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Applications Overview. Distribution/Services moving from Physical -> Digital PhysicalDigital Post eMail Music Stores iTunes Newspapers Services Bookstore.

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1 Applications Overview

2 Distribution/Services moving from Physical -> Digital PhysicalDigital Post eMail Music Stores iTunes Newspapers Services Bookstore eBooks DVD Rental Download Store, Local Online, Global Emerging Services: Health care Education Cloud Businesses

3 Building Cross Industry Infrastructure Layer 2 National Broadband Network

4 Large File Transfer - 1 GB File Dial-up56kbps42 Hours, 36 Minutes, 31 seconds ADSL/T11.5Mbps 1 Hour, 32 Minutes, 43 seconds ADSL2+~10Mbps14 Minutes, 19 seconds Fibre100Mbps1 Minute, 25.9 seconds Fibre1 Gbps8.59 seconds

5 Business impact of video rentals video downloads Sept 23, 2010 Blockbuster Declares Bankruptcy Netflix accounts for 20% of peak downstream traffic in the U.S., Oct. 22, 2010 The most striking shift in application mix trends continues to be the growth of video as a percentage of traffic. Cisco Visual Networking

6 Broadband Education Experiences outside the classroom Special Needs: Cultural, Gifted, Disabilities Individual interest Flexible learning: Choice, range of delivery option Retraining Remote - Social Learning, Interactive

7 Australian Education – Virtual Excursions Broadband can deliver the global classroom to my room 7 ANU School of Music - Streaming Music Live-streamed Concerts and Video Videoconferencing: Herodian Room in the Old City of Jerusalem Professor David McKinnon (Bathurst) talks to over 400 students from Ireland and the UK about Australias night skies Reef HQ talk about marine life, coral, climate change LIVE in the Aquarium tank

8 Digital Galleries: Google Art Project Global access, Giga-Pixel images, Larger than life. Source:

9 Broadband for Farming UNE – Precision Agriculture Research Grou p Courtesy: UNE – Low cost monitoring devices will generate large data sets. Monitoring and imaging Collaboration – Australia Wide Analysis = Optimisation


11 Industry Opportunity: Reduce Costs, Improve Service Delivery Source: 5.8% GDP

12 Health Opportunities: Cost Savings, Improved Services Chronic CareVideo Consultations In Home Aged CaseMonitoring, Social Inclusion Digital Health RecordsLarge Images, Ubiquitous Access Self-help, Preventative Information, Networks

13 Health – Fall Risk Assessment Neuroscience Research Australia Fast forward - Broadband can... - Deliver program updates for in home training - Record progress and individual performance trends - Upload video for GP assessments - Platform for in home video consultation

14 Brown Medical School: Digital Pathology Group

15 eResearch Australasia 2009: Experiences in enabling digital pathology for research in Victoria Steve Quenette, David Morrison, Anne Thompson, Mike Rebbechi

16 NBN Co Trials projects © NBN Co Limited 201116 Armidale – EducationRemote, Online Education, SatDBCDE Townsville – HealthDiabetes, Gov eHealth ServiceDBCDE Willunga – Digital VillageSmall Business, Online, ServicesState Willunga – Forward ITDigital Literacy, LibraryState Armidale – HealthChronic Disease CareDBCDE Kiama – HealthChronic Disease Care DBCDE Kiama – HealthMental HealthDBCDE Brunswick – Aged CareIn Home Monitoring, Care Greenfield – EnergySmart metering, Development

17 © NBN Co Limited 201117 Tele-health - Diabetes Health - Townsville - Fibre Description: The two-year trial will demonstrate the innovative delivery of telehealth services to elderly Australians in their homes in an NBN enabled environment to eligible elderly Australians with diabetes. The services will be offered through the direct participation of local general practitioners and relevant primary care providers. Outcomes: Range of benefits to health providers and patients including: Fewer presentations to hospital or emergency departments Less visits to GPs and other health services Reduced travel times and transport costs Improved patient self-management Delayed transition to residential aged care.

18 Potential Case Studies, Pilots (small scale, proof of concept) © NBN Co Limited 201118 Satellite – eHealth NTRemote Health Clinic, TriageDBCDE Satellite – Medical TrainingUoW – Remote/Rural Students Satellite – EducationRight Course, IndigenousMOU Satellite – BusinessRemote Vet Training – Harbour IT Armidale – Aged Care in Home technology, ACBIMOU Armidale – eFarmSmart Farm, UNE/CSIROMOU Armidale – ConsumerSmart house Tasmania – HealthiMED – Radiology, Large File Transfer Tasmania – ArtsTasmania Symphony OrchestraMOU Tasmania – ArtsScreen Tasmania – Community TV Townsville – EnergyIBM Sustainability Project Coffs HarbourVHA – Connecting vets to RSL via VC Sat/Tasmania HealthNETHA/RACGP – Future GP Clinic

19 NBN Technology enabler for cloud services

20 The Planning Process

21 Questions? 21

22 0488 403 013

23 Extra slides

24 EXAMPLE ONLY: NTU (Outdoor)

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