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History of Television A Pictorial Story.

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1 History of Television A Pictorial Story

2 In the beginning…there was radio!
Before there was TV…there was just radio. Very different than today’s radio Mostly entire shows…like a TV show Entertainment for most people Family affair

3 Philo Farnsworth Considered the inventor of TV Farmer/inventor
He is credited with using a tube that scanned electrons which made of millions of dots which in turned made a picture.

4 Amber Wingo Kelby Nichols PM class
History of TV 1940’s and 1950’s 1940’s & 1950’s Amber Wingo Kelby Nichols PM class Amber Wingo and Kelby Nichols PM


6 In Its Infancy The first telecast was introduced at the 1939 World’s Fair. It was a speech by Franklin D. Roosevelt. The first live TV show with an audience was Truth or Consequences, which aired on NBC TV in 1941.

7 The first TVs were black & white
Only 15 hrs/week of shows News was read from a script

8 1 Almost stopped during WWII,
While TV did not begin in Almost stopped during WWII, but became very popular after war because people had money!

9 TVs of 40’s and 50’s

10 New TV Equipment and $$$$$
This is the First Color TV. It was $895 dollars which is over $7,000 today's money

11 TV really took off in the 1950’s
Still only 4 to 5 channels to watch Programming in afternoon & evenings 1st color TV came out in 1954 TV shows represented the culture

12 First main character that was a woman
Toilet, and first lady First show that ever showed a toilet on TV First cartoon series that appealed to adults and children First main character that was a woman

13 TV programs

14 Laws in the 1940’s & 1950’s FCC created in 1934
(Federal Communications Commission) There was a need for regulation. Stations now had to have a license to operate. Set the laws for all media. Still in operation today. . FCC assigned TV stations.

15 The Decked out 60’s.

16 Freedom Of Information Act
Like all federal agencies, the Department of Justice (DOJ) generally is required under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to disclose records requested in writing by any person. However, agencies may withhold information pursuant to nine exemptions and three exclusions contained in the statute.

17 New Technology Computer Mouse CCD’s Internet Optical Disk (now compact disk CD/DVD) Tape cassette Weather Satellite Color TV


19 Vietnam Changes Us! America goes to war…Vietnam
1st time to see a war TV America watched it live…and some soldiers were their family!

20 Firsts of The Sixties First Satellite Live TV Transmission
The Edge of Night became TV’s First 30 minute soap opera First Audio Cassette Invention of the Videodisc First form of internet VCR invented Neil Armstrong becomes first man to walk on the moon

21 Popular Programs in the 60’s
The Andy Griffith Show Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color Lassie Candid Camera Bewitched The Beverley Hillbillies Batman

22 Welcome to Television in the

23 FCC Imposes Heavy Regulations!
Lots and lots of laws Limits how many stations a company can own Imposed fines for improper language

24 July 3, 1978 FCC v Pacifica (FCC v George Carlin)
Supreme Court rules 5-4 (Stevens, Burger, Rehnquist, Blackmun, Powell ) in favor of FCC. Dissenting justices: Brennan, Stewart, White and Marshall. Court basically says "S**t, piss, f**k, c**t, c**ksucker, motherf**ker and tits" are "indecent," and the FCC can ban them from radio & TV during hours when children might hear them. (7 Dirty Words)

25 Technology of the 70s 1970 The floppy disk was invented. 1971 The LCD display screen was invented. 1972 Word processor invented The first video game “Pong” was played. 1979 Cell phones & Walkman invented

26 Want to Buy a TV? Televisions in the 1970s had a variety of price ranges, and the more expensive ones were in color. Black and White Tabletop range: $65-$154 Black and White Console range: $230-$260 Color Tabletop: $260-$590 Color Console: $360-$850 Still want to buy a TV???

27 Television Firsts in the 1970s
1975- Home Box Office, or HBO, the first commercial cable network, is transmitted by Time, inc. 1974- Western Union launches the first communications satellite, Westar. 1978- Satellite distribution for television begins. 1977- More than 75% of TV equipped homes are able to receive color TV.

28 The Video Camera

29 Cameras Most Cameras were priced around $20k - $55k

30 Television Zenith, 25“ color $599
1970 TV Sets Television Zenith, 25“ color $599

31 1971 – 1st VCR War between VHS & Beta Consumers didn’t like Beta so VHS won. The professional world went on to use Beta for years…still being used. It is the better tape format.

32 TV Shows In the 70s, Billy Crystal was the 1st person to play a major character who was gay, named Jody Dallas. Brady Bunch introduced 3 words: “Oh, my nose!” All in the Family aired the 1st flushing toilet, & woman nearly raped.

33 ESPN Debuts in 1979 ESPN reached 57 million households, making it the most successful basic cable channel show. (World Cup) (Legendary News Anchor Auditions for SportsCenter. )

34 MTV Changes Television
Pushed the envelope Changed types of shots Originally…just about the music

35 The show Happy Days recovered from mediocre ratings after its debut on January 15, 1974 and became one of the most popular programs of the late 1970s. And it survived until mid an astonishing ten and a half years. In 1980, the Smithsonian Museum of American History honored the series' role in America's popular-culture history by putting one of the Fonz's leather jackets on display. "Happy Days" was set in the 1950s in Milwaukee, the heart of middle-class America, and told the story of the Cunningham family.

36 Game Shows Wheel of Fortune- hosted by Chuck Wollary and Susan Stafford. Family Feud debut hosted by Richard Dawson. Hollywood Squares came out. Jeopardy!- Art Fleming was the host, the game had some differences form today’s game. Make Me Laugh- Comedians take turns trying to make contestants laugh. The Newlywed Game- very popular. The Price is Right- with Bob Barker in 1972.

37 Commercials 1970 featured Coca-Cola’s “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” Coca-Cola goes on to sell millions of records of the non-commercial version of the popular jingle. (Levi’s) (Doritos) (Pepsi)

38 Recognize these? Surprisingly they were around back in the 70’s.
Here are a few commercials advertising McDonalds, the delicious Kool-aid, and the fun family game Trouble.

39 Banned Commercial Dodge Charger 500 made a commercial to advertise their product, but the commercial was banned for being to provocative.

40 January 2, 1970 Congress bans all cigarettes advertising on TV & Radio Stations. The broadcast business lost over $220 Millions in advertising.

41 News Networks: Then & Now

42 Created By: Liza Fonseca
Animations By: Michael Arthurs Music By: The atles Edited By: Mercedees Roberts

43 80’s TV History

44 Cable TV Launched in late 70’s but really took off in the 80’s.
In the beginning…designed to rebroadcast networks for people that couldn’t get good reception. Early 80’s MTV, ESPN and CNN changed TV as we know it today.

45 VCRs The VCR market exploded Movie Rental companies start
Film industry afraid people would stop going to the movies

46 Type of Equipment Tabletop TV – $500 Betamax – $2495

47 First camcorders Camcorders took the world by storm in the 1980s
Before the camcorder… the VCR and camera were 2 separate pieces

48 More New Technology 1st HDTV Handheld Cameras

49 TV Shows of the 80’s Cheers The A-Team

50 Types of Programs Soap Operas Music Videos
Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

51 Cont’d Talk Shows Family Comedies

52 Cont’d Prime Time Dramas Movies on TV

53 80’s TV Laws FCC decides to deregulate TV
Congress and the FCC expanded the number of TV stations Extended TV licenses to 5 years Violence on TV grows as a result of the deregulation

54 Deregulation brought on controversial TV shows
YouTube - Who Shot JR

55 As violence grows on TV…public interest groups form to fight it!
Public demands that television be better regulated, due to much more content being released through cable It won’t be until the mid-nineties when actions are made to warn viewers of graphic and suggestive content in television

56 80’s FIRSTS First BlockBuster Cell phones get smaller
First lingerie commercial with real women CNN first 24 hour TV program

57 New Channels Home Shopping Network begins The FOX network began
CNN was the first channel to offer 24 hour new coverage


59 INVENTIONS: HD broadcasting Kodak’s Photo CDs Digital Cameras

60 The first reality TV show was “The Real World”
Cops (an early form of the reality TV show) aired in the 1990s as well

61 Study shows that children between the ages of 2 -17 watch 3 to 4 hours of television daily.
Over 60 percent of those programs contain some form of violence.

62 FCC thinking of stepping in and regulating TV, again.
School Shootings on TV Columbine Texas Tech YouTube - School Violence In 1996, the TV industry decided to display ratings of the programs V-Chip comes to give parents control. Didn’t really take off. FCC thinking of stepping in and regulating TV, again.

63 Hit Children’s Shows: Barney, Arthur, Sesame Street, Clifford the Big Red Dog YouTube - Sesame Street: Ocean Emotion

64 TV Keeps Pushing the Envelope
1st kiss between 2 Lesbians On “Relativity” (set bar for future) 5 yrs later tons of shows depict homosexuality

65 The Simpsons Sex in the City Fresh Prince Seinfeld

66 What we were watching in the 1990’s

67 New Millennium brings changes to how we watch TV
Digital portable devices changing the way we watch TV DVR becomes popular Advertisers working harder to audience

68 FCC & TV Indecency FCC cracks down after the “Janet Jackson wardrobe” malfunction during Super bowl. CBS fined $550,000 FCC fines other stations for infractions Most networks use 7 second delay for live broadcasts FCC Firm On Super Bowl Indecency Fine - CBS News

69 In groups of 3, answer the remaining questions.
In the year In groups of 3, answer the remaining questions.

70 The internet changes everything!
In groups of 3, answer the remaining questions.

71 Video on demand Streaming Video Download video to ipods
Watch shows on internet Almost all shows incorporate internet into show Public becomes part of the show DVR changes our viewing habits

72 Broadcast News fights to stay alive
Streaming Video Download video to ipods Watch shows on internet Almost all shows incorporate internet into show Public becomes part of the show

73 Advetisers fight to stay alive
DVR comes alive Video on demand changes our TV viewing Advertisers work hard to get us to watch their ads

74 Analog dies…Digital World
HDTV comes alive Production world goes digital…tape is dying VHS dies…Blu Ray takes over Now there is 3-D TV!

75 Just a quick look through history from the TV set.
In groups of 3, answer the remaining questions.

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