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© farncombe consulting group 2009Confidential and Proprietary Interactive TV June 2009

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1 © farncombe consulting group 2009Confidential and Proprietary Interactive TV June 2009

2 2 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Confidential and Proprietary Introduction The presentation is an introduction to interactive TV in Europe and the Farncombe Consulting Group We gratefully acknowledge AFDESI, Tracy Swedlow, Paymedia and Visiware for their participation

3 3 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Confidential and Proprietary Contents 1 FARNCOMBE CONSULTING GROUP OVERVIEW OF iTV Q & A 3 2

4 4 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Confidential and Proprietary Farncombe is an international consulting group specialised in media and telecommunications Who we are Private Equities Telecom operators Broadcasters Regulators/ Industry Groups Content Providers PayTV Operators Our Clients Consulting Commercial & Technical Strategy New Products/Markets Planning M&A, Due-Diligence RFP & Contract Negotiation Content Security Audit Program Management System Architecture & Integration Interaction Design Our Key Projects Our People Broadcasters Telco operators Investor Community Content Providers Regulators/ Industry Groups PayTV Operators We are specialised in the media and telecommunications sectors Our senior team has practical, executive experience in industry

5 5 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Confidential and Proprietary Design agency specialised in user interface design Based in Paris The Farncombe Consulting Group encompasses three distinct yet cooperative units, with offices in London, Basingstoke and Paris - we deliver a global end-to-end offering. How Farncombe is Organised TechnologyCustomer ExperienceBusiness Strategy Implementation & Design Technology & Operational Planning Commercial Strategy & Planning Business & Investment Strategy Business, strategic advice due diligence in the digital media sector Based in London Technology-based strategic advice, and due diligence for digital media companies Offices in the UK and France

6 6 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Confidential and Proprietary By integrating the design and technology elements in its strategy, the operator is ensuring the successful roll out of its products and services. Farncombe Services: Focused Towards Consumers

7 Confidential and Proprietary 7 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Selected Farncombe Customers Broadcasters and Content Providers 18 years of successful operations: 85% of our business generated by recommendations from previous customer. Telecom Companies Industry Groups/ Regulators Investors Technology Suppliers

8 8 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Confidential and Proprietary Although Farncombe Strategy is a new addition to the Farncombe Group portfolio, its management team has deep experience in serving the industry. Farncombe Strategy – Founded on Experience Telecoms & Digital Media Companies Financial Institutions & Private Equities

9 9 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Confidential and Proprietary Contents 1 FARNCOMBE CONSULTING GROUP OVERVIEW OF iTV Q & A 3 2

10 10 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Confidential and Proprietary Interactive TV projects have been launched and deployed worldwide. Some Major Networks with iTV

11 11 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Confidential and Proprietary Applications Must-have iTV services: EPG, Weather, Program info, VoD, Catch-up TV Games and betting is the only money generating application Core business customer care application has made a big difference on Dish and cut calls to the call center (USA satellite network) Banking is too complex and not really worth it nor TV-shopping unless existing return path UI, Design & Branding iPhone builds up expectations User experience is limited by the middleware: different on almost every system worldwide, html at best Flash and the new chipsets will change this (but when?) Users want comfort with the brand moving between platforms Major platform operators are now focusing on user experience design iTV still has to prove it can attract audience and generate revenue Compelling applications that could be monetized are limited by the middleware Shared resources with all new media projects, leave less room for iTV marketing Collecting data is the critical element to see usage by real users HDTV PVR is a main area of focus iTV Today... A reality check ! Challenges

12 12 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Confidential and Proprietary UK has dominated iTV worldwide since the box was subsidized and connected – with a £99 penalty if disconnected Some of the hit applications in the UK have been advertising, betting and games This unique infrastructure has supported these types of applications Advertising too difficult for accountability (real targeted advertising is 5 years away) Many partners have pulled out due to huge fixed costs collected by SKY BBC is govt funded and hence does a lot of innovative iTV projects. ( i player) The UK model: A unique case iTV in the UK SKY unified platform approach enabled the creation of a unique iTV environement Source: The red (interactive) button use in the UK

13 13 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Confidential and Proprietary Some Typical iTV services... Images from VISIWARE

14 Confidential and Proprietary 14 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Mosaic, a popular presentation solution

15 15 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Confidential and Proprietary Information and EPGs... Must have !

16 16 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Confidential and Proprietary On Demand and User generated content

17 17 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Confidential and Proprietary BBC iPlayer daily views The BBC iPlayer is a window that opens up in the users web browser on their PC monitor, and allows TV or radio programming (7 days back) to be either downloaded or streamed live from the iPlayer website. It uses both the BBCs own iPlayer software and Windows Media Player. It also supports Apple and Linux PCs iPlayer content is also available on TV screens, on Virgin Medias cable-based VOD service, and via the Nintento Wii games console. Sony PS3 compatibility is also being prepared Average viewing time for a chosen programme is 22mins. On average, users watch two programmes per day, giving an average viewing time of about 40 mins/ person/ day. About 35% of programmes are viewed all the way to the end For selected series, all episodes of the series are available for up to 13 weeks (Series Stacking) 44% of all UK online users has used iPlayer, and levels of repeat use of BBC iPlayer were good – only 13% of users had only used it once, and 17% had watched more than 20 programmes. A free online catch-up TV service for BBC programming. Combining the linear + catch-up views, the iPlayer increased the audience of some programmes by as much as 10%. Thousands, download/streaming requests Source: BBC On Demand TV: BBC iPlayer

18 18 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Confidential and Proprietary Virgins VoD monthly views Virgin Medias cable-based VOD service is available to all UK 3.5ml digital cable subscribers. Around 50% of these are regular users Virgin Media claims that total views of all on- demand programming had exceeded 357ml and averaged 45ml views/ month by Q308 The BBC catch-up service alone was averaging 11.5ml views/ month in the latter half of 2008 Virgin recently announced a deal with ITV to allow access to the ITV Player, ITVs on-demand catch-up service, through its VOD service The agreement will allow customers to view over 40 hours of programming from ITV-1, 2, 3 and 4 each week. Popular shows will all be made available for 7 days after being broadcast Virgin viewers will also be able to access 500 hours of archive content, such as ITV comedies, documentaries and dramas, as long as the content is more than six months old and ITV owns the rights Virgin Media TV subscribers will also be able to watch ITV content online via their computers. A catch-up TV service that includes the pick of last weeks best television from the BBC, Channel 4, E4, More4, Bravo, Living, Virgin1 and recently ITV Player. Millions Source: Virgin Media On Demand TV: Virgin Media VoD

19 19 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Confidential and Proprietary 52 % of French Internet users access an online catch-up TV service. 25% of them describe themselves as regular users of such services American series are the most popular catch-up TV genre, accounting for 35% of catch-up TV views. News programmes account for a further 31% of views 76% of regular users access the online facility to watch programming they were unable to catch when transmitted. 56% of them say they repeat- view programmes they originally began watching on their TV sets, indicating that catch-up TV does not cannibalise standard TV viewing 56 % of regular catch-up TV users say the service has not changed the time they spend in front of their TV sets. For 30% of them, this type of viewing has increased. Market trends in France Launched in March 2008 as an online service for PCs, M6 Replay allows users free access to most M6 programmes once they have been broadcast, for a period of 7 days Available via the website, which has 1.9ml unique visitors/ month, M6 Replay generates 10ml views/ month In January 2009, M6 struck a deal with Orange for M6 Replay to be made available on ADSL TV; in the following weeks on mobile (through the Orange World portal) and during the course of 2009 on PC (through Until the M6 deal, Oranges catch-up TV service consisted of an exclusive arrangement with France Télévisions for its TV subscribers to watch the PSBs five channels; France-2, France-3, France-4, France-5 and France-Ô. M6 Replay case study French Catch-up TV Canal+, M6, Arte, and Orange offer commercial catch-up TV services (TF1 to follow soon). PSB France Télévisions is forced to offer a free catch-up TV service by end-2011. Source: GroupM

20 20 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Confidential and Proprietary A hybrid landscape creates opportunities and challenges: The key success factor in the new media age is to align Strategy, Technology and the User Experience design. Key Take-Away Commercial Strategy User Experience Technology Best strategy is to now strategize for next generation TV including interactivity, OTT and other new media Good time to work in it now - on networks which have not yet made the huge investment Role of STB is shifting, and internet standards become more important Consumer are expecting internet content on TV, using their own devices Defining and aligning commercial & technical strategy is key to ensure service delivery platform will meet customer expectations

21 21 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Confidential and Proprietary Advancing iTV The launch of Next Generation Applications and the increasing demand for on demand TV are means to further support iTV services Schedule and manage recordings from any U-verse receiver in a home rather than only from the home's DVR-equipped receiver Record from a distance: Launching a new interface for remote DVR management service to allow customers to schedule and manage their DVR recordings from any Web-connected PC Watch SD & HD recorded shows on up to 8 connected TV's in a home, all from a single DVR View VoD recommendations based on past video rental history A range of interactive TV features: personalized weather, sports, traffic and stock information, local and national weather forecasts on-demand and access to personal photos from on the TV Galleryplayer (watch paintings on screen) Next Generation Applications: AT&Ts U-verse On Demand TV Rising TV consumption on the internet and growing adoption of PVRs demonstrates consumers expectation to watch TV on demand In multiple countries, popular TV Channels have all launched various forms of Catch-up TV offering in order to maintain the audience in a viewing environment related to the original TV Channel German consumers are also looking for on demand entertainment, and considering the strong market share enjoyed by FTA TV, German broadcasters have a unique opportunity to answer consumer demand and ultimately increase their revenue by capturing on demand viewers

22 22 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Confidential and Proprietary Pay-TV operators Public broadcaster Platforms will lead in the development of new ways of consuming TV, but in time any broadcaster, content owner, etc. should be able to participate on these platforms. Commercial broadcaster Drivers Recommendations for Market Players Simplified, consumer focused initiatives and cross platform content delivery are part of a winning strategy. Improve the TV viewing experience Help consumers find content quicker Deliver content that their customers want, rather than building complex back end systems to define customer insight strategies Move to targeted advertising (Web and TV) Ensure accessibility of content and relevance of content across platforms Work with many distribution vehicles/ platforms This is about video rather than intricate applications based on statistics Avoid overly commercial interactive enterprises which have a negative impact on trust and loyalty, e.g. things solely created to generate premium rate revenues Focus Broadband, VoD and virtually unlimited local storage redefine the digital TV landscape Cost is reducing of these technologies, making them mainstream and disintermediating platform owners

23 Confidential and Proprietary 23 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Thank you

24 24 © farncombe consulting group 2009 Confidential and Proprietary Lara Lerville Director, Sales and Business Development Farncombe Consulting Group E-mail: Tel: +33 1 71 18 29 86 Mob: +33 6 83 88 21 53 Q & A Contact details

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