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Powerpoint Templates Page 1 Tutors with Vision SSI Implementation Plan Goal 2 Students and teachers helping students and teachers.

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1 Powerpoint Templates Page 1 Tutors with Vision SSI Implementation Plan Goal 2 Students and teachers helping students and teachers

2 Powerpoint Templates Page 2 Tutors with Vision piloted in 2007-2008 with two AISD schools with Teacher Certification candidates and Associates of Arts in Teaching Students. During the last 3 years, data collected shows: 56 TV interns have tutored in only 11 classrooms, at Paredes MS, Pease Elementary, Williams Elementary, Bedichek MS, Garza HS, and Crockett HS. Volunteer hours for AAT and Teacher Certification interns = 338 hours in 2007-2008; 579 hours in 2008-2009; 771 hours in 2009-2010. Facilitator hours included 893 for the three years, paid by the hour and for some mileage. Materials include those designed by the facilitator and Teacher Certification students in 2010. AISD students in these classrooms were Tier 3 (at-risk), students who had not passed the state exam and were not expected to pass. 270 AISD students were tutored. Of those, 229 passed their TAKS exams. Of those, 21 moved from not expected to pass to COMMENDED.

3 Powerpoint Templates Page 3 At-risk, Tier 3 students progressed from: 49.3% to 70% (Williams Elementary 3 rd graders, 2009-2010) 34 of 36 (94%) passed with 18 commended (Pease Elementary 4 th graders, 2009-2010) 43.2% to 77% (Williams Elementary, 4 th graders 2009-2010) 26.2% to 64.7% (Bedichek MS, 8 th graders, 2008-2009) 27.9% to 62.9% (Bedichek MS, 8 th graders, 2007-2008) 720.5 TAKS average to 890.9 TAKS average for an increase of 170.4 TAKS improvement points (Paredes MS, 8 th graders, 2009-2010) 2002 TAKS average to 2132 TAKs average for an increase of 130 TAKS improvement points (Crockett HS 12 th graders, 2009-2010) 2003 TAKS average to 2123 TAKS average for an increase of 120 TAKS improvement points (Crockett HS 12 th graders, 2008-2009) Note: Students achieving 2200 on TAKS are TSI-exempt. Crockett HS at-risk 12 th graders were 68 points away in 2009-2010. TV currently (September 2010) serving 190 AISD students.

4 Powerpoint Templates Page 4 Objective Develop implementation plan to expand and enhance Tutors with Vision (TV) program model in mathematics, providing college-readiness skills for at-risk AISD and ACC pipeline students.

5 Powerpoint Templates Page 5 Intended Outcomes Reduce the number of students taking developmental math courses by helping high school students score 2200 or better on the math TAKS so they can be exempted from further testing. Partnership between ACC Continuing Education Department, ACC Student Support for Success Department, ACC Educational Instruction, and AISD regarding expansion of TV program. More ACC students would tutor AISD students for servant leadership. Based on AISD and ACC data for developmental math students, TV proposes to initially reduce developmental population by 150 students, then train at least 10 instructors and math lab staff who want to try TV methods. During the 3rd year, we will reduce developmental students by 200 and train at least 20 more instructors and math lab staff.

6 Powerpoint Templates Page 6 Measurable Outcomes # of students passing TAKS each May-July; # of students achieving 2200 on TAKS for TSI status upon entering ACC; # of students served in AISD; # of trained tutors and APIE volunteers; # of hours decreased during after-school tutoring; # of teachers and volunteers trained across the state through website, online, and VCT training. TAKS materials are in revision stage for upcoming STAAR exams.

7 Powerpoint Templates Page 7 Extended Outcomes Continued partnership between ACC and AISD for student college readiness in: Mathematics Reading Writing

8 Powerpoint Templates Page 8 Tactics Modify the current TAKS exam criteria as schools transition to the End of Year [STARR] exams in 2011. Provide Twilight TAKS training and assistance to students who have completed all course requirements but cannot graduate until completion of the state-mandated exam. Use and add department materials (low cost) and training for school district teachers, curriculum specialists, and ACC lab tutors.

9 Powerpoint Templates Page 9 Anticipated Challenges Data collection from central source (AISD) and ACC. Tracking system from AISD to ACC for confidential data used only for data analysis. Employment needs for Teacher Certification candidates who apprentice with AISD through TV.

10 Powerpoint Templates Page 10 What do we need? Input and support from AISD contacts, including annual student data for TV students and students not graduating due to math TAKS failure. Input and support from ACC Developmental Math Dept and lab instructors. Input and support from ACC Learning Labs and tutors. Input and support from ACC students for service learning and servant leadership. APIE volunteers willing to join Tutors with Vision. Five paid facilitators to lead high school TVs. Financial commitment from AISD and ACC SSI.

11 Powerpoint Templates Page 11 Timeline & Work Plan Continue present model for student success at 4 th, 8 th, and 12 th grades. Continue present data collection and analysis to determine how many students were assisted, progress and academic gains through AISD. Create a partnership with AISD so that ACC Continuing Education and SSI can gather support and resources for achieving this goal. Discuss possibilities with ACC developmental math faculty and lab tutors to provide another opportunity for students to achieve in mathematics skills. Develop a tracking system that integrates with ACCs OIEA system (SAS Enterprise Guide).

12 Powerpoint Templates Page 12 Questions & Concerns

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