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Agenda Huawei Company Background Media solutions overview

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0 HUAWEI Solutions for Media and Entertainment
April 8-11, 2013

1 Agenda Huawei Company Background Media solutions overview
Huawei Partnership Ecosystem Success Story Summary

2 Sales Revenue (USD in billions)
Who is Huawei? Huawei Business: Leading global ICT solutions provider Serving 45 of the world's top 50 telecom operators Deployed in over 140 countries, serving 1/3 of the world's population Top contributor to industry standards Huawei USA: Huawei North America regional office established in 2001 13 branch offices and 8 R&D locations Made $6.1B in purchases from U.S. based companies in 2010 Invested $263M in US R&D in 2011 – Shaping generations of new Huawei products, solutions and architecture 1500+ U.S. employees $35B (E) $ 32.4 B $ 28 B $ 21.8 B $18.3 B $12.8 B Continuously creating long-term value for customers 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Sales Revenue (USD in billions)

3 Scalable and Reliable IT Coverage
E9000 Blade Converged Infrastructure X8000 Rack Server Worldwide HVS85T/88T Network CloudEngine12800 X6000 for DC Server E6000 Blade N8000 ManageOne DC Management CloudEngine 5800/6800 4U 4S / 8U 8S RH5885 V2 Storage Dorado5100 RH2485 V2 2U 4S UDS Enterprise RH2285 V2 RH2288 V2 2U 2S Data Center Cloud Datacenter Dorado2100 S6800T Container DC RH1288 V2 1U 2S S5800T ES3000 SSD Card Modular DC S5600T Micro DC SME/Branch S2200T Scalability/Reliability Huawei IT provides data centers, servers, storage, and cloud computing products and solutions, covering the IT infrastructure requirements from enterprises of different sizes, different development stages. Whatever small and medium-sized enterprises, branches of large enterprises, medium and large enterprises or multinational corporations, Huawei has solutions to match your needs, with suitable scalability and reliability. Huawei has deployed more than 260 data centers in the world, and is a leading provider of data center solutions.Micro DC helps enterprise branch offices to make a rapid deployment of an integrated network, computing, storage facilities, accelerate service delivery; the modular DC and containers DC are respective for the construction of the indoor and outdoor data center designed to quickly build and with significant energy efficiency advantages. Huawei's a full range of storage products, covering enterprise SAN, NAS, Unified Storage, critical application storage, application storage acceleration, the innovative UDS cloud storage with a single-cabinet storage capacity of up to 2PB, EP grade scalability, is the only choice of the largest nuclear research center CERN in the field of cloud. A full range of Huawei server products ,rack servers, blade servers, high-density servers, fusioncube, and the high performance SSD storage card, comprehensively cover the mainstream of enterprise computing needs. Huawei has become the largest server manufacturer and the largest internet data center server provider in China, has been successfully serving the largest Internet companies in China (Tencent) and the second-largest search engine (Baidu) in the world, as well as the largest B2C & C2C platform Taobao. Huawei provides integrated desktop integration cloud, server consolidation and fusioncube as cloud computing solutions, further to meet the business needs of simplifying IT infrastructure and reducing management operation and maintenance costs. 华为IT提供数据中心、服务器、存储、云计算等产品和解决方案,覆盖了不同规模企业,和企业发展不同阶段对IT基础架构的需求。 无论是中小企业、大型企业的分支机构,中大型企业,到跨国企业,华为都有匹配你需求,满足不同可扩展性和可靠性需求的解决方案。 华为在全球以及部署了超过260多个数据中心,是领先的数据中心解决方案提供商。针对不同规模企业数据中心建设的而需求,华为提供全系列的DC解决方案。微型数据中心帮助企业分支机构快速部署一体化的网络、计算、存储设施,加速业务交付;模块化DC和集装箱DC分别针对室内和室外数据中心建设的需求,快速构建并支持一体化的安装部署,且具备明显的能效优势。 华为全系列的存储产品,覆盖企业SAN、NAS、统一存储,关键应用存储,应用存储加速等存储应用需求,创新的UDS云存储单柜存储容量高达2PB,具备EP级扩展能力,是全球最大的核子研究中心CERN在云存储领域的唯一选择。 华为服务器全系列产品从机架服务器、刀片服务器、高密服务器,应用一体机到SSD高性能存储卡,全面覆盖企业计算领域的主流需求。华为已经是中国出货量最大的服务器厂商和互联网数据中心最大的服务器提供商,已经成功服务于中国最大的互联网公司(腾讯)和全球第二大搜索引擎(百度),以及世界上最大的电子商务平台(淘宝)。 华为提供整合集成的桌面云、服务器整合和融合架构一体机等云计算解决方案,进一步满足企业在简化IT架构、降低管理运维成本的需求。

4 All IP-Based Architecture
What's New in 2013 M&E Solutions Turnkey for TV Station High performance for TV Ingesting & Editing 1.5 Layer Storage for MAM All IP-Based Solution for whole TV Station High Performance for Film Post-Production Film post-production Animation Trusted Innovator All IP-Based Architecture Intelligent Storage Platform Intelligent Load balancing Intelligent migration Data-service oriented Easy management Global name space ,overall share, partly exclusive Accelerate Performance Dynamic Storage Tiering Leverage Flat Networking Subtle QoS of storage Subtle QoS of network CSS (Cluster Switch System) CE12800 CE6800 /5800 High Capacity N9000 Nodes Huawei N9000 (Scale-out NAS) High Throughput N9000 Nodes High Density Storage High Density JBOD High Density Storage Up to 3PB per rack 4U up to 75*4TB capacity Energy-saving up to 80 %

5 Keep Open, Grow Together
Huawei ICT infrastructure ISV SI Be With Huawei Joining with local partners, convenient service to achieve a win-win Be With Huawei Huawei Network Huawei Server Huawei Power + Huawei Storage Cooperating with M&E application providers to provide a reliable, comprehensive solution + Focus on development and optimization of ICT infrastructure based on M&E needs 专注面向媒体行业需求的IT基础架构研究与优化 深度联合行业应用提供商,提供可信赖的完备方案 协同本地伙伴,便捷化的服务,实现共赢

6 Success Story — Phoenix TV
Phoenix Television (SEHK: 2008) is a Hong Kong-based Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese (Yue Chinese) television broadcaster that serves the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong along with other markets with substantial Chinese viewers. Leading new media company providing premium content on an integrated platform across Internet, mobile and TV channels in China. Phoenix TV Customer requirement Why Huawei Needs high bandwidth Phoenix TV expects zero-failure Support simultaneous post-production editing, document archiving, and data retrieving. Deploying 4 sets of Huawei N8500 storage(Beijing ,Hong Kong ,Taipei, UK), implemented data replication, improved reliability Deploying 2 NAS engines and 160TB available capacity for each N8500 1GB/s throughput per N8500 The predominant state television broadcaster in China. CCTV has a network of 22 channels broadcasting different programs and is accessible to more than one billion viewers. More cases

7 Creating value for customers
Huawei Global Media Cases IMG, Pinewood, Disney Pepper, Rainpost, Phoenix --UK Altimate , NewNet 3D -France Daystrom,MTI -USA Machenzie, UOL, ALOG-Mexico Mediacrop-Singapore Maya Studio, GIL-India SMG-Shanghai Vision2See, WalkStream -Germany Phoenix TV-HongKong CCTV Lesotho TV - Lesotho ERT TV-Greece VGTRK -Russia OCHARE TV –S. Africa Kompas TV,Kreon - Indonesia DTT -Zambia Vietnam TV - Vietnam Phoenix TV- Taipei IMN- Iraq With Huawei Open, Cooperative, Integrated Creating value for customers

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