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Intro to MediaCAST Instructor: Craig McKenna | 800.474.5128 x804 Support:

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1 Intro to MediaCAST Instructor: Craig McKenna | 800.474.5128 x804 Support: | 800.474.5128 x3

2 Introduction Inventive Technology is based in Colorado and has been serving the educational market for 7 years. Why computer-based learning? – Multimedia enhances learning. – Safer/more effective storage method. – Ease of access increases usage. – Built-in rights management to help you enforce your organizations Fair Use policies. © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 2

3 Learning Objectives Access your MediaCAST URL and log in. Search and find resources using different methods/criteria. Use the Toolbox features to enhance usage. Get further help and training. © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 3

4 What is MediaCAST? © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 4 Stored on/ streamed from a server Used on-demand, in the classroom and beyond Content sourced

5 Resources © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 5

6 Types of Files Resource TypeFile Format Standard Document ResourcesPDF, PPTX, DOCX, SWF, etc. Microsoft Windows Media VideoWMV, WMA, ASF, not AVI Adobe Flash VideoFLV, F4V, or MP4 (H.264 only), not SWF Apple QuickTimeMOV MPEG-2 VideoAVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VOB Real NetworksRM, RA, RAM AudioMP3 ImageGIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP Website or other URLe.g., Live Broadcast and/or TV Channele.g., live encoder at Book, Text, Publication, ArticleAny non-digital Print Matter Equipment/Tool/ObjectAny physical object. © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 6 * The use of some types of streaming media may require additional server software and configuration. Please review your order and consult with your Sales Representative for complete details.

7 Login Page Navigate to your MediaCAST URL (i.e., – If your organization elected to set up a DNS entry, you may type mediacast in the address bar and press the Enter key. If your organization is using AD/LDAP integration, your credentials are the same as your network login. © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 7

8 MediaCAST Interface © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 8 Find resources based on keyword Glider: browse contents of the Digital Library. Dashboard (3 elements) 1 st -tier Tabs 2 nd -tier tabs are determined by: 1 st -tier tab selection User rights. Tutorial Resources

9 Glider/Categories Browse the Digital Library rather than repetitively search. Multi-tier categories (up to 4 levels). Click View Listing under a category to see results. © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 9

10 Dashboard Each user can be greeted by what is relevant to them. As needs change, dashboard selections can too. Selection of dashboard elements is user-specific. – Click the Edit link. New selections can be added by Inventive. © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 10

11 Searching Quick Search field is prominent. Results can be sorted by things like Rating, Run Time, etc. Reservation icon is not present when resource access is not limited. © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 11

12 Searching (cont.) Use the filters and restriction tools to view a subset of search results. Filtering may be done by: – Keyword – Type – Starting with © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 12

13 Searching (cont.) Search tab uses the Search field at top to execute a keyword search. Use the slider to limit results based on Grade Range. View Options toggles between simple and detail views. © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 13

14 Searching (cont.) Custom Filters and Media Resource types can be used to limit results. Checkboxes on the left will limit results to a specific category. © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 14

15 Resource Page © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 15 Rating (Average) Placing metadata, Segments and Standards in tabs reduces page scrolling. Toolbox: Frequently used resource tools. Execute new search based on metadata field. Play controls, including Full Screen and Closed Captioning (when available). Select another result from your search.

16 Reservations Why? Some content is set to limit maximum simultaneous users. Reserving a resource for a particular date and time guarantees its availability to your login. Create Use the Reserve link in the Toolbox (Resource Page). Use the reserve icon in search results. Access/Edit Click the My Media Resources tab. © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 16

17 Favorites Why? Allows quick access to frequently-used resources. Create Use the add favorite icon ( ) in search results or the Add Favorite link in the Toolbox. Access/Edit Click the My Media Resources tab. © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 17

18 Snag-a-Segment Why? Use to designate start and end points within a longer resource. – Available to Instructors and above. Create Click the Snag-a-Segment link in the Toolbox. Access Select the Segments tab and click the desired Segment Name. © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 18

19 Snag-a-Segment (cont.) Edit/Delete Click the edit icon ( ) to the left of the desired segment. Many instructors can create segments in the same video. Unlike reservations and favorites, this is designed to be a collaborative feature. – Instructors may edit or delete their own segments. © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 19

20 Snag-a-Segment (cont.) The first frame for a segment may be set as a resource thumbnail. Thumbnails replace resource file-type icons in places such as search results. In the event that multiple segments have been set as thumbnails, the first in the list will be used (sorted in ascending order by start time). © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 20

21 External URL Builder Why? Use this tool to paste a link in an external application. – Examples include email, PowerPoint and Moodle. Create Click the External URL Builder link in the Toolbox. © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 21

22 External URL Builder (cont.) 2 Types: Basic: – Require users to log in. Helpful when tracking who played a resource (Reports). Auto-login: – Enter your Username, Password and set expiration options. – Others will not be able to decipher your credentials from the link. © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 22

23 External URL Builder (cont.) Using External URL Builder in conjunction with Snag-a-Segment allows for powerful lesson plan integration. – 1-click access to log in, access the resource and advance to the pertinent starting point. © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 23

24 Link Builder (Standards) Why? Use this tool to link resources to standards. – As the library builds, future users can search for content based on a standard. Create Click the Link Builder, in the Toolbox. © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 24

25 Link Builder (cont.) Access Access standards with associated resources by clicking the My Courses tab. © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 25

26 Digital TV © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 26 All users may access channels by clicking the Digital TV tab. Tune to any channel by clicking the name/logo in the slider, at top. If many channels are present, use the group drop-down. Use the guide below to review programming.

27 Digital TV (cont.) © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 27 The TV listings grid displays channel data for all selectable channels. – Blue: actively tuned. – Gray: not actively tuned. – Green: tunable (Managers and above may click the channel name in the grid to select a different channel).

28 Getting Help Contact your local help desk. – They will be aware of local network/power status. Tutorial videos available via the HELP link at top/right. Contact Technical Support: or 800.474.5128 x3 Contact your trainer: or 800.474.5128 x804 © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 28

29 Q&A/Practice © 2009 Inventive Technology, Inc. 29

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