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Enel Niin Rabies project leader Veterinary and Food Board of Estonia.

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1 Enel Niin Rabies project leader Veterinary and Food Board of Estonia


3 Structure of Veterinary and Food Board 3 Director General Deputy Director General Lawyer Animal Health, Welfare and Feedingstuf fs Dep. Animal Health Office Animal Welfare Office Feedinfstuffs Office Food Dep. Office for Food of Animal Origin Office for Retail, Organic Farming and Food of Non- animal Origin Trade, Import and Export Dep. Surveillance and Control Office Luhamaa BIP Muuga and Baldiski BIP Narva BIP Animal Breeding and Market Regulation Dep. Office of Animal Breeding Office of Genetic Resources Market Regulation Office Alcohol Regulation Office General Dep. Accounting Office Budgeting Office Personnel Office Administrativ e Office IT Office County Veterinary Centres (15)Authorised Veterinarians

4 Organisation of Rabies control and prevention in Estonia 4 Ministry of Agriculture Veterinary and Food Board (strategy, surveillance, control) 15 district departments Community veterinarians Veterinary and Food Laboratory (lab. investigations) 3 regional laboratories Veterinary and Food Department (legislation)

5 Authorities responsible for Rabies communication Veterinary and Food Board Health Inspectorate Ministry of Agriculture Ministry of Social Affairs Veterinary and Food Laboratory

6 Division of communication strategy Communication in peace time Communication in case of suspicion/outbreak Communication concerning oral vaccination (ORV) activities

7 General rules of communication (1) Offer information in advance Prepare clear and well understandable ground message (repeat message minimum 3 times) Translate the message to the format receiving group understands Give every possible kind of additional information needed Time counts, be effective and punctual

8 General rules of communication (2) Media is interested in conflict! Be tolerant and friendly Do not speculate nor lie Do not become emotional, even if journalist provokes it Do not declare personal opinion, your responsibility is to represent an authority If you are not the correct person to comment, forward the problem

9 General rules of communication (3) Antedate fires, prepare press release Inform persons involved inside institution about problematic situations in advance If feasible, ask to formulate questions and give information out in written format to avoid misinterpretations Ask to see the final text for commenting Give feedback to journalist (if possible, positive one)

10 Legal bases of VFB`s communication Basic legal acts Law of Public Information Law of Public Service Degree of Director General of VFB no 149 from 08.12.2010 Rules to communicate with media Speakers Director General, Deputy Director General Head of Department, Bureau Head of Local Veterinary Centre Specialists of area

11 Communication in peace time Main messages: To prevent rabies infection in domestic animals parenteral vaccination of pet animals is compulsory (paid by State), vaccination of agricultural animals in endangered area is suggestible. It is obligatory to notify about every suspicion of rabies to veterinary authorities. Local authorities shall organise the maintenance of records concerning dogs and, where necessary, of other household pets. Target group- veterinarians, pet animal keepers, farmers, hunters, vet. students, foresters, local governments e.c. 11

12 Flow of information in case of rabies suspicion Veterinary and Food Board Local Veterinary Centre Open phone-line in VFB 605 47 50 (24 h.) Local Veterinary Centre Action by vet. official or authorised vet. (sampling, restrictions e.c.) Suspicion Website of VFB Authorised or licensed veterinarian (most common way)

13 Flow of information in case of rabies diagnose Veterinary and Food Laboratory Local Health Board Local Veterinary Centre Veterinary and Food Board Health Board Hunters Organisation European Commission International Professional Unions Info in web site Press release Communication with publicity Local Hunters Organisation, Regional Government, regional press (if feasible) Positive rabies diagnose

14 Communication in case of suspicion/outbreak Main messages similar as in peace time All unvaccinated pet animals should be vaccinated immediately (free of charge) Authorised vet./vet. official decides need of vaccination of agricultural animals in endangered area (free of charge) All suspected animals should be isolated/euthanized/tested for virus Additional restrictions, if necessary (prohibition of hunting with dogs, animal exhibitions, shows e.c.) All animal bites must be treated with extreme care, seek for medical attention (all procedures free of charge)

15 Communication concerning ORV activities in early stage (1) First step- to convince decision-makers about pressing need to conduct large scale ORV for several years. Meetings, briefings Speeches Press releases Articles, comments Written reports, applications Communication with publicity most intense before and at the time of first ORV campaigns (2005-2008).

16 Communication concerning ORV activities in early stage (2) To improve receiving rate of the message a leaflet (in Estonian and Russian) with vaccination activities description and suggestions of action were sent straight before each ORV campaign to all private postal addresses in countryside.

17 Regular communication at the time of ORV activities (1) Press releases at the beginning and end of ORV campaigns Up do date information concerning ORV activities (area to vaccinate on daily bases, maps) in main web page of VFB Commercial in National TV and most popular private TV cannel at the time of ORV Commercial in National radio station(in Estonian and in Russian) Data concerning ORV area of certain day in news block of National radio station Advertisement in local newspapers at the time when ORV is conducted in this county

18 Regular communication at the time of ORV activities (2) TV and radio interviews Articles in press, comments Open phone line 24 h. in VFB 605 47 50 Possibility to contact directly leader of vaccination team (mobile phone and e- mail published in advertisements and webpage) representative of vaccine company (mobile phone printed in warning-sign of each vaccine distributed)

19 Passive communication, web info, VFB Data about rabies in question and answers format with links to additional information Rabies booklet infovoldik.pdf Booklet of infectious diseases spread by small predators dik.pdf

20 Passive communication, web info, Health Inspectorate Rabies in humans sed/nakkused/marutobi.pdf Data concerning animal baits sed/loomahammustused.pdf

21 Educating target groups Regular training courses for vet. officials, authorised veterinarians, licensed veterinarians, hunters Booklets spread via veterinary centres, vet. clinics, hunters organisations, schools, kindergartens, local governments, health protection institutions, environment agencies e.c.


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