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CONFIDENTIAL – embargo date 10/11/12

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1 CONFIDENTIAL – embargo date 10/11/12
Introducing Brightsign XD CONFIDENTIAL – embargo date 10/11/12

2 BrightSign corporate overview
Founded in Silicon Valley, 2002 BrightSign is the #1 market leader in digital signage media players 2011 & 2012 “World Market for Digital Signage” research studies by IMS Research Jeff Hastings, CEO Founded in 2002 by Anthony Wood, the inventor of the digital video recorder (DVR) and Roku Privately held company located in Los Gatos, CA United Kingdom & Ukraine: R&D France: Sales for Europe, MEA, Asia/Pacific, Australia Sales Channels: Field sales, VAR/Distributor channels, online

3 BrightSign XD PC-class performance. Dynamic results without difficulty. Signature reliability and ease of use combined with state-of-the-art technology and features: Powerful Video Engine Live HDTV HTML5 Touch & “Swipe” Interactivity

4 BrightSign XD Features
Powerful Video Engine All XD models feature an advanced video decoding engine with superior scaling technology that delivers pristine 1080p60 video and supports 3D content. The video engine is capable of decoding two 1080p60 videos or several lower-resolution videos simultaneously. Live HDTV The BrightSign XD1230 model can play Live HDTV using an ATSC/Clear QAM tuner or HDMI input. The ATSC tuner can play cable TV or closed circuit TV broadcasts. The HDMI Input plays any broadcast content – even protected HDCP content. HTML5 With HTML5 support in all BrightSign XD models, web designers can easily build engaging content using familiar development tools they know well. Touch & Swipe BrightSign’s usual touch screen interactivity is enhanced with the popular “swipe” gesture control.

5 RSS/Social Media Feeds
BrightSign Features Sophisticated capabilities. Infinite possibilities. Zones UDP Control Geo-Fencing Video Walls IP Streaming Live Text Interactivity RSS/Social Media Feeds Networking Live TV Touch/Swipe HTML5 Powerful Video Engine

6 BrightSign XD Models Exceptional performance. Engaging sophistication.
XD230 Networked Player Powerful video engine capable of dual Full HD 1080p60 decode and simultaneous content playback from local, networked and streaming sources. Abundant content support including HTML5 and 3D content. And UDP network control for messaging between BrightSign and third-party devices. XD1030 Networked Interactive Player All the features of the XD230 plus S/PDIF output for pure digital and surround sound audio, and a diverse range of interactive controls such as GPIO, serial, USB, UDP and mobile devices for engaging interactive displays. XD1230 Networked Interactive Player with Live HDTV Includes all the features BrightSign offers plus Live video playback, to play content from any broadcast channel (even HDCP-protected content) via the HDMI input or the ATSC/Clear QAM tuner.

7 BrightSign solutions Models are purpose-built for specific applications. Customers pay for only the features they need.

8 BrightSign XD summary PC-class performance. Dynamic results without difficulty. Solid-state player with PC-class features Signature reliability and ease-of-use Affordable models range from $450 - $700 Powerful video engine & features previously only available on a PC Dual, Full HD 1080p60 decode Live HDTV HTML5 support “Swipe” gesture interactivity

9 Thank You! Press contacts:
John Snedigar, Faultline Communications, , Ann Holland, Director of Marketing, ,

10 BrightSign XD Features
Superior video. Infinite possibilities. Powerful Video Engine Uncompromised decoding, capable of playing two 1080p60 videos or several lower- resolution videos simultaneously Superior scaling technology delivering pristine 1080p60 video for any screen or zone size Simultaneous playback of content from local, streaming and live content sources Accelerated JPEG decompression for instant image display and professional quality transitions Infinite Display Possibilities Abundant content support – Full HD videos, images, audio, HTML5, Live HDTV, streaming content, 3D content and Live Text HTML5 support to create engaging content using well-known development tools Exceptional video walls Zones feature to multiply your content playback on a single screen Video and audio playlists run independently from a single player

11 BrightSign XD Features Cont.
Exceptionally dynamic. Effortlessly reliable. Exceptionally Dynamic Capabilities Interactive controls including touch/swipe, GPIO, USB, serial, UDP, mobile devices and more HDMI In to play Live HDTV broadcasts, even protected HDCP content ATSC / Clear QAM tuner to play any cable TV or closed circuit TV broadcast Live Text integration to update content dynamically without republishing Stream all types of media from video and audio to real-time RSS social media feeds including Twitter and Flickr Reliable and Easy to Use Locking power connector to avoid accidental power-down Internal micro SD card slot for secure content storage and playback Built-in networking to manage, update and measure your signage remotely Low power consumption means low heat emissions and low operating costs

12 BrightSign XD Model Views



15 BrightSign Accessories
Easily expand BrightSign functionality. Button Panels (BP200 / BP900) Add interactivity with this thin, USB connected board design offering 4 or 11 capacitive touch buttons with embedded LEDs Easily programmed using BrightAuthor Compatible with HD1020, XD1030, XD1230 models Wireless Module Easily implement wireless functions with this embedded Wi-Fi module Supports a/b/g/n protocols Compatible with XD230, XD1030, XD1230 models SDHC Class 4 Cards Delivers reliable and quality performance on BrightSign HD120, XD220, XD1020 models Capacities offered: 4GB, 8GB & 16GB SDHC and MicroSD Class 10 Cards Delivers reliable and quality performance on BrightSign XD230, XD1030, XD1230 models Capacities offered for each: 8GB, 16GB & 32GB

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