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She sells seashells at the shellshop. My baby tongue twister: sh[]s[ s ] : :

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2 She sells seashells at the shellshop. My baby tongue twister: sh[]s[ s ] : :

3 Do you often watch TV? What do you do in your spare time ? What kind of programmers do you like best ? Do you think it is good or bad to watch TV? Do you think we should watch more TV ? If there were no TV, what would you do ? Questions : EXT

4 Children and Television Television is one of the newest kinds of entertainment, and it has great influence on children. Some people feel that television has had a good influence on children because it offers educational programs for them. One of the best and most popular programs is Sesame Street. Children in fifty countries now watch this program. One study shows that Sesame Street helps children do better in school. influence EXT

5 Other people feel that television is bad for children. They feel that there are too many programs about crime and violence, and that even educational programs do not help a childs education. Children simply watch too much television, and therefore they do not do a lot of other things that are important for their education. Preschool children need to learn to speak their language and communicate with people. When they are watching television they are only listening to the language, and they are not communicating with anyone. When elementary school children watch television, they read a lot less. Because of this, they do not learn to read and write as quickly at school. communicate EXT

6 Recently, fifteen families in an America city decide to stop watching television for a month or more. At first it was difficult, but there were a lot of good results. The children read, played, and exercised more, and the families became closer. But at the end of the experiment, all the families began to watch television just as much as before. Not one family was able to give up television completely. end decide EXT

7 Choose the best answer: 1.Television has ___ on children. A. only good influences B. only bad influences C. both good and bad influences 2. If the children watch less TV, they will probably ___. A. not communicate with anyone B. read, play, and exercise more C. give up television completely 3. Preschool children need to ___. A. learn to communicate with other people B. watch more TV to learn their language C. stop watching TV at home C B A EXT

8 4. One experiment shows that ____. A. it was easy to stop watching TV B. families became closer without TV C. some families are able to give up TV completely 5. Which of the following is not true according to the passage? _____ A.TV is one of the newest kinds of entertainment B.TV offers educational programs for children C. TV has very little influence on children B C EXT

9 have a …… influence on sb/sth eg: pollution has a great influence on our life. Television has a bad influence on children. Influence n.,,, ( ), ( ) vt., EXT

10 communicate with …… eg: parents should often communicate with their children. Its dangerous to communicate with strangers. communicate v.,, ( ),, EXT

11 decide to do sth eg: I decide to find a part-time job in my summer holiday. They have decided to give up smoking decide v., EXT

12 end V. the meeting will end at five oclock N. 1. at the end of ……: … … 2. by the end of …… … 3. in the end = at last = finally 4. on end end n.,,,,,,, v.,, EXT

13 one of + n(s)/adj. eg: He is one of the most excellent teachers in our school. LuXun is one of the greatest writers in China Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. EXT

14 too much too many much too many too. eg: 1.Dont spend ___ money on that project. 2.we have to read ___ English novels to improve our reading ability. 3.Oh. Darling. you are ___ fat. you should lose your weight A. too many B. too much C. many too D. much too A B D EXT 1. too much + n. :,. 2. too many + n :,. 3. much too + adj/ adv:,

15 3. because. because of. eg: He cant continue his work ___ his illness. He cant continue his work ___ he is ill. He still worked there ___ his illness He still worked there ___ he was ill. A. in spite of B. though C. because D. because of A B C D EXT 1. because + 2. though + 3. because of 4. in spite of

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