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Tarrie, Lori, Mallory, Penny, Libby, June

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1 Tarrie, Lori, Mallory, Penny, Libby, June
The Simpsons Tarrie, Lori, Mallory, Penny, Libby, June

2 Origin American animated television series created by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting Company The characters are named after his own family members first debuted on television in ‘The Tracey Ullman Show’ on April 19, 1987

3 Half–hour prime time show premiered on December 17, 1989, titled as ‘Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire’ the show has broadcast 480 episodes and the twenty-second season started airing on September 26, 2010 The Simpsons Movie, a feature-length film, was released in theaters worldwide in 2007, and grossed US$527 million worldwide

4 Setting takes place in the fictional American town, Springfield
the most common city name in America geography and surroundings are flexible

5 Theme satirical parody of a working-class American lifestyle
Springfield acts as a complete universe explore the issues of modern society ex: environment, education, entertainment industry

6 appreciation for liberal ideals
portray authority figures in negative light government and large corporations are callous entities that take advantage of common workers

7 Homer Jay Simpson Identity: A big oaf of a father
Characteristics: crude, incompetent, clumsy, lazy, ignorant, but essentially decent man and fiercely devoted to his family Age: 36-39 Occupation: Safety Inspector at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Hobbies: Watching TV, drinking beer, eating... Catchphrases: D'oh!(annoyed grunt), Mmm...(tempted by something, mostly food), Woohoo!(exciting hail)

8 Marge Simpson Identity: Nagging housewife and mother
Characteristics: nagging, well-meaning and extremely patient, stereotypical television mother, and webbed toes Age: 34 Occupation: Housewife/homemaker Hobbies: Knitting, looming Catchphrases: Hmm…….

9 Bartholomew Jo-Jo Simpson (Bart)
Identity: the troublemaker of the Simpsons Characteristics: mischievousness, rebelliousness and disrespect for authority Age: 10 Catchphrases: Aye Carumba, I didn't do it!, and Don’t have a cow, man! Eat my shorts Hobbies: Causing trouble (eg making prank calls to Moes Tavern), Watching TV, skateboarding.

10 Lisa Marie Simpson Identity: the smart middle child, the moral center of the show Characteristics: intelligent(IQ159), witty, self-righteous, spiritual to peaceful way Age: 8 Hobbies: Playing saxophone, advanced studies. Fears: Getting anything below an A in school Catchphrases: "If anyone wants me I'll be in my room."

11 Margaret Simpson (Maggie)
Identity: baby escapee Characteristics: keep sucking her pacifier, watching and copying TV Age: 1 First word: "Daddy" Catchphrases: Sucking her pacifier High Intelligence for a baby: she can spell EMCSQU (E=MC²) on her blocks, write her name on an Etch-a-sketch, and drive a car

12 Abraham “Grampa” Simpson
Identity: father of Homer Characteristics: complaining, finds fault with everything and tells go-nowhere stories Age: Over 80 Occupation: Retired Residence: Springfield Retirement Castle

13 Ned Flanders Identity: Homer's "perfect" neighbour, regular church-goer Age: 60 Occupation: Owner of "The Leftorium" at Springfield Mall Catchphrases: "Hidilly-ho!" and "Okilly-dokilly". Best friends: God, Homer (for a while). Enemies: Homer (most of the time)

14 Opening Credits



























41 Achievements & Awards the greatest television show of the 1990s
1998 Time magazine named The Simpsons the century's best television series, and Bart Simpson was included in the list of the century's 100 most influential people, the only fictional character on the list. 2000 awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Greatest Kids’ TV Shows & Homer the top of 100 Greatest TV Characters Greatest Cartoons 2007 the longest-running American primetime, scripted television series &TIME's 100 Best TV Shows of All Time 2008 Empire The Greatest TV Show of All Time 2009 recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's longest running sitcom 27 Primetime Emmy Awards, 27 Annie Awards, and a Peabody Award

42 Big Foot

43 Big Foot Description North America Hairy, ape-like creature
One of the mysterious folklore in the U.S. Description Hairy, ape-like creature 6-10 feet( cm) 500pounds(230kg) North America

44 Patterson Gimlin film(1967)
October 20, 1967 Bluff Creek, California Roger Patterson & Robert Gimlin Hoax?

45 Jacob’s Photos(2007) Date: September 16, 2007
Location: Northwest Pennsylvania Camera: Bushnell trail camera (automatic) placed by R. Jacobs. (for deers)

46 The craze of Big Foot The movie, Harry and the Hendersons (1987) Hoax

47 Recreational vehicle (RV)







54 Plastic problem






60 * American’s credit card debt had reached 962 billion.
* The average U.S. college graduate begins his or her post-college days with more than $2,000 in credit card debt.


62 Discussion 1. What do you think of Big Foot? Is it real or just a folklore? 2. Do you want to have a RV?


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