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1 Stereoscopic Movie Disk S3D-Today 27. - 29. November 2007 Munich, Germany

2 Overview Stereoscopic Movie Disk Concepts Architecture Authoring Demonstration Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at2

3 Introduction Motivation Growing interest in 3D movies No consumer distribution standard Current quasi-standards Anaglyph DVDs Fieldsequential DVDs Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at3

4 Stereoscopic Disk Formats Anaglyph DVDs Glasses included Low image quality Only anaglyph playback Field-sequential DVDs Low resolution Inapplicable for the mass market Compatible with most 3D hardware Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at4

5 Design Goals PC-based solution To circumvent limitations of TV standards Resolutions beyond PAL, NTSC, 720p and 1080p Extend existing solutions rather than replace them Compatible with CD-ROMs, DVDs, HD-DVDs and Blu-ray Disks Add-on to 2D, anaglyph and/or field-sequential disk Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at5 Combine user friendliness of anaglyph DVDs with the flexibility of field-sequential DVDs and add support for higher resolutions.

6 Disk Examples Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at6 CD-ROM Stereoscopic Movie Disk DVD 2DField-sequential Stereoscopic Movie Disk Blu-ray Disk HD-DVD 2DAnaglyph Stereoscopic Movie Disk Video Section ROM Section

7 Architecture The movies are encoded in… … Windows Media format … side-by-side or over/under layout Why? The Windows Media encoder and decoders are free. The side-by-side and over/under layouts are supported by most stereoscopic video players. Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at7 Side-by-Side LR Over/Under L R

8 Architecture The disk contains… … the movie files... the codecs … a player application … a start application The start application… … runs automatically when inserting the disk … updates the codecs if necessary … allows to browse the disk … allows to play the movies in 2D or 3D Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at8

9 Authoring Step 1: Encoding Windows Media Encoder Video:Windows Media 9 Advanced Profile (VC-1) Audio (Stereo):Windows Media Audio 9 Audio (5.1): Windows Media Audio 9 Professional Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at9

10 Authoring Step 2: Adding Metadata Stereo Attribute Editor Add information on the stereoscopic format Add general information (title, copyright, description) Add movie disk information (disk name, title name, title image) Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at10

11 Authoring Step 3: Creating the Disk Create disk image Add package files Add video files Burn disk image Ship disk bundled with anaglyph glasses Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at11

12 Peter Wimmer - 3dtv.at12 Thanks for Your Attention Q&A Visit us at!

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