module. Section TV/Movie studio products ©RADITEK inc 2008

7 ISOLATORS & circulators
Section 1 RADITEK inc ©RADITEK inc 2009

8 Isolator & Circulator products:
Stripline drop-in- “ss” model, Samarium Cobalt side magnets to 3.8GHz Medium IMD, to 200W power “TT” model, Samarium Cobalt top magnets ‘TW” model, new high volume, low cost Coaxial (connectorised to mm wave) SMA, N, K connectors >20GHz RLEI (miniature, SMT, lumped element) 5mm, 7mm many Cell bands standard frequencies Waveguide to mm wave (to >100GHz) frequencies ©RADITEK inc 2009

9 Why RADITEK? Probably the widest range of high performance isolator and circulator products, In the world…..COAXIAL Examples…. MHz Band High Power 2.4KW 8 to 18GHz high power (150W) ©RADITEK inc 2009

10 High power circulators
MHz, 400W ©RADITEK inc 2009

11 Winning isolator products
World’s top selling 350MHz (available in MHz band) Drop-in 13-16GHz coaxial Dual TD-SCDMA isolator ©RADITEK inc 2009

12 Microstrips: 77GHz Microstrip (below) Isolators and circulators
from 3 GHz to >80GHz Polished ferrite: Thin film Gold over copper Metallization For Gold wire, ribbon or Solderable tabs ©RADITEK inc 2009

13 Waveguide 50-52GHz 1W isolator 7.25-7.75GHz Circulator 12.7-13.2GHz
WR75 Low profile isolator ©RADITEK inc 2009

14 Special microstrip with limiter
Microstrip Duplexer (Circulator/ Isolator) with Limiter, Model A, GHz, MSDJ package, 10 Watt RCI-LIM-A MSDJ-10/10W-e, RCI-LIM-B MSDJ-10/10W-e ©RADITEK inc 2009

15 Stripline models GSM band with 30dB attenuator load
MHz isolator 10W load GHz circulator ©RADITEK inc 2009

16 High performance TW model
Latest Stripline model. DCS and PCS band (shown) Low IMD Low Loss Low phase shift (LP) option Low cost (in volume) ©RADITEK inc 2009

17 Miniature Lumped Element
5 and 7mm RLEI models All standard cell bands Surface mount (IR reflow) ©RADITEK inc 2009

18 Oscillators Section 2 Raditek inc ©RADITEK inc 2009

19 Oscillators Phase locked sources to >46GHz Crystal Oscillators
(INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL REFERENCE) Phase locked DROs (Dielectric Resonant Oscillators) Phase locked CROs (Coaxial Resonant Oscillators) Synthesizers Fixed frequency to >26GHz, PLO replacement Variable frequency programmable (3 wire series) to >26GHz Crystal Oscillators OCXO (High stability Ovenized Crystal oscillator) TCXO (Temperature compensated Crystal oscillator) ©RADITEK inc 2009

20 DROs Models in the 4-40GHz band shown Lower band CROs also available.
©RADITEK inc 2009

21 External reference model
Phase Locked DROs External reference model 16GHz example Internal reference model 9.72 GHz example Standard and custom form factors ©RADITEK inc 2009

22 Superb Synthesizers Fixed frequency 10.93GHz unit shown.
Also serial bus programmable version to ~26GHz ©RADITEK inc 2009

23 Crystal Oscillators 100MHz OCXO (Ovenized crystal oscillator)
8MHz VCTCXO Voltage controlled, Temperature compensated Oscillator ©RADITEK inc 2009

24 Filters Section 3 RADITEK inc ©RADITEK inc 2009

25 Filters High Q, Combline High Q, Cavity filters
Includes diplexers Dielectric loaded (for smaller size) High Q, Cavity filters Ceramic filters and diplexers SAW (limited to standard frequencies only, in small quantity, specials in high volume only) ©RADITEK inc 2009

26 Cavity filters (high performance)
3.5GHz high Q diplexer 5GHz Band pass filter ©RADITEK inc 2009

27 Broadband couplers & Combiner/splitters
Section 4 Raditek inc ©RADITEK inc 2009

28 Broadband Couplers Various coupling factors (1->30dB)
Quadrature Hybrids (3dB-0° -90°) Low and High power (100W) Octave and multi octave bandwidths Microstrip/stripline (drop-in) Coaxial (connectorized) SMA, N connector etc. ©RADITEK inc 2009

29 Broadband couplers 1-18GHz coupler 30dB coupler, 1-2 GHz, 50W coax
Stripline drop-in broad band Quad hybrid (0.4-3GHz) ©RADITEK inc 2009

30 Amplifiers Section 5 Raditek inc ©RADITEK inc 2009

31 Amplifiers Custom amplifier “bricks” To 40 GHz
Minimum order quantity is 10 (typically) LDMOS, GaN, SiGe, HBT technologies etc. Specializing in high linearity (Power) amplifiers WiMax, TD-SCDMA, GSM, WCDMA etc Multi-channel ©RADITEK inc 2009

32 Amplifiers MHz, 40W GHz, 6W ©RADITEK inc 2009

33 Subsystems Section 6 Raditek inc. ©RADITEK inc 2009

34 Sub-systems… Low cost (design and) manufacture , including:
Converters (synthesized up and down to mm wave) RF Base station modules (indoor, outdoor) Low noise front ends, amplified Gain blocks ©RADITEK inc 2009

35 Fast switch Section 7 RADITEK inc 50Ω J2 J1 ©RADITEK inc 2008

36 Fast switch continued Specifications Frequency: 0.5-2.0 GHz 2-4 GHz
Insertion loss dB 2.5 3.0 3.3 VSWR on 1.5:1 1.4:1 1/3:1 VSWR off 1.3:1 2.0:1 Isolation (dB min) 80 70 60 Switching speed is the slower of the turn on and turn off times (typically rise time) Time to transition between 10 to 90% of final value 50Ω impedance. ©RADITEK inc 2009

37 FAST Switch products RSW-2-4-SPST-FS High speed GaAs Switch.
Switching speed <10nS 20dBm power handling +5V and -15 V supply TTL control logic TTL HI=Off, TTL Low=On Spurious <-70dBc In a 1 x 1 x high inch housing. Field replaceable SMA connectors -50 to 85ºC operating, to 50K feet, ©RADITEK inc 2009

38 YIG Products Section 11 RADITEK inc ©RADITEK inc 2009

39 YIG Products Advanced YIG FILTERS
0.5~1 GHz, 1~2 GHz, 2~4GHz, 2-6GHz, 4~8 GHz, 8~12 GHz, 12~18 GHZ, 18~26 GHz, and 26.5~ 40GHz Band Pass, or Band stop available Ultra wideband available, e.g. 200MHz min at 2GHz! (Everyone else struggles to meet 100MHz at 2 GHz!!!!!!) Special, custom models in reasonable volume Analog voltage driver available Digital driver available ©RADITEK inc 2009

40 YIG Products Advanced Ultra broad-band YIG Oscillators
2 to 8GHz, 2 to 10 GHz, 4 to 18 GHz, 2 to 18 GHz, and 2 to 20 GHz… Single and dual out puts (<18GHz) 10dBm typical outputs (<18GHz) Custom models in reasonable volume Analog voltage driver available Digital driver available ©RADITEK inc 2009

41 RADITEK ASC Group Section 9 RADITEK inc Low cost facility in China

42 PC product support.. IC Design and Wafer processing
PC product support, FULL ESD protected Tape and reeling, BGA & QFP forming and placement RoHS verification (X-Ray fluorescence) and Lead free solder conversion PC board repair-pads, vias and traces Semiconductor test, Open/Short, to 2048 points, in 256 steps Wire bond test, diode drop test, contact resistance verification Precious metal recover-deguilding of leads etc Component Harvesting for reuse (e.g. FPGAs, PLCCs, BGAs etc) Baked/dry packaging, Bar code labels etc. Approvals: ISO9000 AS9100, IPC-A-610, IPC-7711, IPC-7721, ©RADITEK inc 2009

43 RADITEK TELECOM GROUP Sections 10…. ©RADITEK inc 2008

44 Satellite Communications
Section 10 Raditek inc. ©RADITEK inc 2009

45 RADITEK satellite products incl.
Family of BUCs (Block Up Converters) C 2-250W X, Ku 4-50W Ka band to 50W HUB TWTA based PAs LNBs (Phase Locked) Modems Point to point (lowest cost DVB-S2/10Mbps both ways) Star network, DVB-SC, low cost remote, 10Mbps remote to Hub, 80 Mbps Hub to remote. Data, internet, video… ©RADITEK inc 2008

46 RADITEK IPSAT Digital: DVB is all-digital data, and includes either or combination of: High definition TV Broadband data and interactive services. RADITEK Rural Sat and IPSAT Return Channel via Satellite (DVB-RCS, or Return Channel over System) is a digital broadcasting format created in 1999 by SES. The standard that implements DVB-RCS is ETSI EN n 2003. ©RADITEK inc 2009

47 Satellite Communications
Digital: DVB is all-digital data, and includes either or combination of: High definition TV Broadband data and interactive services. Return Channel via Satellite (DVB-RCS, or Return Channel over System) is a digital broadcasting format created in 1999 by SES. The standard that implements DVB-RCS is ETSI EN n 2003. RADITEK IPSAT Requires higher cost HUB Many Lower cost remotes ©RADITEK inc 2009

48 Hub based product ©RADITEK inc 2009

49 Hub products for DVB-S/S2, RCS
©RADITEK inc 2008

50 DVB-RCS HUB continued ©RADITEK inc 2008

51 Satellite Modems Modems to support Point to Point (SCPC) and Star networks for “internet in the sky” applications, example. Uses HDLC techniques for high efficient satellite (space segment) utilization. Full family of VSAT support: C, X and Ku band Various power and antenna size options ©RADITEK inc 2009

52 Satellite communications
©RADITEK inc 2009

Turbo FEC ¾, , 0.95 Rates Dual Demodulator (with 36MHz window), 4-Channel Demodulator Concatenated Reed Solomon outer/ Viterbi inner FEC Power Supplies and High Stability Reference for BUC and LNB IP Enabled Modem with 10BaseT Router/Bridge (IP Gateway) ©RADITEK inc 2009

54 Point to point Radio Section 11 ©RADITEK inc 2008

55 Point to Point Radio ©RADITEK inc 2008

56 Covers most licensed bands..
©RADITEK inc 2008

57 Modulations vs BWs ©RADITEK inc 2008

58 60 GHz Communications Section 12 RADITEK inc ©RADITEK inc 2009

59 Various Wireless power/frequency
1.6 1.9 2.4 3.1 to 10.6 57 to 64 GPS PCS Cordless phones Microwave ovens Bluetooth 802.11b/g Max power -41dBm/MHz UWB 10mW EIRP Frequency GHz 60G Tx RADITEK ©RADITEK inc 2009

60 TV/Movie studio products
Wireless video/audio links Section 13 ©RADITEK inc 2008

61 VRAX HD wireless camera link
©RADITEK inc 2008

62 Other wireless innovations
©RADITEK inc 2008

63 Thank you for your interest in Raditek.
If we are not already there…. Please tell us how we can be your most favored supplier, partner ? If you didn’t see the product you were looking for, still ask us, we may be developing something similar as a special! Contact your representative… Or RADITEK direct at Our web site is continually being updated with new products, please visit often at ©RADITEK inc 2009

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