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LOGO Using video streaming in computer courses among trainees at National Institute for Training (NIT), Gaza. Ali H. AbuSaada The First eLearning Scientific.

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1 LOGO Using video streaming in computer courses among trainees at National Institute for Training (NIT), Gaza. Ali H. AbuSaada The First eLearning Scientific Day eLearning and the Future April -2012

2 Introduction A picture may speak a thousand words but a video could easily speak a million words. The advancement of technology have enabled wide-application of videos into education and training. Future trends indicate more application of video streaming in delivering e-learning courses for specific needs of different learners. This paper will also present the concept of using video- streaming in computer courses among trainees at National Institute for Training (NIT). Using real case studies, the advantageous, disadvantages and limitations of using screen video capture technology from an educational perspective will be discussed.

3 Video Streaming Definition of Video Streaming Video streaming is a delivery way in which a sequence of moving images accompanied with voice are present to the user by the viewers player as they arrive over the internet (Gumu, 2011). The capture video streaming can be powerful and excellent tools to help the learners to demonstrate computer skills, and to illustrate technical concepts that are hard to explain in text book especially to non- technical people (Kanter, 2007).

4 Video streaming solves all types of current problems with videos and DVDs, while videos and DVDs can be expensive particularly if we want to distribute the DVDs to all students. Besides, videos and DVDs can be damaged, lost, stolen, borrow DVDs from libraries and consume much storage space.

5 Introduction إحصاءات موقع YouTube يتم تحميل 60 ساعة من الفيديو كل دقيقة، أي أنه يتم تحميل ساعة واحدة من الفيديو على YouTube كل ثانية. تتم مشاهدة 4 مليارات من مقاطع الفيديو كل يوم. يتجاوز عدد ساعات الفيديو التي تتم مشاهدتها كل شهر على YouTube 3 مليارات ساعة. يشهد YouTube تحميل عدد من مقاطع فيديو في شهر واحد يفوق عدد مقاطع الفيديو التي أنشأتها أكبر ثلاث شبكات في الولايات المتحدة في 60 عامًا تتم ترجمة YouTube في 39 بلدًا وبـ 54 لغة. في عام 2011 ، تجاوز عدد المشاهدات على YouTube تريليون مشاهدة أو بمعدل 140 مشاهدة لكل شخص على الأرض تقريبًا.

6 Introduction إحصاءات موقع YouTube يبلغ عدد المشاهدات على YouTube للجوال ما يزيد عن 600 مليون مشاهدة في اليوم، كما زادت حركة الزيارات من أجهزة الجوال إلى ثلاثة أضعاف في عام 2011. تتوفر 10% من مقاطع فيديو YouTube بدقة عالية. تتم كل يوم مشاهدة 500 عام من فيديو YouTube على Facebook ، كما تتم مشاركة ما يزيد عن 700 مقطع فيديو YouTube على Twitter كل دقيقة. يتخذ 100 مليون شخص إجراء اجتماعيًا على YouTube مثل، المشاركات والتعليقات وما إلى ذلك كل أسبوع. المصدر

7 Video streaming Video streaming will play a bigger role in delivering course content of e-learning to the learners (Hartsell, & Yuen, 2006). Video streaming is a powerful tool in learning in which its usage is a general practice in all branches of education nowadays and has developed rapidly over the years (Fong et al, 2010; McGoverna et al., 2008; Shephard, 2003).

8 Video streaming Fong et al, (2010) and Shephard (2003) reports that the most of educational experts agree that video is better shown in short objects so as to maximise learners concentration. It has the ability to attract learners attention and present information which is easy to assimilate and can lead to a better description by the teachers.

9 The learners can reap the benefits of video, assisting them to enhance the understanding and comprehension of difficult and complicated concepts and knowledge which are difficult to illustrate in simple graphics and text and become engaged in the learning process, as well as to evoke the emotional reactions from the learners that can help them in increasing their motivation (Fong et al, 2010; Hartsell, & Yuen, 2006). Video streaming benefits

10 Students who are absent from class or lecture can have access to the content (video over internet) and that they will not be left behind. Apart from that, students who are not able to fully understand the lectures may replay and review the videos to get better understanding of the concepts and skills. Video streaming benefits

11 Several studies reported that the use of videos and animations in learning environment can effectively enhance the learning (Fong et al, 2010; Tversky et al., 2002), particularly when presenting difficult and imaginational concepts and skills to the learners (Betrancourt, 2005). Video streaming benefits

12 How Streaming Video and Audio Work

13 Demonstration video aims at representing content and procedures in which the learners find difficult to comprehend the text-based materials. Narrative video; this type is usually used in learning a language. Video recorded lecture; this is like an instructional TV in which teachers present the subject as they do in class. Educational Videos DemonstrationNarrative Recorded Lectures

14 The advantages of video streaming Hartsell, & Yuen (2006) state that the primary advantage of streaming video is the ability for students to self-pace their learning, the learners have their control to choose what and when they want to view the on-demand educational content over the internet. Video is a useful tool for visualizing processes, illustrating complex information, skills, making them easier to be comprehended (Heinich et al., 2002; Ciccone, 1995).

15 Attracts learners attention by motivating and creating emotional responses, as well as to give the learners a chance to understand visually what oral or written material might miss (Heinichet al., 2002). Minimal cost of creation and distribution. Easy creation of streamed files and upload them on internet. Flexibility to use, rewind, pause, review the video as needed. Easy access for learners at any time and any place. The advantages of video streaming

16 Current, up-to-date. Instant view of the video, instead of waiting for the file to be downloaded on the computer. Reach wider variety of students. Minimal technology needed to view. Maintain learners attention and excitement High grade of reality and visualization. Able to show dangerous and costly tasks and events that occur over a long distance or period of time. The advantages of video streaming

17 Learners have the ability to access the material asynchronously and independently. Storing the video on internet offers facility to make categories, group discussion and videos search. Possibility to share the video with other learners or embed it in other web pages. Possibility to receive comments from the learners regarding each video on the web. The advantages of video streaming

18 Video Streaming Limitations creation time. digital rights. technology breakdown. bandwidth limitation and slow internet connection.

19 Camtasia Studio Editing and Producing the Video using Camtasia Studio Software




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