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Brand & Auditing Guidelines

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1 Brand & Auditing Guidelines
By Sky/Awin Team

2 Contents About the Sky brand How it affects you
Creative and Copy guidelines Offer change process Site audit timeline Where to find information

3 About the Brand Believe in Better is what pushes the brand – as technology continues to innovate, Sky products continue to evolve! Sky has been leading the way in the world of entertainment for over 20 years and has made key breakthroughs with the launch of Sky+ in 2001 and HD in Sky were the first to reach 50 channels in HD which is far more than any competitor. Sky pride themselves on giving more to their customers than any other provider: Sky Anytime and Anytime+ Pause, rewind and record TV Sky Go Sky 3D Sky Store Free and Unlimited internet out and about from The Cloud

4 How this all affects you
You’re promoting Sky and we want you to understand the brand. It is important that the brand is presented in the correct way to ensure credibility of your site. The smoother the journey between your site and the Sky site, the more likely a customer is to purchase resulting in more commission for you. The more you know about the brand, the more content you can add to your site, encouraging customers to convert.

5 Creative & Copy The Darwin system is regularly updated by the AWin team – all banners and logos are current. Please see *insert hub link* for instructions on pulling banners from our system. Choose banners that are relevant to your site – we have both TV and broadband banners in the system with current campaigns.

6 Creative Out-of-date stretched logo
Hardcoded banner is now out of date The Sky logo needs to be presented properly – please do not stretch it, distort it, place it over any form of background or use out of date logos. It also must be straight and horizontal. Pulling a logo from the AWin system is the best way to ensure it is current. Do not hardcode banners as it will prevent them from automatically updating when the campaign changes.

7 Copy guidelines Please ensure copy is regularly updated, when Sky offers change, your site needs to change! Offer end date must communicated and expired offers need to be clearly marked. Please remember: Sky+HD has no spaces in Sky Broadband Unlimited is a brand name and must be capitalised Ensure pricing is correct – if in doubt see See for accurate information on Sky’s key selling points.

8 Offer changes Sky’s offers normally change on a Friday and sites need to be updated quickly. It is extremely important that Sky’s offers are presented accurately and are current – we need affiliates to be engaging and willing to update sites quickly. We send out a newsletter to all affiliates as soon as offers are confirmed (normally on a Thursday) – please ensure the address you have listed in Darwin is correct. The newsletter will list the new offer, which offers are ending and a reminder of the lead offers you should push on your site. Site audits begin as soon as the offer changes – please see the timeline for these on the following slide.

9 Audit Timeline Thursday Friday Friday – Monday afternoon
Personal s outlining changes needed are sent out Affiliate Newsletter sent out Sites with out of date content will have their links suspended Audit of all sites begins

10 Where to look for information ?
The newsletter – these are sent out before all offer changes The Affiliate Window Hub - All newsletters are also posted in the hub - sign up to the RSS feed to automatically receive these! The Sky Shop page - This is a great source of information to check current offers, pricing, Sky’s USPs and legals The team! We are always happy to hear from our affiliates – us on

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