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Listening chapter 8 Entertainment and Media Look at the photo of a sports TV program. How do they feel ? What TV programs do you enjoy watching? Why? What.

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1 Listening chapter 8 Entertainment and Media Look at the photo of a sports TV program. How do they feel ? What TV programs do you enjoy watching? Why? What are some of your favorite advertisements? Why? How many hours of TV do you watch a week? How many television sets do you have in your house? Where are they? What is the best ways to get news: from television, a newspaper, or the Internet?

2 Part 1/ Previewing Vocabulary- page 145 Nouns: Average week- couch potato- remote control- the TV- waste of time Verbs: Changing channels- channel surf- turn down the volume- turn on the TV- turn the TV off 1- turn on the TV- 2. turn the TV off- 3. change channels- 4. turn down the volume- 5- the TV on 6- channel surf – 7- couch potato- 8- a remote – 9- a waste of time- 10- an average week

3 3. Listening for Main Idea page 145 1. What do Jack and Bruce think about watching TV? Do they agree or disagree/ 2. Why does Bruce prefer to get the news from the Internet or the newspaper? 3. What is Jacks habit when watching TV? Answers: 1. Jack and Bruce disagree about TV. Bruce thinks that watching TV is a waste of time. Jack thinks that news and sports programs are interesting. 2. Bruce prefers newspapers and the Internet because they have more news and he can get the news whenever he wants. Also, he hates TV commercials. 3. When commercials come on, Jack down the volume or changes channel.

4 Listening for Details/ p.1476 Exercise 4 ----1.The average American watches five hours of TV a day. ----2. Bruce is reading a newspaper. ----3. Bruce is a couch potato --- 4. Jack doesnt like soup operas ---5. Bruce and Jack dont like TV commercials Answers: F/T F/T T

5 Listening for stressed words /p-146 Bruce: Hey, listen to this. The average American watches four hours of TV a day. Jack: A day? You are joking. Bruce: No, it says so right here in this newspaper. Hmm, I guess youre an average American, Jack. You always have your TV on. Jack : Come on. Are you saying I am a couch potato? Bruce: Yeah. I really think watching TV is a waste of time. Jack: Oh, come on. Some programs are bad, like those soap operas. But what about sports or the news? You watch those sometimes, dont you? Bruce: Well, actually, for the news, I prefer the newspaper. Or the Internet. Jack: Why? Bruce: First, because they give you a lot more information. And I can read them any time I want. Plus, I hate all the commercials.

6 Jack: I know what you mean. Thats why when the commercials come on, I just turn down the volume or change channels. Bruce: Yeah, I noticed that, Channel surfing drives me crazy. Jack: Ok, next time you come over, Ill let you have the remote control. Bruce: Oh, thats so sweet. But I have a better idea. Next time I come over, lets just turn the TV off.

7 Listening for Reductions/ page 147 7. Listening for reductions A: Are you B:Dont you want to go A: to tell you- can - Do you know what you want to see B: Ill let you choose. Batman -- A: Im going to be dead.

8 Expressing Opinions/ Agreeing and Disagreeing Expressing an Opinion I think that--------he should stay-------------. I feel -------I have to tell them----------------. I believe---they have to work more-----------. In my opinion--Sam has the best offer----. Agreeing: Thats my opinion too. I agree with you. I feel the same way. Youre right. Thats a good point.

9 Youre not sure I dont have a strong opinion about that. I think it depends on something Disagreeing I disagree with you. I dont agree. I dont feel the same way. Oh, come on. Using vocabulary : page 148 Channel surf: change the channels

10 9. Expressing opinions. Page 150 I think watching TV is a waste of time. Most programs are stupid or boring. I disagree with you. Many programs are useful- if you choose them carefully. Give your opinion on each topic Violence on TV: I believe watching violence on TV is dangerous for children. Cigarette advertisements : I think cigarette advertisements in magazines is not a good thing. Magazines stories about private lives of famous people is very interesting to read for lots of people. High salaries of superstar athletes is a good thing

11 Low salaries of teachers I disagree with you because I believe that teachers work is not an easy job. Parents should supervise what their children watch on television I agree with you because I think not all programs are suitable for children. High cost of cable television. I disagree with you because not all people can afford it.

12 Part 2/ An Airport Crash 1. Have you ever seen an accident? Describe what happened? 2. Imagine a news report about and airplane crash. Write four questions about it in the graphic organiser. What did you seeWhat Where did it happen? Where When did it crash?When Who was trying to rescue it? Who

13 Previewing Vocabulary page 151 1- top story------- e 2. landed----------g 3. passenger---------a 4. injuries--------------d 5. hurt-----------------f 6. blocked------------c 7. ran out--------------b

14 Listening for Main Ideas/ 152 Listen to the news report about an airplane crash. As you listen, write the key words in the space. 1. Hour ago, airplane, six people, landed safely, highway 2. 1, injuries, ground, no one hurt, ran out of gasoline, blocked traffic 3. 2. Which of the following is the main idea of the story? 4. c. 5. Answers from the Graphic Organizer page 152 6. What : a small plane landed 7. Where; It landed on Highway 8. When: an hour ago 9. Who: There were six people in the plane. There were two witnesses on the highway.

15 Listening for specific information page 152 1.Location of the plane: highway 2.Number of passengers: 6 3.Number of passengers injured: 3 4.Type of injures: two back injuries, one broken leg 5.Number of people injured on the ground: none 6. Possible cause of crash: the plane may have run out of gasoline.

16 Using vocabulary page153 1. Did you watch the news on TV last night? What was the top story? 2. if an airplane cant land because of bad weather, what can the pilot do? 3. On a long car trip, do you prefer to be the passenger or the driver? Why? 4. Tell about some injuries you had when you were a child. Were you hurt while playing or while doing sports? Were you seriously hurt? 5. If you run out of money while on vacation, what can you do? 6. How do you feel when someone blocks traffic unnecessarily?

17 Summarizing New Reports/ Assignment Oral Presentation AnswerQuestion What Where When Who

18 Answers Healthy, delicious flavor, time to go to work, no time to cook, healthy breakfast, morning bow b. Breakfast cereal 12 midnight in California, good news, calling for free, 5,000 free nighttime minutes, new calling plan, camera phone. c. Cell phone Company Sell, fine beauties-2005 two door sedan automatic- low mileage, clean- tires- GPS system- airbags- test drive- $16,000, $500/ month b. a used car Midnight, tired- on TV- two oclock in the morning-, breakfast-, take some dreamease c. Sleeping pill

19 Part 3/ Discussing Advertisements 1. It should be easy to notice. 2. It should be funny, so we pay attention and remember it. 3. It should be attractive. 4. It should be not too long. 5. It should be modern. 6. It should be -------------------

20 Part 4/ Real – World Tasks : Television ExamplesTypes of Show Eisho maanaTalk show Anees we BadrCartoon millionGame show NoorDrama series sadooooooSitcom( situation comedy) Eftah ya simsimChildrens program AlarabiaNews program Aljazeeradocumentary

21 Part 4/page 156 1.G. news program: 2.D. Drama series 3.F. Childrens program 4. E. sitcom 5. C. game show 6. B. cartoon 7. F. childrens program 8. H. documentary. 9. A. talks shows

22 Discussing a Program / page 156 1. Whats on channel 2 at 7:00? 2. What time is the news on? What channels is it on? 3. Who will be the guests on the Oprah Winfrey show? __________________________________________ Answers: 1.Baseball live- sports 2. 9:00 p.m on channel- 24 ( CNN) 3. Celebrity couples will be the guests on the Oprah Winfry show.

23 Answer Key page 157 1. Channel 7- who wants to be a millionaire 2. channel 11- The Matrix ( movie) 3. channel 13 – Shanghai nights ( movie) 4. channel 20-Scream ( horror movie) 5. channel 53 at 8:00- Friends ( sictom)-Espn at nine- basketball ? NBA finals



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