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1 Pay OTT TV

2 TITLE GOES HERE Agenda Tvinci Overview Operators in the OTT Space
Who is Tvinci and what is the Tvinci pay OTT TV platform? Customers and partners Orange case study & Hbbtv case study (powered by Tvinci) Operators in the OTT Space OTT vs. IPTV Projections for the growth of OTT TV Prominent case studies Tvinci & telco / pay TV operators How does Tvinci power OTT TV for tier 1 operators? Tvinci’s joint solution with System Integrators Ericsson and HP Additional Information Details on the modules and services provided by each party in Tvinci’s joint solution with Ericsson/HP Additional Tvinci case studies

3 3 Tvinci Overview

4 Who is Tvinci? TITLE GOES HERE Provider of Over-the-Top TV technology that is used by media companies and operators for offering end-users premium content on multiple connected devices

5 experience across connected devices
What is the Tvinci Pay OTT TV Platform? TITLE GOES HERE A centralized platform for management of content, business rights and user experience across connected devices Enabler for the creation of a consistent, personalized viewing experience for end users using the OTT TV service across devices

6 Tvinci MediaHub™ - management of content, business rules and OTT users
Main Functional units (Tvinci Platform) TITLE GOES HERE Tvinci MediaHub™ - management of content, business rules and OTT users Tvinci MediaStore™ - management of user experience across devices User interface - on multiple connected devices (Tvinci / 3rd party)

7 Solution Overview – workflow of the core OTT platform

8 Among our Customers Among our Partners TITLE GOES HERE
Experience to date - Customers & Partners TITLE GOES HERE Among our Customers Among our Partners

9 Orange VOD TITLE GOES HERE Reference - Orange PC / Mac portal
Offers TV shows and full features from Hollywood and local market Integrations: billing, pricing, packaging, CMS, ads server, user DB Tvinci utilized services of System Integrator Technology partner to Orange transformation into a multi-device content provider Long term relationship Stage 1: Paid VOD Portal (Oct ’08) Stage 2: SDK for show mini-sites (Jun ‘09) Stage 3: Multi-device support PC / Mac portal

10 Hbbtv for Spanish operator
Reference - Hbbtv TITLE GOES HERE Hbbtv for Spanish operator An initiative by a large European Telco, owner of various TV transmission networks Concept: white label cross device OTT service for country’s largest broadcast channels Initially deployed on Hbbtv (STB & connected TV), PC web portal and iPhone Ingestion, workflow mgmt and integration by HP; Enables fast time-to-market addition of channels (sub account per broadcaster) Phase 1: Catchup TV, VOD (deployed) Phase 2: nPVR, Live/Linear OTT Hbbtv (STB / Connected TV)

11 Novebox (@ MSN) TITLE GOES HERE Reference – Novebox
Initiative for largest Latin paid video portal in the world Concept: “The Hulu of Latin content” Integrations: MSN Video CMS, ads server Long term relationships Stage 1: PC portal, available in MSN territories in the Americas incl. USA (Aug 2010) Stage 2: Telemundo exclusive online premiere (pre-TV broadcast launch, Sep 2010) Stage 3: Additional devices

12 Ximon (Netherlands) TITLE GOES HERE Reference - Ximon
Paid service offering a variety of new and all-time-favourite Dutch films and TV shows Segmentation of users via package and subscription offerings Exemplifies localization for local market: - Popular payment methods (IDEAL, Paypal, credit, direct debit) - Integration with local social network (Hyves) By the end of 2011: expansion to Mobile and Connected TV addition of 1500 hours of content

13 Designed to fit the needs of pay-TV & multi-play operators
The Tvinci advantage TITLE GOES HERE Designed to fit the needs of pay-TV & multi-play operators Modular and integrates with existing systems (billing, CRM etc) Installed on operator's premises when required (or provided as cloud based solution) High degree of customization enabled Compatible with multiple types of STBs, consumer devices and standards  Widest variety of monetization options Unmatched flexibility out-of-the-box Any type of subscription, packages, Pay-Per-View, targeted video ads, coupons, discounts, sponsorships, gifts and more Premium content to any screen Takes service providers to all of the leading devices, simultaneously, with multi-DRM support Unique Device & Domain management tools – flexible & effective household/user/device rules Only two-fold solution in the market Combining Tvinci's MediaHub™ and MediaStore™, thereby enabling both the central management and UI control on multiple devices Proven ability to seamlessly create new, fully integrated Storefronts on multiple devices Focuses on the user experience and the way to enhance total engagement

14 Operators in the OTT Space
14 Operators in the OTT Space

15 OTT: Much more than “IPTV on the open internet”
Intro to OTT TV TITLE GOES HERE OTT: Much more than “IPTV on the open internet” OTT vs IPTV Openness vs. Closed Garden Agility based on the power of Internet invention vs. a "set menu" system OTT Combines vertical with horizontal/retail devices (frontend services, players, DRM) OTT calls for a system that handles adaptive bitrate, multiple profiles (encoding & encryption) OTT utilizes internet based services: recommendation engines, billing gateways, social networks, metadata enrichment Projections for OTT growth “OTT viewers will outnumber IPTV viewers by 2013” (Informa) OTT Video Services Exceeding US$20 Billion In (MRG Report 2010) Tvinci is covered in this report - “Over-the-top TV will grow nearly six-fold in the next five years” (TDG) Broadband-Enabled TV: Rise of the OTT Provider Approximately 25% of North American Home Video Rentals To Go Over-the-Top Video by 2014   (The Diffusion Group report)

16 OTT Case Studies World leading OTT services
Intro to OTT TV TITLE GOES HERE OTT Case Studies World leading OTT services Netflix – has become the world’s largest pay TV operator in terms of subscribers based on OTT streaming , $1.7B in revenues Hulu – around $250 M in revenues in 2010 from ads supported and paid content, validated approx. $2B Prominent OTT initiatives by operators Viasat – the world’s first operator to launch a real OTT operation, already profitable , offers linear channels & VOD Cabelvision - iPad app with 300 live channels, 2000 VOD titles (launched April)

17 Why do operators enter the OTT TV space?
Operators in the OTT space TITLE GOES HERE Why do operators enter the OTT TV space? Pay-TV providers Fight “cord cutting” by expanding their existing TV offering (cable / satellite / IPTV powered) to multiple devices Launch a “TV Everywhere” service to protect their assets Telcos / ISPs Create a brand new TV platform (based on OTT) – new revenue source VAS that leverages on existing customer base (increasing ARPU, reducing churn rate) Telecommunication infrastructure companies Ideally positioned to bundle services and create a compelling price point for broadcasters (CDN, DRM, IT, OSS/BSS and more)

18 telco / pay TV operators
18 Tvinci & telco / pay TV operators

19 How does Tvinci power OTT TV for tier 1 operators?
Tvinci’s deployments for large operators TITLE GOES HERE How does Tvinci power OTT TV for tier 1 operators? Tvinci: provides Video Asset Management system & Storefront Management System for OTT TV For media companies / broadcasters: Tvinci provides end-to-end turnkey solution (e.g. MSN, MTV) For Telco / mobile / pay TV operators: Tvinci provides a solution that integrates with operator’s existing environment (e.g. Orange) When integrating its solution for operators Tvinci often partners with system integrators with extensive local presence. This type of solution is offered with several system integrators, most prominent ones are international System integrators Ericsson and HP, with which Tvinci has a joint solution in place. The following slides provide a high level overview of this type of joint solution: the role each party takes main modules it provides.

20 Customer Suggested model of work with large operators TITLE GOES HERE
High level overview of the suggested solution TITLE GOES HERE Suggested model of work with large operators Customer

21 Tvinci Ltd. 52nd A Ha'Masger St., Tel Aviv, 61574 Israel

22 Additional Information
22 Additional Information

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