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Andrew Ametrano High Definition Television Andrew Ametrano Comm. 115 12/5/05.

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2 Andrew Ametrano High Definition Television Andrew Ametrano Comm. 115 12/5/05

3 Andrew Ametrano Why High Definition TV? HDTV-is one of the most talked about topics today I wanted to know four things: Is HDTV worth all the hype? Who uses it? Who offers it? Is HDTV affordable?

4 Andrew Ametrano What is HDTV HDTV- is high-resolution digital television with Dolby Digital surround sound. HDTV-is the highest digital television there is. This allows HDTV to have extraordinary images with stunning sound This requires new production and transmission equipment at the HDTV stations.

5 Andrew Ametrano It has twice the vertical and horizontal resolution of standard television Thereby producing a picture with six times the number of picture element This makes HDTVs picture quality ten times better than regular television HDTV-produces a much- improved color rendition compared to present television systems. m/images/hdtv/hdtv.gif

6 Andrew Ametrano Who Uses it? A Small Group of Marketers Generally big ad budgets SubZeroRefrigerator Company BMWHas 2 new 3 series spots in HD Movie StudiosContent resided in 35mm

7 Andrew Ametrano Channels That Use It www.satellitedishtvsyste.../hdtv.htm rs/logo_fox_hdtv.jpg http://birmingham.mybrighthouse. com/images/braves_white_hd.jpg hdtv_files/HBO_HD.gif

8 Andrew Ametrano Is HDTV Affordable The Cost actually depends on several things: Who you talk too Can be any where from free to 30% more than making a standard TV commercial Postproduction Houses-Free Other-some charge more

9 Andrew Ametrano HDTV-is more advanced than regular TV It is taking over television –It is used in many different big events: The Super Bowl ABCs-Monday Night Football The Academy Awards The World Series

10 Andrew Ametrano More Facts: HDTV-is avalable to more customers 112 markets are being served by at least one system with HD And sooner or later The FCC is going to change old broadcasts only to Digital The sooner you get Digital the better off you will be

11 Andrew Ametrano In Conclusion : HDTV is just one examples how much technology is changing our life today

12 Andrew Ametrano ANY QUESTIONS? Thank You and Have a Pleasant Afternoon…

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