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The HISTORY Of television Created By: Michelle Manning.

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2 The HISTORY Of television Created By: Michelle Manning

3 What is Television??? Television is a widely used telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images that are either monochromatic black and white or color usually accompanied by sound. Television may also refer specifically to a television set, television programming or television transmission. The word is derived from mixed Latin and Greek roots, meaning far sight.

4 The History of Television The first television came about in the 1800s. The first television was called the Radio Visor 100 and that was created in 1831. There were two types of television systems invented and they were called the mechanical television and the electronic television.

5 The First three inventors Of the Television The first two inventors of the television were Paul Gottlieb Nipkow a science student in Germany. Two Separate inventors Campbell Swinton from England and a Russian Scientist Boris Rosing.

6 The First Television that was ever made The first television that was ever made was the Radio Visor 100 that was invented in 1839. The first television was invented by Charles Jenkins. The First Television had no special Features and in fact it had no screen, no visuals, and it was created in a radio like model.

7 How Television came about In the late 1800s Paul Gottlieb Nipkow a student I Germany developed the first ever mechanical module of Television. He succeeded in sending images through a rotating disk. This technology was called the electric telescope that had 18 lines of resolution.

8 In 1907 Around 1907 two separate inventors Campbell Swinton from England and Russian scientists Boris Rosing used the cathode ray in addition to the mechanical scanner system, to create a new television system. From exeperiments

9 Pre-1935 1928 GE Octagon 1929 Western Television 1928 Baird Model C 1930 Baird Televisor 1932 Jenkins Radio TV Receiver-Model JD30

10 1935-1941 1939 Andrea 1F5 1938 Dumont 180 1939 GE HM171 1941 GE Model 90

11 1950-1959 1957 RCA 21CD7916 1958 Philco Predicta 1969 Philco b129 1950 Bush TV 22 1955 Bush TV 53 1954 Decca 121 1952 GEC BT2147

12 1960-2000 American television sets were created ad design became more tedious, complicated, and cost more like Sony, Philco, and Magnifox.

13 How Has Televisions Changed Over Time??

14 Bibliography Google

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