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Vortrag... 1 Experiences, Benefits and Perspectives of more than ten years of collaboration between National University of Loja (UNL) and the DFG German.

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1 Vortrag... 1 Experiences, Benefits and Perspectives of more than ten years of collaboration between National University of Loja (UNL) and the DFG German Research Unit in southern Ecuador 1997 – 2009 Ing. Carlos Valarezo Manosalvas M.Sc General Research Coordinator National University of Loja Loja – Ecuador

2 Vortrag... 2 UNL: GENERAL INFORMATION Secular state university since 1859 12.800 students 37 careers Academic Organization: Five Great Areas Human Health Agriculture and Renewable Natural Resources Education, Arts and Communication Energy, Industries, Geology and Mining Law, Economics, Social Development and Business Management


4 THE COLLABORATIVE PROCESS: FIRST PHASE May 1997 First agreement for academic cooperation with the Research Programme of German Universities: on the parameters of altered and unaltered cloud mountain forest in southern Ecuador June 2005 Second agreement of academic cooperation with Unit 402: Functionality of a mountain forest in southern Ecuador, Diversity, Dynamic Processes and Use Potential Vortrag... 4

5 THE COLLABORATIVE PROCESS: SECOND PHASE BIODIVERSITY AND SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF A MEGADIVERSE MOUNTAIN ECOSYSTEM IN SOUTHERN ECUADOR Third agreement for academic cooperation between the National University of Loja and the Research Unit FOR 816 of the DFG, September 2008 - March 2010 Vortrag... 5

6 COOPERATIVE ACTIONS CARRIED OUT BY FOR816 Effective long-term participation of selected UNL teachers in some of the research projects Involvement of the UNL students in some of the research projects to complete their Diploma thesis: Field training, internships in Germany and work in the laboratories of German universities Joint implementation of seminars and short courses with the participation of professors and doctoral students of FOR816. Provision of scientific literature to the UNL counterparts. German professors acting as international partners in the projects submitted by UNL to SENACYT: Two Projects (Prof. Wolfgang Wilcke and Prof. Achim Bräuning) Vortrag... 6

7 COOPERATIVE ACTIONS CARRIED OUT BY UNL Provision of selected UNL teachers as scientific partners for some of the research projects. Provision of selected students as research assistants Use of the Experimental Station La Argelia facilities: herbarium, nursery, greenhouse, and the Geographic Information Center (CINFA). Conducting some analysis in the laboratories of the UNL. Access to libraries of the institution. Provision of relevant available information (GIS, publications, etc.). Translation from English to Spanish of scientific publications of some projects. Vortrag... 7

8 8 Formation of young UNL scientists at the Ph.D level PROFESSIONALS WHO HAVE COMPLETED DOCTORAL STUDIES Nikolay Aguirre Pablo Lozano PROFESSIONALS CURRENTLY DOING DOCTORAL STUDIES Oswaldo Ganzhi Tacuri Johanna Muñoz Baltazar Calva Narcisa Urgilez Darwin Pucha Coffre Ximena Palomeque Melania Quishpe José Luis Peña

9 Vortrag... 9 Contribution in expanding the collections of the UNL Herbarium Reinaldo Espinosa: 3.500 new species

10 Vortrag... 10 Development of joint infrastructure: Improvement of the equipment of UNL Dendrochronology Laboratory and Plant Physiology Laboratory

11 Vortrag... 11 Development of joint infrastructure: nursery facility

12 BENEFIT SHARING Joint publication of: books and papers in peer reviewed journals Joint organization of local symposia for the presentation of results Exchange of scientific and documental information The objectives proposed in the agreements have been successfully completed To contribute to scientific understanding of the components, functioning and potential of the montane rain forest, as well as to the generation and dissemination of alternatives for sustainable use and preservation To use its development and results in the teaching-learning processes and institutional strengthening Vortrag... 12

13 PERSPECTIVES: BIODIVERSITY CHALLENGES IN THE SOUTHERN REGION OF ECUADOR The vast biodiversity of the southern region of Ecuador is mostly unknown Continuing deterioration of ecosystems, species and genes Notable lack of research on the present state of biodiversity, the potential uses of plants, animals and microorganisms; and the great genetic diversity Ancestral knowledge on biodiversity has neither been sufficiently systematized nor validated Lack of own researchers with adequate training, experience and institutional incentives Extremely scarce national funds for scientific and technological research Scarce efforts to take a sustainable advantage of biodiversity to improve the quality of life for people Vortrag... 13

14 UNL COMMITMENT FOR SUSTAINABLE USE AND PRESERVATION OF BIODIVERSITY To contribute to the knowledge, conservation and use of biodiversity of the southern region of Ecuador in the framework of sustainable development, through specialized training of professionals, the generation and transfer of knowledge, and the design and implementation of development proposals in agreement with other social actors and partners. Vortrag... 14

15 UNL FACILITES FOR STUDY OF BIODIVERSITY IN THE SOUTH REGION EL CHILCO Very dry tropical 305 – 425 m a.s.l Botanical Garden BINATIONAL CENTER ZAPOTEPAMBA Dry subtropical 950 – 1200 m a.s.l LA ARGELIA -PUNZARA Sub-humid temperate 2200 – 2600 m a.s.l. Botanical Garden Center for Biotehcnology Herbarium EL PADMI Humid tropical and subtropical 780 – 1560 m a.s.l. Botanical Garden Center for studies and development of the Amazon CEDAMAZ BINATIONAL CENTER SANTA ROSA 10 m a.s.l (In proccess)

16 Vortrag... 16 Ing. Carlos Valarezo Manosalvas M.Sc. Sustenta el tema: EXPERIENCIAS, BENEFICIOS Y PERSPECTIVAS DE MÁS DE DIEZ AÑOS DE COLABORACIÓN ENTRE LA UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE LOJA (UNL) Y LA UNIDAD FOR816 DE LA DFG EN EL SUR DEL ECUADOR: 1997 – 2009 Evento paralelo DFG: Beneficios compartidos de esfuerzos conjuntos de investigación, educación y transferencia de conocimientos – una experiencia exitosa de investigación en biodiversidad en el sur del Ecuador Conferencia Inaugural por el Año Internacional de la Biodiversidad. UNESCO, París, Francia, 25 de enero de 2010

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