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2 TV – The T-Box has dual terrestrial FTA tuner that allows you Pause, Rewind and Record upto three live free-to-air TV channels. It also offers you free BigPond exclusive TV channels like BigPond Music. You can do individual once off recordings or series recordings of programs. Electronic Programme guide - When connected to the internet the T-Box will have available a 24 hr by 7 days Program guide of what programs are available via FTA and Foxtel if subscribed. BigPond Movies – The T-Box allows you to purchase download and watch movies. It enables you to not have to leave your house to go down the street to rent your latest DVD to watch. Sports – You can get exclusive free Sport TV channels like Horse racing TVN, AFL, Sports news. Also the AFL Game analyser allows you to see a games highlights like goals, marks and defining moments from AFL games. Foxtel on T-Box - Foxtel on T-Box brings you a selection of 30 great Foxtel channels delivered over the internet. Packages include movies, sports, general entertainment and kids channels. Advantages are that you are on no fixed term contract and that its delivered over IP so you dont need be in a Foxtel cable area. 2 T-BOX FEATURES T-Box presentation, Rohan Lee, 05/09/13

3 My Media allows you to play music, watch videos and view photos on a TV connected to your T-Box Accessing your media files can be done in two ways: 1. USB device – Copy your media files to a compatible USB device, and then plug it into either the front or back USB port on your T-Box. 2. Home network sharing – For more advanced users, your T-Box is also able to access media stored on computers connected to your home network. ( My Media and connecting to Windows 7 computer )My Media and connecting to Windows 7 computer Through My Media you can setup advance settings like. Slideshow photo display duration. Picture display format. Video display format. Subtitles Encoding. Looping slideshow. 3T-Box presentation, Rohan Lee, 05/09/13

4 4FOXTEL ON T-BOX UPDATE What type of USB device can you use ? You can use external portable HDD that are in a NTFS, FAT16 or FAT32 formats. You can format your HDD from going into Settings > T-Box information > USB devices > Format USB device (FAT32). The T-Box uses The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) to discover and share digital media between multimedia devices. Currently the T-Box has the functionality only of a Player to find content on digital media servers (DMS) and provide playback and rendering capabilities T-Box file formats supported. Audio - MP3, MPEG1, MPEG-4.10, WMA9 2.0, PCM, ALAC, FLAC Picture – JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP Video – MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4.10 (H264), MPEG-4.2, DIVX-4, 5, 6, XVID, WMV9 Container formats,.mpg,.ts,.mkv,.avi,.asf,.au,.wav More information around My Media

5 Foxtel on T-Box Foxtel on T-Box is delivered using internet IP streaming technology. With T-Box Foxtel you have four different content packages that you get starting with the Get Started package at $19.50 a month. This includes live Linear channels and Foxtel on demand VOD. Currently customers will not be able to record, pause, rewind Foxtel on T-Box channels but currently these features are being investigated by our team. EligibleEligible T-Box customers with BigPond Cable, Velocity or ADSL2+ or NBN on a fibre connection can choose from a selection of Foxtel packages. Foxtel on T-Box Service is available in selected areas. 5T-Box presentation, Rohan Lee, 05/09/13

6 How does Telstra deliver internet IP channels to the T-Box Telstra uses Adaptive bitrate streaming to deliver IP channels to the T-Box that is based on HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol that is a application protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems). In the past we used video streaming technologies utilized streaming protocol RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol). Which has dedicated streaming rates like 2 Mb that means that to receive a content stream it has to load and buffer enough of the content at a stream rate of 2M. 6T-Box presentation, Rohan Lee, 05/09/13

7 How does Adaptive bitrate streaming work ? Adaptive bitrate streaming works by detecting a user's bandwidth (Network congestion) and T- Box capacity in real time and adjusting the quality of a video stream accordingly. It requires the use of an encoder which can encode a single source video at multiple bit rates (Eg 750k, 1.1M & 2M bs). The T-Box player switches between different stream rates depending on available resources. Why we use Adaptive bitrate streaming is. 1.Very little buffering of streams. 2.Fast start time 3.Good experience for both high-end and low-end broadband connections. On the T-Box we use Microsoft Smooth Streaming implementation that is a IIS Media service extension that enables adaptive streaming. 7FOXTEL ON T-BOX UPDATE

8 SPECIFICATIONS 8 Remote RF remote Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi b/g/n bi band 2.4 / 5GHz module. It also supports "pairing" of Wi-Fi devices (WPS Pairing). The internal Wi-Fi module. Dual DVB-T Tuner Equipped with a dual tuner able to receive Free To Air DVB-T channels. DVB-T validated profiles are as follow: /* VHF band */ Fc = 177500 + K * 7MHz, with K = 0.. 7 /* UHF band */ Fc = 522500 + K * 7MHz, with K = 0.. 42 Chipset Sigma Designs SMP8655 CPU frequency: 500Mhz CPU performance: 500 MIPS RAM memory 256 MB DDR-2 DRAM Flash memory 128 MB Flash NAND Local Storage 25 embedded HDD 500GB capacity T-Box presentation, Rohan Lee, 05/09/13

9 SPECIFICATIONS. 9 Usage temperature Between 0 degrees and +45 degrees Power consumption AS/NZS 6087.2.1:2008 <10 watts in Active Mode and Stand By Mode <1 watt in Deep Sleep Hardware connectors External power plug 12 DC-IN Ethernet 10/100 base t RJ45 HDMI v1.3 Aerial RF antenna input RF antenna output Audio 2 RCA output Optical audio output Min-Din A:V output USB 2.0 (x 2 - front and rear) Dual colour LED (front) Standard accessoriesExternal power supply and cable 220-240VAC Ethernet cable RF adaptor RF cable Mini Din to 6 RCA cable HDMI cable IR Remote Control 2x AAA batteries Quick Start Guide T-Box presentation, Rohan Lee, 05/09/13

10 OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION AVAILABLE TO GET THE MOST OF YOUR T-BOX. - Recording Pre and Post recording time – You can under Settings > Recording Settings add a buffer to the time your records start of finish to ensure you miss nothing. - The quality of your FTA channel reception – Due to Australia switch over from Analog to Digital reception by the end of 2013 may current antenna may not receive signals. For Mt Waverly this is 10 th December 2013 and indicates Older antennas may not be suitable to receive the new digital ABC services. This information be found from the government web site that has a lot of useful information. On the T- Box under Settings > Channel tuning your can tune your TV channels and find out reception information about the channels. The useful information is that your channels should have a SNR above 20 dB and a low BER (Bit Error rate) 10T-Box presentation, Rohan Lee, 05/09/13

11 HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR T-BOX & HELP - To enjoy the full features of your T-Box, you need to register the T-Box online with a active BigPond Movies account and an eligible BigPond Broadband service and be connected to the modem via an Ethernet or WiFi connection. Telstra recommends an Ethernet connection for best experience. Where the use of an Ethernet connection is not possible we recommend the use of a Home Network Extender (Powerline or Ruckus). - To be able to connect a T-Box and sign-up for T-Box Foxtel we do Service Qualification check premises broadband connection must meet minimum requirements. - Way to talk to Telstra about a T-Box is 24x7 Chat that allows you to chat to a consultant online 24x7. Or call using your phone to 1800 004 461. - Having issues with your Telstra services have a look at Telstras Crowd support that allows you talk to other Telstra customers and Telstra employees about questions you have. 11T-Box presentation, Rohan Lee, 05/09/13

12 DEMONSTRATION: - Demonstrate T-Box features. My Recordings. - Series records. - Scheduled Recordings. - Recordings on USB drive. BigPond Videos T-Box Help (911) BigPond Movies. Applications. - YouTube - AFL Game Analyser. Program Guide Settings. - T-Box Information - Internet Connection - Demonstrate how you can create a Slide show and add some music. 12T-Box presentation, Rohan Lee, 05/09/13


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