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FUEL TV is a sports and entertainment network inspired by a new generation of sports where the consequences of failure are real and risk is the only rule.

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2 FUEL TV is a sports and entertainment network inspired by a new generation of sports where the consequences of failure are real and risk is the only rule.

3 CHANGE TO WHOM WE CONNECT M12-34 - 10 ET/PT is the Power Hour (M18-34 usage peaks between 9-11pm) Action Sports + MMA, Rally and more Stories and Character Gather the bright spots - Schedule to build ratings in key day parts Tune-in vs Branding HD LAUNCH: January 2011 Overview

4 Our mission is to present the most exciting television experience possible by capturing the intriguing and entertaining characters, stories, and action from the world of thrill-seeking and adrenaline sports. Launching 8 Brand New Series in Q4 2010 Programming Mission Statement

5 NEW PROGRAMMING: RISK is the central theme as we explore an expanded world of sports and personalities while maintaining the core foundation of board sports, moto, and BMX Focus on Dude Prime (9:30pm-12:30am ET/PT) Daily Habit kicks off weeknights at 9:30pm ET/PT, followed by Power Hour 10-11pm ET/PT CHANNEL HOST: Affectionately referred to as our Main Squeeze, adds a human touch to the daily viewing experience She guides viewer through the day and provides another layer to the FUEL TV viewing experience Gives insight and back story to each of our programs Keeps viewer tuned in during end credits and gets them excited about whats coming up next PODBUSTERS: FUEL TV creates a commercial viewing experience like no other ad supported network in the US Think Vans, Volcom, Billabong, Roxy…colorful and entertaining ads are only on FUEL TV This provides more entertainment value to the commercial breaks and incentivizes viewers to stay tuned to the breaks so they dont miss the good stuff MINI MARATHONS: Fringe and early Prime FAMILY FRIENDLY BLOCK: Sat/Sun morning BRAND SPECIALS: films under Insane Cinema umbrella Programming Overview

6 TDH will feature the biggest risk-taking athletes and the most influential personalities in entertainment and brings them together to discuss everything from stuff that matters to dudes to trends that need to end. If you ever wondered who the people were that did the things that make you say holy crap! …Then you should probably watch this show. Theres also a ton of hot chicks, hilarious comedy and the greatest band performances ever. PREMIERES: Monday, 10/18/10, 9:30PM ET/PT (13 half-hours) WHATS NEW: Quicker turnaround on airings Bigger Guests and Bands Continue to promote movies and video games Custom Content! Brand Briefs Ideation lives in this show before being cut-down to air in break as podbusters Fall Programming

7 The FUEL TV DOWNLOAD is the networks daily newsbreak for all things noteworthy. The Download gives FUEL TV viewers the scoop on the latest & breaking news in the world of action sports and the lifestyle that surrounds it. Whether it is a major contest, event, industry happenings or relevant social story, FUEL TV has it all, only on the Download. PREMIERE DATE: October 4, 2010 FORMAT: The new format gives FUEL TV a platform for breaking news everyday. One news break per day, seven days a week (long term goal - multiple breaks per day) New segments will premiere each day at 5pm pst. Total running time - 1:20 (one minute, twenty seconds) Fall Programming

8 Icons like Tony Hawk join forces with visionary designer and builder Jeff King to construct the most spectacular obstacles for elite athletes to conquer. Watch as King pushes the boundaries of physics and architecture with the unthinkable; building a surf rail of death in the ocean for surfers to grind, converting a pirate ship into a seafaring skate park, and more. Premieres: Sunday, 9/26/10 10:30PM ET/PT (13 half- hours) Fall Programming In the world of freestyle motocross, there is a band of professional riders often referred as the Hells Angels of dirt bikes. They are known worldwide as the Crusty Demons of Dirt. Feared and cheered, these legends put everything on the line. Together, they lead their own brand of reality TV with a punch-in-the-face approach to finding a rookie who is worthy to join their elite cast on one of the most successful world tours in freestyle motocross history. This intense, action-packed eight part series is a wild ride through the radically entertaining world of the Crusty Demons and the young rookies who risk it all to join the ranks of the this infamous pack of two wheeled daredevils. Premieres: Wednesday, 10/7/10 10:30PM ET/PT (1 hour premiere + 7 half-hours)

9 Corporate cube culture meets sports humor in this original sketch comedy series, which originally debuted on FoxSports.coms groundbreaking Lunch with Benefits. Each episode features three sports-crazed coworkers, Bernie, Pizzi, and the sexy Michelle as they creatively weave in pranks, sketches, and ridiculous scenarios which take the form of imagined music videos and mock TV talk shows – all encompassing the world of pro sports and entertainment Premieres: Monday, 10/11 12:00AM ET Friday, 10/15 12:00AM ET 10/11 Best Of episodes play daily for two weeks. 10/15 New weekly series launches Fall Programming In the world of reality television, there isnt much reality happening. But in The Adventures of Danny & The Dingo, the wild, fast-paced and his unpredictable life of an Olympic snow- boarder and his entourage is captured in its purest form. The 13 part series follows two-time Olympic silver medalist Danny Kass and Australias number-one export and snow personality, The Dingo on their snowboarding adventures around the world. This season features several new special guests including Olympic Snowboarder and ABCs Dancing With The Stars contestant Louie Vito and 2010 Olympic Medalist Scotty Lago. Premieres: Tuesday, 11/16/10 10:00PM ET/PT (13 half-hours)

10 From the producers of MTV's hit series, Nitro Circus, comes Thrillbillies; an unscripted all- action series that follows a wily crew of athletes and stuntmen who test the laws of logic through a series of entertaining mishaps and mayhem. Each episode is pure fun as Cam, Crum, and the rest of the Thrillbillies live out their inner Evel Knievel.. Premieres: Wednesday, 12/1/10 10:00PM ET/PT (13 half-hours) When Supercross champion James Bubba Stewart exits the stadiums packed with 50,000 screaming race fans, hes thrust into a whirlwind of multi-million dollar sponsorship commitments and an entourage of friends, family, and handlers. But what happens when James number one position is threatened by a potentially career- ending injury? Riveting and entertaining, this season is one of the most revealing behind-the- scenes looks into professional motorsports. Premieres: Thursday, 12/2/10 10:00PM ET/PT (13 half-hours) ) Fall Programming

11 For every great on FUEL TV there is a long road of trial and error, paved with bruises, breaks, and beat downs. In each episode Chris Lambert (aka Slam) guides us through a barrage of the most gut wrenching crashes ever and revisits the most memorable moments of carnage. Professional athletes join Slam to revisit the scene of the crime, face their fears and attempt to conquer the same spot that put them on the sidelines. And, for an added element of entertainment, Chris puts his stuntmans skills on display and thrusts himself into a self-inflicted pummeling for the pure joy of it.. Premieres: Wednesday, 12/15/10 10:30PM ET/PT (13 half-hours ) Fall Programming

12 One of the most exciting action sports to watch on television comes to FUEL TV in its own 13 part series. Props brings you the best BMX has to offer including profiles on the top pros from the X-Games and Dew Tour to hand- picked highlights from the worlds biggest contests. Created by the producers of the longest running video magazine series in BMX, Props quenches the year-round thirst for the best BMX action on television. Premieres: Saturday, 11/20/10 10:30AM ET/PT (13 half-hours ) Weekends Camp Woodward isnt your typical summer camp. Silly songs and camp fires are replaced with a chance to ride side by side with the biggest names in skateboarding and BMX at the largest training facilities in the world. For the privileged, a week at Woodward comes easy. For others, the road is paved with saving, sacrifices and for some, the lowly service of dish duty to pay the dues. The result is a coming of age reality series where aspiring athletes test their skills during the most important week of their lives. Egos clash and conflicts mount as this years cast of campers and counselors push each others limits. Premieres: Saturday, 2/5/11 10:00AM ET/PT (8 half-hours)

13 Snowboardings elite class of professionals are captured by a team of the most experienced filmmakers in The Standard Snowboard Show. Each action-fortified episode takes viewers into the most dangerous and spectacular locations where big mountain experts conquer avalanche-prone descents around the globe. Stunning cinematography is matched by a driving score and an entertaining format which mixes in compelling profiles and feature segments, all focusing on the exciting world of freestyle and big mountain snowboarding. Premieres: Thursday, 12/2/10 10:00PM ET/PT (13 half-hours)) Premiere Date: Thursday, 3/3/11 10:00PM ET/PT (8 half-hours) Winter Schedule Shred or Die Comedian, Lance Krall (Comedy Centrals Free Radio, USAs The Joe Schmo Show) and sports icon Tony Hawk join forces to host a ridiculous comedy centered around on the webs most entertaining user-generated videos. Each episode takes form as a fictitious extreme sports TV show preys on unknowing actors who believe they are auditioning for their shot at fame. Hidden cameras and Kralls superb unscripted comedy provide a hilarious platform to dive in and out of a barrage of skits, hand-picked, user generated oddities, and pranks by Lance and Tonys extended circle of celebrity friends and guests. Premiere Date: Wednesday, 3/2/11 10:00PM ET/PT (10 half-hours)

14 BONDI RESCUE : one of the most popular and dangerous beaches in the world. Home to pounding surf, poisonous jellyfish, nasty sharks, and up to 40,000 daily beachgoers, a small group of elite lifeguards strive to keep visitors safe from the elements. Catch all of the drama, excitement, risk, and consequence of the real Baywatch THE COUNTDOWN : A list of the stuff guys care about…From the planets heaviest waves to action sports hottest women; We ask athletes, actors, comedians and "experts" for their take on our comprehensive catalog of all things that get you stoked. 2011 Highlights

15 Coming in January, a new programming block will allow FSN and SPEED viewers to get their FIX of FUEL TVs best shows. Sponsors will get the opportunity to own the hour with brand inclusion on graphics and promotional assets Programming Block Open: :15 open/ Logo inclusion and voiceover Programming Block Close: :15 close/ Logo inclusion and voiceover Animated Lower Third Graphic: 2 x per programming block/ Logo inclusion on lower third graphic Integrated promo highlighting FUEL TV FIX: Logo and voiceover inclusion SPEED will be broadcasting Season 2 of Bubbas World after the world premiere here on FUEL TV. Tentative start date is 01/14. Best of FUEL TV on FSN Thursdays from 5-6pm Tentative start date is January 2011. FSN & SPEED blocks

16 FUEL TV is the action sports destination online and its presence is stronger than ever!! Website FUEL.TV,, and others Features, news, and photos High-quality videos and webcasts Rider and event profiles Music FUEL TV goes to where actions sports fans going digital and beyond… Video partnerships with iTunes, and more Fan and followers on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter Mobile iPhone and Droid apps iPad application coming soon… New Media

17 UniquesPage Views Omniture 300,1801,495,816 Average Time on FUEL.TV 00:03:10 Clips Full Length Episodes Podcasts Videos Delivered 319,30019,5252,556,566 Ad Impressions by Size 728 x 901,008,041 300 x 250852,009 300 x 1007,046,902 Video (Not including Podcasts)58,265 FUEL.TV August 2010 Metrics

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