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Spit it out.

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1 Spit it out

2 To call ‘Spit It Out’ an agony talk show would be a terrible injustice
To call ‘Spit It Out’ an agony talk show would be a terrible injustice. ‘Spit it Out’ is an outstanding beacon of hope, restoration and repair in a society that has been ravaged mercilessly by issues such as incest, gender based violence, adultery and many other vices that have decayed the morality of our peoples and have grossly overburdened them to an extent that they are weary and fatigued, with hearts heavily laden with unspoken grievances much too sensitive and taboo to mention in this guarded society. Spit it Out is the visionary platform on which these taboos are broken down into palatable material, engaging the viewer to glimpse their own lives through the aspect ratio of another and thus evaluate their standing in society, with their lovers, spouses, etc. ‘Spit it Out’ preaches reconciliation, celebrates love and seeks to bring true and complete healing to the most important element of the human constitution, i.e. the soul. Meet our counselors:-

3 Mrs. Judy Mwila About Her: She runs an organization called Families and Nations which was set up to strengthen family ties through counseling and economic and legal aid. She emphasizes that we all have the potential to be better but at the same she calls a spade a spade.

4 Evangelist Shabula About Him: An evangelist, a school owner and a fearless speaker! That would briefly describe Evangelist Shabula. He does not shy away from lambasting erring husbands or wives. He balances his counsel between tradition and Christianity in such a way as to preserve both of them.

5 Meet Mrs. Mubiana About her: A lecturer at the University of Zambia. Mrs. Mubiana believes in the sanctity of marriage and believes that communication and reconciliation are the answers to any dispute in the home.

6 Amai Phiri About her: She runs a community school because she believes that education is the key to success and in her case, her motto is: “Educate the girl child to develop the nation”. She is well known as a marriage counselor, ‘Alangizi’, and unlike most traditionalists who believe that the women must submit to their husbands, she advocates for mutual respect and an active role of the wife in the building of the home. She tool is never shy to call a spade a spade.

7 More About Spit it Out Partner with Reverend……, Amai Phiri and our veteran presenter Mrs. Mutolo Mwamba Ngenda, who serves as a moderator on this red- hot furnace as we refine matters that for a long time have been shrouded under veils of mystery and secrecy. We retrace our heritage seeking guidance from those that have gone before us, our elders, and on this insaka, we bare our hearts and souls letting them bleed out, that healing may begin and with it, renewed hope, purpose and vitality!

8 The package Our proposal is that the agreement should run for a period of not less than three months, i.e. one quarter. The programme will run on both Muvi TV and Africa Unite TV every Wednesday’s at 22:15 and will be repeated at 07:00hrs on Sunday’s. Your organisation will be given the exclusive right to the opening and closing banner of the programme, a spot advert during the break, and brand visibility throughout the programme. Additionally, the presenter will also be required to mention your organisation as the sponsor at regular intervals. As a package deal, this will cost K30, 000, which will translate to K34, 800, after vat.

9 Your Benefits By advertising on Muvi Television, your organisation will essentially be associating itself with Muvi Television, a world wide recognised brand highly acclaimed and recognised for it’s innovation, boldness and pioneering strides in ushering the Zambian nation into a completely evolved and enriched digital experience. ‘Spit It Out’ gives you a platform on which to market your goods to a large and diverse audience at a very affordable and very flexible payment plan. It allows you to communicate to a vast audience in a short space of time. Out of the 2, 635, 000 households in the country, 29% have at least one television set. This translates to about 764, 150 holds. Out of these households we have the entire population of Lusaka able to access our station on terrestrial signal which translates to about 350, 000 households. On digital i.e., viewers who subscribe via a Muvi Tv smart card through out the world, we have 50, ooo active subscribers. As further proof that our station is highly interactive and prompts reactions from people across the country, we have over 540, 000 phones that sms us and we receive an average of about 60, 000 sms'es every day. We also have a huge facebook following of over 39, 000 people from people all over the world and every topic we post on ‘Spit it Out’ receives at least 300 hits in the first hour of being posted.

10 Guarantee Of Results Familiarity brings about trust. By establishing yourselves and creating your brand, you have already crossed a major milestone. The second and greater challenge though, is to firmly establish a relationship of trust and reliance with your target market; in this case our viewership which extends over an extended area and cuts across all socio economic groups throughout the entire country and spills over into the rest of Africa and beyond. You are thus assured that your communication is reaching every person in every socio-economic class across the board, beyond the borders and to every destination you wish your message to reach.

11 The End

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