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Interactive TV: TxtTV from understanding home contexts to extending social interaction Dr. Hokyoung Ryu 09.08.2005.

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1 Interactive TV: TxtTV from understanding home contexts to extending social interaction Dr. Hokyoung Ryu 09.08.2005

2 Home context What can we do at home? –Work e.g., cooking, cleaning, laundering, playing with children Question: do technologies reduce this work activities at home? –Relaxation e.g., sleeping, lying on couch, watching TV or listening music Question: do technologies extend this relaxation activities at home? –Entertainment e.g., reading books, watching TV or playing with children, dining Question: do technologies increase the level of this entertainment activities at home? –Information access e.g., reading books, surfing with computers, watching TV or listening radio Question: do technologies support this information gathering activities at home? What is home activities? –Interviewed 40 people in Albany –Most cannot separate one after the others –Mostly, they want to have relaxation (37.50%) or entertainment (32.50%)… but information gathering (27.50%) as well.

3 Questions about home contexts Individual or collaborative or social interaction? –Do people want to work alone or together as a family? –e.g., cleaning, cooking Fit for purpose? –What it is that users want to achieve? –e.g., TV is for relaxation, entertainment and information gathering? Who will be a typical user –e.g., Grandma or 2 yrs boy Are the appliances simple to use or easy to learn? –e.g., cooking knobs What is needed in different rooms? –e.g., kitchen stuffs vs. living room stuff How can people be persuaded to trust the technology? –Cost/benefit analysis Microsoft EasyLiving HP Cooltown Orange home in the U.K. Smart house in Massey

4 Environment, Health, Transport, Treasury, Socialising, entertainment, work, status, money? Contact ? Regulatio n Economy Profit? Sustainability Retailers Phone networks Distributors Creative industries Artists Broadcasters Internet Manufacturers Super markets Farmers / producers Government Satellite & cable networks Family & friends Utilities Builders

5 Divergence vs. Convergence Entertainment –Hi-Fi or TV vs. Mobile phone + MP3 player + TV phone Information access and work –Pizza ordering Telephone + telephone number + imagination –Dispatching technology support, one representative number e.g., 0800838383 –Online order via internet (using an active media) –Television order via cable TV company Some of the technologies focusing on a particular purpose, others are targeting on the convergence of the technologies. –TV as a main controller at home context Tele-communication ltd. –TV as an entertainment, consequently, a business tool Video-On-Demand T-commerce –TV as a social interaction tool HP Cooltown project

6 Currently developing concerns Industrial communication products –Highly interactive TV environment (Daewoo) in order to communicate outside the home, e.g., buddies, broadcasters Academic interest – MURF project in order to support social interaction in the home environment. – Mobile interactive communication device (Samsung) in order to extend the mobility of TV into an information appliance, e.g., DMB phone

7 What I am focusing on? TV as a social interaction tool CHARLIE: We tried giving television up for a while, it was forced upon us by Mum and it didnt last very long HR: Why not what happened? CHARLIE: Cos of Coronation Street, of course, I think she went about three episodes and she was totally out of it when she went to work, wasnt able to discuss it. Buddy list

8 Home Lab. in my home


10 TxtTV and Buddy list Txting on TV –Entertainment Watching a programme –Information access Conversation topics –Social interaction Presence awareness Social connection Privacy

11 Early results and future work Testing with 5 students –General behaviour Interested What for? –Detailed behaviour Need to rigorously analysed Loosely speaking, extending their social interaction Planned work –Hard work, to see the different social interaction –Critiques that help me to proceed the next studies (NOW!!!) THANKS for listening my 2 cents work!!!

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