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Junk Food Science Snack Bar KS2 Lesson

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1 Junk Food Science Snack Bar KS2 Lesson
CPD Slides

2 Outcomes Be aware of the Junk Food Science Project videos and associated curriculum and CPD resources Be aware of the Junk Food Science Snack Bar KS2 Lesson videos and associated curriculum resources Planned how you will use the Snack Bar resources with your class

3 Project Team Teachers TV
Centre for Science Education, Sheffield Hallam University Illumina

4 Project Aims To support the teaching and learning of Food and Healthy Eating through the use of innovative contexts, curriculum and CPD videos and resources

5 Resources Student Classroom Videos Teachers’ Notes
Classroom PowerPoints Classroom paper-based resources CPD videos CPD PowerPoints

6 Snack Bar KS2 lesson resources
‘What’s In Your Food?’ - Snack Bar’ - Snack Bar KS2 Lesson Activity Sheets – download these at Snack bar KS2 Lesson Teacher Notes – download these at Presentation for use in class – ‘Snack Bar KS2 Lesson Sample Slides’ – download this at CPD Video – ‘Teaching the KS2 Snack Bar Lesson’ – Download these resources from the Teachers TV website to use in this session

7 CPD video Read the Teacher’s Notes and then Watch the CPD video
( Discuss the following questions How did the teacher introduce the context? How did the children develop and share the ideas introduced in the Snack Bar video? How did the teachers engage the students in discussion? How did the children make their decisions? What advice did the children have for the food company? How did the teachers conclude the lesson? What aspects of the curriculum are covered by the lesson?

8 Starter Watch ‘What’s In Your Food?’ - and then discuss the following question Would you use this to introduce the lesson before introducing the starter activity? Complete the activity sheet ‘Food information – What is your advice?’

9 Main Lesson Activities
Watch ‘Snack Bar’ - What information was provided about the Fruit Munchy Square in the three video clips? Which points were ‘fact’ and which were ‘opinion’? How would you introduce the ideas of ‘fact’ and ‘opinion’? Look at the nutritional information for the Fruit Munchy Square and compare it with the information for other snacks and the Recommended Daily Allowance How would you use this information with your students to help them make their decisions? How would you facilitate group decision making?

10 Plenary How would you debrief the group discussions and decisions?
How would you encourage students to develop ideas for advising the food company? How would you consolidate the learning?

11 Additional Activities and Resources
There are range of additional ideas provided in the Teacher’s Notes to help you develop a topic on Healthy Eating, including Extension work, Additional activities Links to other Teachers TV videos How would you use these additional ideas?

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