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Simon Fell Director of Technology & Innovation. THE WORLDS FOREMOST ALLIANCE OF PUBLIC SERVICE MEDIA 74 Members in 56 countries in Europe & beyond 35.

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1 Simon Fell Director of Technology & Innovation

2 THE WORLDS FOREMOST ALLIANCE OF PUBLIC SERVICE MEDIA 74 Members in 56 countries in Europe & beyond 35 Associate Members in 21 countries

3 TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION Shaping broadcast technology and standards Anticipating technical developments Contact with manufacturers and operators Popular web-site:

4 THE WORLD'S BIGGEST BROADCASTING NETWORK A future-proof network Event production Major football leagues All UEFA events 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia European qualifiers Formula 1

5 A FUTURE-PROOF NETWORK 70,000 transmissions per year 84,000 hours of news and sport per year 67% of sport carried in HD

6 IBC 2013 Three big themes UHDTV Spectrum Broadcast Studio Infrastructure

7 CE Industry already has the product brand Digital Europe wants to go with a standard now Do we want Ultra HD Ready now or something better? We are arguing for something more… 100Hz for Europe via ITU 10 Bit with 50/60 fps Phase 1 and 100/120 fps later 2020 Colour Gamut Studios say they also want a step up! ULTRA HDTV

8 MOST RECENT DEVELOPMENTS ON UHDTV Mess around real time studio interfaces for 100/120Hz, 12 bit HDR: SMPTE: Evolution of SDI to 6 and 12 Gbps SMPTE: Fibre optical interface (SMPTE 2036-4) ITU: Input from Australia on a 3 rd alternative to the ones above Urgent action on harmonisation, and limiting the options required At ITU-R Study Group 6 meeting last week new frame rates added to UHDTV: 100 Hz based on European demand, 120/1.001 based on Japanese demand Preliminary, final decision in April 2014 EBU is actively contributing to the consumer UHD display label spec Great concern that consumer industry in only focusing on resolution

9 Scientific testing: -Resolution (done) -Higher Frame rates (done) -Higher dynamic range and colour (Jan 2014) -HEVC performance and studio codecs (AVC Ultra and XAVC) Events: Workshop 25/26 November: UHD voices and choices. Almost booked out Production technology seminar 28-30 January 2014. EBU ACTIONS ON UHDTV

10 Not as important in all regions but massive impact where DTT is main transmission method. Can Mobile Broadband deliver the demands of TV viewers (No) Monthly data cap = ?? Hrs of TV Will consumers be willing to pay to receive TV in future - these are the issues. What would be the economic cost to countries to switch to another platform? XX bn HOW MUCH spectrum do Mobile Ops need? 90% in home traffic is Wifi Join us in the debate 800, 700? 600? Next… DTT SPECTRUM - PREPARATIONS FOR WRC 2015

11 Todays studio architecture well understood and resilient over many years. UHDTV-2 may require 16 x Cables per source? Not feasible – FAIL! So is it next generation HD-SDI or IP? EBU Tech groups looking at options for the future. STUDIO INFRASTRUCTURE WHAT REPLACES HD-SDI

12 LOSS OF THE TERRESTRIAL SPECTRUM The UHF spectrum allocations 470 MHz 862 MHz 213040506069 Broadcasting2006 470 MHz 862 MHz 213040506069 Broadcasting 790 MHz 61 BC + Mobile2007 470 MHz862 MHz 213040506069 Broadcasting 790 MHz 61 BC + Mobile 48 694 MHz BC + Mobile 2012 470 MHz 862 MHz 213040506069 790 MHz 61 BC + Mobile 2015 694 MHz 48 X X X

13 DTT is the most popular TV System for EU households 13 Source: Eurobarometer 396, 2013. Adds to more than 100%. Households may use more than one platform. THE FUTURE DISTRIBUTION OF MEDIA

14 25-50% 50-75% < 25% >75% Data not collected Source: Broadcast Networks Europe 2012 FOR 120 MILLION HOUSEHOLDS, 275 MILLION PEOPLE (IN THE EU ALONE) THE TERRESTRIAL PLATFORM IS THE MAIN ACCESS TO TV

15 EVOLUTION OF LINEAR AND NON-LINEAR TV VIEWING (MINUTES PER PERSON PER DAY) (AVERAGE IN EU BIG 5) Source: IHS – ScreenDigest: Cross-platform Television Viewing Time FY 2012 Note: Forecast from 2012 // * 2020 forecast by EBU

16 CHANGING MARKET -OVER-THE-TOP SERVICES Opportunities for broadcasters with HbbTV but competition with CE portals

17 WHAT IS EBU TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION DOING? Beyond HD Spectrum Management and regulation Joint task force on networked media Integrated Media production Strategies Quality Control Future Networks and Storage Systems Media Information management Future Audio and Radio Prod Co-operative Terrestrial Networks Broadband Networks TV Platforms and Services HbbTV Digital radio Platforms Sustainability

18 Provide a running environment for proofs-of-concept and expérimental services Single stack of services to simplify development and delivery Connect software engineers amongst our members and share projects EBU.IO

19 September 2013 -Published EBU Open Source projects (Cloud, Hybrid Radio) October 2013 - iterative rollout of crowd-based features to identify and gather interest in Open Source projects November 18 and 19 2013 -EBU DevCon – our first developers conference ROADMAP – EBU DEVELOPER NETWORK

20 Euro-Chip is not a silicon chip Marketing initiative from Radio directors in Europe to push for free-to-air broadcast and tuner integration in consumer devices Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by major public service broadcasters to support the initiative Promotion to Device manufacturers, Car industry and Mobile Network Operators (MNO) RADIO BROADCASTING TO MOBILE DEVICES – EURO-CHIP INITIATIVE


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