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Get Your Movie On! Using Film, Video and DVD resources to teach Social Learning. Heather Knox, LISW Social Learning Albuquerque

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1 Get Your Movie On! Using Film, Video and DVD resources to teach Social Learning. Heather Knox, LISW Social Learning Albuquerque

2 Good Morning! Who am I and Who are you? School Social worker for 15+ years Private Practitioner for 10ish years. Lots of experience working with kids on the Autism Spectrum both in schools and in Private Practice…

3 Social Story for Today Today we are going to learn about using movies, TV shows, video social stories and videotaping to help our clients with Autism. To do this, Ms. Knox is going to show us lots of movie clips! Yay! Ms. Knox only has 1 DVD drive. She will have to change disks frequently. When she does this, we might be bored. That is OK. We can use that time to daydream, take a mental break, think of our question, or make a lesson plan. When we are all patient, we can get to the movie fun faster and feel better! Ms. Knox and our seatmates appreciate us using our skills to handle a boring moment.

4 Assumptions You are familiar with DSM IV characteristics of Autism. You have students/clients with Autism youve worked with. You have some way to show a movie! (Computer, projector, DVD player, etc.)

5 Evidence Based Practices Visual channel is the most effective SLOW it down Repetition, Repetition, Repetition It needs to be FUN!

6 Overview Part I: Watch and Learn. Using TV shows and Movies. Part II: Use your Tools! Commercially available resources-Social Stories, etc. Part III: Be a Director/Producer--Make your own Movies!

7 I. Watch and Learn Using Movies & TV shows Why do it? Its FUN! A social event to teach social skills? Hard area– fun makes it easier. Teaching social skills is hard, make it fun for YOU too. Freeze Frame Instant Replay.

8 Using TV shows Easier because they are shorter.. Big Bang Theory is a favorite. Thomas the Tank Engine Sesame Street (videos on website too) Others??

9 Big Bang Theory The Friendship Algorithm 7J3f6E 7J3f6E Who doesnt love Sheldon? Make a tough subject more FUN.. Exaggerated problems help make things visible…

10 Movies! Meet the Robinsons Cars Harry Potter Movies Temple Grandin Others?

11 Other Educational TED talks – On Autism– Temple Grandin YouTube videos

12 How to Use it Carefully Select the scene Perhaps a scene related to a present challenge Things that go well…. And that dont. Choose a section with a message you want conveyed (my favorite…)

13 Deconstructing… Pause to see.. What is his face saying? What is s/he thinking? What do they think will happen next? What will happen next? Who knows what? (tracking perspective) Self talkwhat is it? Will it help? Actions/Reactions… Cause and Effect

14 Its Okay… To use movies theyve seen. In fact, its better! No distraction what happens next… how will it end? To use the same clip for 2 different lessons. To use the same clip for a few weeks, to look at things deeply.

15 Tips Watch to get the time scene and time stamp. Write it down! Make sure its clean or you know what to skip! Lend the movie to the teacher or parent (if possible) so it can be watched again. Put a Post-it with time stamp in the DVD case. Write # of episodes on DVD itself, along with content flags Friendship algorithm..

16 II. Be the CuratorUsing Available materials My School Day- Elementary school. School Rules-Various scenes of a school dayfor Middle and High school students. Model Me Kids. Playtime with Zeebu.

17 Advantages: Can be done in therapy, and then watched again and again in class Can be lent to teacher or parent (carefully) Even if you are sick, tired, overworked, the quality is the same Oh, and…. Kids enjoy it! Its a video game! VISUAL!!!

18 My School Day Useful for Elementary Age students Various levels from very easy (whats wrong with this picture) to harder (inferencing..) ls/school_day_demo/video_player.html ls/school_day_demo/video_player.html

19 School Rules Middle and High School For many different levels of students Scenes from Middle and High school, can discuss answers they give, really check their perception of things…

20 Model Me Kids Younger & Lower functioning students Many videos: videos.html videos.html Time for School Time for a Playdate I Can Do It! MM Conversation Cues MM Friendship MM Tips & Tricks MM Confidence & Bullying Prevention MM Organization & Motivation MM Faces & Emotions MM Going Places Software: Practicing Conversation

21 Playtime With Zeebu For lower functioning or younger students. Very simple, singing and rhyming. Topics: sharing, taking turns, playing together, calming oneself to solve a problem, asking for help, looking at each other, being near each other, others have different thoughts than we do. Has a book of companion worksheets.

22 You are a Social Detective Computer game from the school of Social Thinking Uses many of the same vignettes from My School Day. Fun! A great review, opportunity to check the understanding of higher functioning kids.

23 III Be the Director! Make your own Movies

24 Informal: Videotape a conversation Videotape an activity Deconstructwhat worked? What didnt? Where are your eyes? What does you body say?

25 More Formal: Script/Action! Control the subject matter/ lesson Practice working in front of a camera Perspective! What will THEY see? Think about the audience. Practice planning, working together, articulating. OWN the lesson! Pride in work! Recording and repeating a positive experience.

26 DIY Ideas Read or watch a social storynow do it with your own personal characters. What would you need to teach a new student coming to your school? What do you think other people your age need to know? Have a favorite student model a behavior for others.

27 Important: Get permission to videotape. Be clear about where it will/wont be shown, when and how it will be deleted. Get permission to show movies (if its rated higher than G.)

28 Other Resources: Movie Time Social Learning Various Levels of Social Thinkers Different lessons for each level Preselected clips and lesson plans

29 Contact Me Training, Supervision, Consultation, Social Learning Groups and individual sessions. Heather Knox, LISW 505 362 0942

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