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Sarthak TV Serial Gallery

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1 Sarthak TV Serial Gallery

2 PARI is not a mere story of the protagonist who struggles for her identity but the play narrates the status of a girl child in today’s male dominated society. The fiction witnesses the struggle of a girl against injustice and social stigma far after the independence of the country. Inhuman torture of the family and society compels PARI and her friend to take steps against all the elements that have made PARI’s life miserable. Entire play goes along with the emotion and sentiment of PARI and every moment of her life is being killed by her family and society brutally. But the journey ends up with a morale, which goes in favor of women empowerment, their independence and their identity.

3 BADHU is taken from a real life story & it is the struggle of a modern girl, who is traditional in beliefs & who is deprived of the most divine experience for a woman - Motherhood. As a compromise she gets married to a widower with three children and tries to fill in the void of another woman in their lives. A radically different story where , the protagonist is not the usual crying, sobbing type, rather is modern, outspoken yet cultured, having a spiritual side, honest & lovable, who faces the challenge of life including parenting issues & adjustment problems with children of three different age groups. The show is more real than archaic, hence viewers will identify more with the characters.

4 To Aganara Tulasi Mu is a story of a girl who fights with society to protect the family of her lover, despite oppositions & misunderstandings. She stays as pure as Tulasi and justifies her name. Tulasi the protagonist deeply loves the Hero Chandan. But Chandan’s marriage is fixed with Lisa. Chandan objects to this marriage and leaves home and struggles hard to be something on his own so that he can marry Tulasi… Finally Chandan marries Tulasi and bring her home. Lisa always wanted to take revenge on Chandan and Tulasi..Lisa gets married to the guy who was after Tulasi since childhood. Finally it is a fight between good vs evil.

5 MAHADEV - Mythological serial, based on lord Mahadev on his love, anger and divine life story.
The show narrates the most famous of these legends, sourced from the Puranas and the work of well known mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik,in an episodic fashion.

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