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OTM 1000.

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1 OTM 1000

2 OTM 1000 Advanced Waveform Monitor and Signal Generator
Industry standard half-width 3RU enclosure High resolution 1024 x 768 LCD display 3Gb/s, Dual-Link, HD & SD 2

3 OTM 1000 High quality picture monitor Comprehensive input status
High resolution waveform & vectorscope displays Advanced Colour Analysis: real-time CIE colour chart, histograms, gamut 3

4 Dual Simultaneous monitoring
Two inputs of different video standards can be monitored at the same time

5 Video Formats Standard Definition SDI - 625 & 525 High Definition SDI
Dual-link - RGB, XYZ 4:4:4, 12 bit 2K 3G SDI - Level A and B - inc RGB, XYZ 4:4:4, 12 bit 2K

6 3Gb/s, Dual-Link, HD & SD Eye & Jitter option
Peak to peak UI meter Amplitude and overshoot Jitter Histogram Automatic rise and fall time measurements

7 Jitter measurement SMPTE spec high-pass filters
10 Hz (timing) 100 Hz 1kHz (SD alignment) 10 kHz 100 kHz (HD, 3G alignment) Jitter waveform: frame, field, double line, line Jitter meter

8 CIE Color Chart Unique colour monitoring Different Gamuts
Ideal for Camera alignment Compare Gamut of source material with display device

9 Status display Error highlighted in RED Timecode reader
Input preview with format info

10 SNMP & Alarms Ideal for automated production testing
Complete system control and monitoring via SNMP With integrated GEN provides complete production solution.

11 Event logging Comprehensive error detection and logging
All Video, Audio and Metadata is monitored Time stamped with time code and time of day XML event log report

12 Event logging Time code stamp Session type Event description

13 Data View Individual pixel values
Colour-coded display for different data types Auto decode of ANC and TRS data Custom ANC definition

14 Data View Line # Pixel # Active Picture data TRS data ANC data

15 Picture Monitor High resolution on VGA output Zoom view
Region of interest Pulse cross Cage and on screen cursors Raster Video File view Time code Subtitles and CC

16 Picture Monitor – Raster Video
Field 1 Ancillary Data Field 2

17 Picture Monitor – Region Of Interest
Region Of Interest selected using H and V controls Applies to CIE, WFM Vector & Histo

18 Picture Monitor – Zoom View
Unique Zoom View Ideal for DCI and color grading

19 High Quality Waveforms
Full 12-bit resolution with V-mag 1024 x 1024 resolution waveforms XYZ, RGB, YUV, Psuedo Comp - color space Line mode – easy to select line using H knob Split view – perfect for color-grading Waveform zoom

20 High Quality Waveforms

21 Waveforms continued Line Mode with line select H Mag: x1, x2, x5 & x10

22 Histograms

23 Histograms with overlay
RGB histogram overlay

24 Gamut View

25 Audio options In-built speaker for easy audio monitoring
Stereo jack for headphones Loudness monitoring (ITU-R BS.1770) Surround-sound lissajous Dolby-E and Dolby-D metadata and decode A/V timing for PPM and Dolby AES option

26 Surround Sound display
Centre of loudness Decode pair

27 16-Channel Embedded PPMs
Stereo pair decode Phase meters

28 Single Lissajous

29 Surround Sound Lissajous

30 Generator Basic Generator option provides: Colour Bars Pathalogical
Black Audio Tone

31 Generator option

32 Generator option continued
Generator option provides: Industry standard test patterns Programmable Zone plates Still image play-out from different file formats Audio tone generator User selectable levels of gain, noise and bounce Plus several metadata functions

33 Generator option

34 Gen and Cap Motion options
Freeze – SDI input and capture is standard Gen Motion – play-out of uncompressed full motion video sequences from RAM. Gen Advanced – create and edit video frames comprising full raster with H & V blanking. Cap Motion – capture of uncompressed full motion sequences to RAM. Cap Advanced – capture of full raster video frames with H & V blanking

35 Multi View display Audio surround sound Picture Monitor Vector scope

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