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Video Basics Zettl.

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1 Video Basics Zettl

2 Chapter 1 The Production Process
A good producer triple-checks everything.

3 Chapter 1 Production processes Preproduction Production Postproduction

4 Chapter 1 Preproduction Production of ALL production details
Initial idea Define the audience Select people & equipment

5 Chapter 1 Production Actual activities in which an event is videotaped/televised.

6 Chapter 1 Postproduction
Any production activity that occurs after the production. Usually refers to either editing videotape or audio sweetening. You select the best production pieces and assemble them into a coherent whole.

7 Chapter 1 Effect-to-Cause Production Model
What you want viewers to lean, feel, do Basic program idea Defined effect on the viewer Medium requirements – equipment, people, facilities Evaluating the actual effect on viewer

8 Chapter 1 Effect-to- Cause Model

9 Chapter 1 Defined Process Message
Describes the desired effect of the program on the viewer.

10 Chapter 1 Process Message
The message actually received by the viewer in the process of watching a video program.

11 Chapter 1 Medium Requirements Content Elements Production Elements
Defined process message Audience analysis script Production Elements Equipment (cameras, lights, microphones, tape, etc.) People Talent Crew

12 Chapter 1 Script Written document that interprets the show idea into what the viewers should actually see and hear.

13 Chapter 1 Medium Requirements
All personnel, equipment, and facilities needed for a production, as well as budgets, schedules, and the various production phases.

14 Chapter 1 Demographic Profile
Data – age, income, education level, employment, etc. Used to help identify a target audience.

15 Chapter 1 Psychographic Data
Information about a target audience’s general lifestyle. What they buy, watch on TV, books they read, cars they drive, clothes they wear, music they listen to, etc.

16 Chapter 1 Actual Process Message
The real effect of the program on the viewer.

17 Chapter 1 Generating Ideas Clustering Brainstorming

18 Chapter 1 Clustering Word association
Free flowing – usually solitary activity Look for clusters Springboard to production ideas Exercise – You are producing a program on education. Write the word STUDENT.

19 Chapter 1 Brainstorming Group activity Free flowing
Not necessarily logical Start with general idea Record all ideas Look for relevant associations to idea

20 Chapter 1 Clustering and Brainstorming
Special characteristics: Successful Clustering and Brainstorming depend on a free, intuitive, and non-critical flow of ideas.

21 Chapter 1 Production Process Preproduction Production Postproduction
Medium Requirements Messages Process Defined Actual

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