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Reality (Trash TV) By: Andrea Miller, Whitney Matt & Kim Gebken Comm 121 Gournelos.

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1 Reality (Trash TV) By: Andrea Miller, Whitney Matt & Kim Gebken Comm 121 Gournelos

2 THESIS Reality TV is presented as "trash TV" through the amateur appearance and content that it displays. This presentation allows Reality TV shows to display transgressive behaviors through cast exploitation, controversial issues and playing into negative stereotypes.

3 Detailed Analysis of Reality TV Industry What is Reality TV? – Reality TV is staged television programs about real people and situations, designed to be entertaining rather than informative. (Dictionary) – Reality TV is a genre of television that claims to present unscripted dramatic or humorous situations for its viewers entertainment, with ordinary everyday people, instead of actors. Although this genre has somewhat existed since the beginning of television, primarily game shows, the term reality television is most commonly known for the TV programs introduced throughout the 20th century.

4 American Idol Although American Idol has had some very talented winners that ended up being very successful, not many people watch for them. Instead a lot of people watch the untalented to get a good laugh. – EXAMPLE: (William Hung audition)

5 What Makes Reality TV? Documentaries and nonfictional programming such as the news and sports are not usually classified as reality TV. Participants are often placed in exotic locations or abnormal situations and are sometimes coached, to act in certain scripted ways by off-screen "story editors" or "segment producers," with the portrayal of events and speech manipulated and contrived to create an illusion of reality through editing and other post- production techniques. (Source: Television and Politics of Humiliation-1st column) Shows that constitute humiliation TV have been classified by programmers and critics alike as reality-based television. But there is nothing real about them, if by real we mean programs designed to show ordinary people in the process of every-day life.

6 Content Analysis Different types of Reality shows – Competition The Apprentice – Competition show between 16 businessmen and women in a battle to win $250,000 with real estate mogul Donald Trump, whose weekly task has to tell a contestant, "You're Fired." (SOURCE: Television and The Politics of Humiliation-1st page 2nd column (FOX) American Idol, Survivor, So You Think You Can Dance? (MTV) I Want To Work For Diddy, The Hills (VH1) Tool Academy 1 & 2, The Love of Ray Jay ect.. – Dating shows (Cast members audition for show for a chance to be with a certain person) (VH1) Real Chance of Love, Flavor of Love – (MTV) NEXT, Date My Mom, Parental Control (NOT SURE WHAT CHANNEL) Blind date, Hell Date – Boot Camp shows (VH1) Tough Love, Tool Academy 1 & 2 (DONT KNOW WHAT CHANNEL) Biggest Loser (MTV) Made

7 What does this mean about Reality TV? In conclusion, Reality TV puts itself out there to be trashy TV because people will watch it. Reality TV has so many viewers that it wont be going anywhere anytime soon.

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