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All About Bruce Lansky.

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1 All About Bruce Lansky

2 You ALL about Bruce Lansky
Hello! I am going to tell You ALL about Bruce Lansky Bruce Lansky Bruce Lansky Bruce Lansky Bruce Lansky Bruce Lansky

3 STORY TIME!! Well, this story is about how Bruce Lansky came to be a poet. Bruce's mother was a librarian and LOVED poetry! She would always read poems to him . After awhile he decided he wanted to write poems . The year he started writing poems was 1991.

4 Second, Bruce Lansky is a kid poet. He usually writes very funny poems!!

He was born on June 1st 1941 His age is about 71!! He was born in New York and now lives in Minnesota He has a wife named Vicki and 2 kids named Douglas and Dana Went to collage in St.Jonhs in Annapolis, Maryland Broke his ankle trying out for lacrosse He also wrote the book Baby Names. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO FUN FACTS!! 

6 Bruce Lanskys Favorite poem!
Turn Off the TV! By Bruce Lansky b Bruce Lansky My father gets quite mad at me; my mother gets upset— when they catch me watching our new television set. My father yells, “Turn that thing off!” Mom says, “It’s time to study.” I’d rather watch my favorite TV show with my best buddy. I sneak down after homework and turn the set on low. But when she sees me watching it, my mother yells out, “No!”

7 Birthday Advice Today on your birthday I think you should know— you’re getting too old now to suck on your toe. And when you get hungry I hope you won’t spread the jam that you find between your toes on your bread. Do not shine your shoes with the wax from your ear. Don’t shampoo your hair with your dad’s favorite beer.

8 Thank you so much for listening, I hope you learned all about Bruce Lansky!!

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