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TV News Making Awesome Newscasts Aaron Wissner

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1 TV News Making Awesome Newscasts Aaron Wissner

2 Please Write Answer on Paper! What do you want from me? I really need to know so I can tailor this presentation for you.

3 Introductions - Please Sign Sheet Who am I? Who are you? What do I know? What do you want? Am I going to tell you?

4 What is most important? Writing? Narrating? Cover shots? News values? Fun factor? Audio quality? Video quality? Pace?

5 How to start? Why are you doing this? What do you want to accomplish? What are your goals? Get administrative support - GT argument Drum up staff & student interest

6 What is News? Interesting Facts about People makes News. News Triangle

7 What makes it interesting? Timeliness Proximity Impact/Consequence Sex Drama Oddity Conflict Progress

8 Basic Equipment Bare Bones TV Camcorder Better TV Digital camcorder Computer Editing Software

9 Our Equipment 3 Digital Camcorders 3 Editing Computers 2 TVs (for monitors) 2 VCRs 1 Microphone 1 Audio/Video Mixer 6 Headsets 1 Schoolwide Broadcast Setup

10 Team Structure Meet during last 25 minutes - 2/week After school for 1 hour every day - students vary based on schedule Team leaders - lunch 2/week Rehearsal for 45 min before school 1/week Broadcast at end of day

11 Overall Structure Every student learns & does every job Rotation all students follow Number jobs = Number students Students audition Students sign a contract Every job has a description and checklist Live show = more real experience & deadline

12 Jobs Reporter Editor Photographer Slide Show Artist Videographer Tape Tech Mixing Tech Host Newscaster Videographer

13 Who are students? 8th & 7th grade interested in acting or TV Some high level - gifted Some outgoing - some quiet Occasional special education Some experiences in 6th or 5th grade

14 12 Week Outline 1 week of training - writing, reporting, video 11 weeks of projects New show every 2 days 45-50 minutes in class Allow extra time for bottlenecks - capturing, rendering, etc. Have all projects due 2 days before show Rehearsals with only live crew

15 Sequence PowerPoint Intro Hosts Newscast with Chroma Hosts Reports Hosts PowerPoint Credits

16 Reporter Tips Know what your report is about First gather all of your facts Write the report in a conversational tone Have an adult help edit the report Write questions for 2 to 4 interviews Storyboard for good cover shots Record interviews, reports & cover shot

17 Videographer Tips Use a tape log Check battery and tape position Find a very quiet location Get close - dont film toward windows Do not zoom & do not pan Record 5 seconds before and after each shot Monitor sound level through headphones

18 Editor Tips Capture all video - use tape logs to find it ex. 52news0231438pennywars20040310 First, edit narration/report Second, insert good interview clips Third, delete/replace reporter with cover shots that agree with the narration Have others & an adult listen and look Adjust the audio level & Make to final form

19 Photographer Tips Take pics of PEOPLE doing things Get all different people Get close Hold camera very still Dont shoot toward windows Take lots and lots of shots Load the pics on the computer Name folders and pictures

20 Slide Show Artist Tips Less is More One or two pictures Crop the pictures One WordArt caption One to three clip arts or AutoShapes Make everything very big and bright Stay positive Make 12 - 15 slides







27 Newscaster Tips Find new interesting, timely facts Prepare news slides for chromakey Make script brief and to the point Practice, practice, practice! Smile, smile, smile!

28 Hosts Tips Smile, smile, smile! Be warm, kind, and inviting Stay on target: introduce & wrap reports Practice, practice, practice with co-host Look into the camera Be prepared for technical problems Make it big! One segment per page!

29 Mixing Technician Tips Practice a lot with an earlier show Get comfortable with all the buttons Rehearse the chroma key effect Press buttons firmly at a steady pace Monitor sound through headphones Know the sequence Dont jump too early

30 Tape Technician Tips Have all segments in order on 1 master tape Practice pausing and un-pausing Make sure hosts have same order Pay attention to mixer Monitor sound level through headphones Label all tapes - help update tape logs

31 Director Reminders Test all equipment Have music video tape to test the system Check for good sound from all sources Help mixing tech and other live crew Be confident, calm, and warm during show Have all recordings ready to go

32 Webmaster Role Takes all segments and edits tightly Makes for web Makes for DVD Takes 3 to 4 hours at first

33 How to maintain & improve? Keep accurate up to date tape logs Each student 3 pluses & 3 wishes for each show Explain jobs and rotation clearly Be very well prepared Team leaders to bring issues

34 Money Problems? Use videotaping to make $$$ Ex. Concert DVDs $9 and Videos $7 Take tons of Pictures Year in Pictures CD-ROM $5

35 Teaching Tips Be clear Make it fun Know exactly what you want Clearly outline the boundaries Clearly describe the choices available

36 What is most important? Writing? Narrating? Cover shots? News values? Fun factor? Audio quality? Video quality? Pace?

37 TV News Making Awesome Newscasts Aaron Wissner

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