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Welcome to AXIS TV 6.4 UWP Pioneer Student Center.

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1 Welcome to AXIS TV 6.4 UWP Pioneer Student Center

2 Changes As you prepare to use the new 6.4 version of Axis TV you will notice a few changes in navigating the program and scheduling your content. Lets begin by reviewing the changes in navigation.

3 Then - Axis TV 5.0

4 Now – AxisTV 6.4 Navigation menu is now located on the left side of screen instead of the top.

5 Now – AxisTV 6.4 Create Graphic/Video menu has been renamed Media Bulletin under the Create tab, or Image/Video under the Import tab.

6 Now – AxisTV 6.4 The Create From… menu option has been replaced with PowerPoint under the Import tab.

7 Now – AxisTV 6.4 My Bulletins previously available under Create or Library has been replaced with My Content now under the Manage and Schedule tabs.

8 Now – AxisTV 6.4 Tickers and Video Feeds are currently not enabled.

9 Scheduling Changes The Scheduling screen has changed slightly. Now you can pick your dates from a calendar. This should make calculating 2 week intervals much simpler. (Remember to set your start time to 7:00 AM.)

10 Other Notable Changes You can now delete multiple bulletins from your content area. Click on the select box for the bulletins you want deleted then click on a delete bulletin button. There are several new backgrounds available for bulletins created using the built-in Create Bulletin options. There are several new transitions you can set for your bulletins.

11 Help on using AxisTV 6.4 As before you can click on the ? Button in the upper right portion of your screen and the built in help files will be available. You can also email the Assistant Director of Operations and Services for the PSC for additional assistance as directed on the PSC AxisTV website. You should now be ready to use the new AxisTV 6.4

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