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My child with a cochlear implant (CI). Introduction.

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1 My child with a cochlear implant (CI)

2 Introduction

3 My childs hearing loss and experience with a CI

4 Previous school/educational experiences

5 How does a CI work?

6 Diagram of the internal ear with a CI

7 Internal and external components

8 A CI on a child

9 Challenges of using a CI to hear

10 Hearing challenges Noisy environments Locating the source of sounds Incidental hearing

11 Speech and language challenges Hearing age English as a second language Articulation Lack of confidence Difficulty modulating volume

12 Social challenges Missing cues for transitions Missing incidental conversations Difficulty identifying speaker Difficulty learning social rules of conduct

13 Methods to support my child in the classroom

14 Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Discuss IEP goals List classroom accommodations

15 Set up the classroom to reduce background noise Put carpets, rugs, or mats on floors Cut tennis balls in half and slip them onto all chair feet Place curtains on windows Cover the walls Avoid having bubbling fish tanks or water features in the classroom

16 To help with this process, I will… Provide materials to support the teacher Provide contact information for specialists familiar with my child Be available throughout the year to discuss my childs progress Work with my child at home on classroom assignments

17 Next steps

18 Questions?

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