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Digital TV SOC LG Electronics Inc. Nov 6, 2003 SAT GR, DTV Lab.

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1 Digital TV SOC LG Electronics Inc. Nov 6, 2003 SAT GR, DTV Lab

2 1/39 TV technology analog TV digital TV SDTV(720x480i)HDTV(1920x1080i) Color TV NTSC(1954 ) PAL(1967 ) SECAM(1967 ) 1991 MUSE ( ) 1994 DIRECTV ( 1998 DVB-T, S, C ( ) 1999 ATSC ( ) 2000 ARIB ( )

3 2/39 DTV technology homemobile Broadcasting Convergence/networking mobile Cable Data PVR networking DMB ( / ) /

4 3/39 DTV : HD display Analog TV Set top box : DTV VSB, MPEG-2 decoder, AC-3 decoder = + Set top box DTV Set top box

5 4/39 Display / PRT Projection TV LCD Projection TV DIRECT view (CRT) TV PDP TV LCD TV DLP Projection TV :, : Convergence,,, :,,, (3 ) :, On Time(40 ) :,,, contrast :, On Time(40 ) :,, :, ( ) :,,, :,

6 5/39 DTV product leadership Display devices Analog : CRT, PJTV Digital : PDP, LCD S/W EPG data broadcasting PVR SOC H/W platform Reception capability A/V processing VSB/QAM A/V decoder

7 6/39 DTV (ATSC) System decoder (Transport demux) MPEG-2 Video Decoder Display Processor & Graphics Dolby AC-3 Audio Decoder MPEG-2 TS (19.4Mbps) RF MPEG-2 Video 27MHz clock recovery Program navigation information Dolby AC-3 PCR Users program choice Physical Channel (BW : 6MHz) Audio Video Demodulator (8-VSB) DTV tuner Program select Program information Bandwidth : 6MHz Data rate : 19.4Mbps 1 packet (188bytes) VAVP

8 7/39 Channel tuning time (ATSC) RF(IF) TS VSB processing (sync/locking, equalizer, de-interleaver, FEC) : ~0.5sec TS A/V decoder PAT (<0.1sec) & PMT (<0.4sec) PSIP Video GOP (I picture) : ~0.5sec Lip synch by DTS/PTS : ~0.5sec

9 8/39 Applications DTV SOC SDRAM audio display RF A/V decoder audio & display TV & STB DTV SOC SDRAM xDSL display Network memory A/V decoder audio & display streaming DTV SOC SDRAM RF A/V decoder memory (decoded) PCI bus PCI card PCI bus DTV SOC SDRAM RF memory (TS) storage (recording) Storage A/V decoder audio & display (playback) PVR HDD audio display audio

10 9/39 System clock System clock recovery (27MHz) Display clock PLL 27M : 74.25M (4 : 11) Audio clock PLL 27M : 48K (1125 : 2) Video skip/repetition, audio skip/repetition System clock (27MHz) Display PLL Audio PLL 74.25MHz 48kHz HSYNC VSYNC Frame SYNC HSYNC VSYNC FR SYNC

11 10/39 Memory map System decoder 0 Audio decoder 66 Video bitstream 116 Video decoding buffer (3, 4 frames) 252 Display processor 1816 OSD (960x540) 16bppx2 2398 CPU 2652 4096 Typical memory 128Mbit x 2 256Mbit x 2 System decoder PSIP information Audio decoder Video decoder (MPEG-2) Video bitstream buffer Anchor frame Display processor OSD Bitmap buffer CPU

12 11/39 Memory bandwidth SDRAM Memory arbiter motion compensation write after MB decoding readwrite Audio decoder System decoder Video decoder Display processor VCR/PIP OSD/ GFX 64bits @108MHz maximum : 864MBytes/sec writereadwriteread writing bitstream read Memory bandwidth Global Local Local buffer size buffer

13 12/39 DTV SOC core technology PVR (personal video recording) MPEG-2 MP@ML encoder IDE controller, PCI MPEG-7, TV-anytime forum Home networking IEEE1394 (w/t 5C) HDMI USB Memory card System-On-A-Chip RISC, DSP Analog IP Verification Data broadcasting & internet Graphics engine High-performance RISC xDSL Internet browsing Worldwide DTV standards 8VSB/COFDM/QAM/QPSK/8PSK CAS system Audio : Dolby AC-3, MPEG, AAC Video : MPEG-2 MP@ML/MP@HL Cable (OpenCable) Terrestrial (ATSC/DVB) Satellite (DIRECTV/ARIB) Display devices CRT/PJTV/PDP/LCD/DLP Device characteristics Video quality enhancement

14 13/39 RISC core Overall control S/A/V control DMA Interrupt Application S/W Caption engine Program guide User interface Data broadcasting

15 14/39 Peripherals DMA controller Interrupt handler UART Smart card Memory card

16 15/39 System decoder : TS Header : 4 bytes SYNC/PID/continuity counter Adaptation field PCR Payload PES : A/V/data, lip sync with DTS/PTS PSI : section data, PAT/PMT/CAT/MGT/…. Payload : PES or PSI sectionHeader 1 packet (188 bytes)

17 16/39 System decoder Packet parsing A/V data A/V decoder Navigation data CPU System clock recovery (27MHz) Audio decoder System decoder Video decoder System Information (navigation) MPEG-2 TS Video PES(ES) Audio PES(ES) PSI Data decoder Data 1 packet (188bytes)

18 17/39 System decoder Input streams MPEG-2 TS : ATSC/ARIB/DVB/OC DIRECTV TS (proprietary) MPEG-2 PS : DVD PID filtering Section filtering (byte-/field-masking) System clock recovery CAS (DES-ECB/MULTI-2/CS/CSS)

19 18/39 Video decoder (MPEG2) MP@HL video : up to 1920x1080 Highly complex 6 times more complex than SD video (DVD) Frame memory : minimum 3 frames VLD MPEG-2 Video ES Inverse scan IQ IDCT 8x8 VLD Dual prime arithmetic Chroma scaling Half-pel prediction Frame memory DCT Coeff. Zigzag scan mode Q scale factor & Q matrices Motion vectors Decoded Pictures (I, P, B) Field/frame prediction selection Bitstream parser

20 19/39 Video decoder MPEG-2 SD : MPEG-2 MP@ML HD : MPEG-2 MP@HL Dual decoding (2xSD,SD+HD, 2xHD) Dual tuner PVR Memory scalable video decoding Error concealment Trick play

21 20/39 Audio decoder Dolby AC-3 (ATSC) 5.1 channel 48kHz, up to 384 kbps Audio DSP Audio instruction Features Decoding : AC-3 / MPEG / AAC Sound effects 5.1 channel source with 2 speakers 2 channel source with 6 speakers

22 21/39 Video input formats Analog : single Digital : multiple ATSC standards 1920x108024P, 30P, 30I 1280x72024P, 30P, 60P 704x48024P, 30P, 30I, 60P 704x48024P, 30P, 30I, 60P 16:9 4:3 640x48024P, 30P, 30I, 60P4:3 ResolutionFrame rate/scanAspect ratio

23 22/39 Display devices & formats 1920x1080 30i (16:9) high-end projection 720x480 30i (4:3) 1366x768 60p (16:9) PDP, LCD 1280x720 60p (16:9) PDP, LCD 720x480 60p (4:3) Direct View, PJTV 1920x1080 60P (16:9) PDP, LCD

24 23/39 Video input & output Input (2 channels) Decoded pictures NTSC/PAL Component signals (up to 1920x1080i) PC signal (up to XGA) Output Analog : RGBHV, YPbPrHV, RG*B, Y*PbPr, CVBS, S- video Digital : D1, YCbCr/RGB (30bits) 60Hz : 1080i/768p/720p/480p/480i, 16:9/4:3 50Hz : 1080i/576i, 16:9/4:3 PC : VGA/SVGA/XGA

25 24/39 Format conversion Spatial resolution Scan interlaced/progressive Aspect ratio 4:3/16:9 Temporal frame rate 24/30/60/70/85Hz 60Hz, 25/50 50Hz Chroma sampling 4:2:0/4:2:2/4:4:4 Color space conversion YPbPr/YIQ/RGB

26 25/39 Spatial resolution & scan De-interlacing (480i input) Filtering Interpolation 720x480i 720x480p 1280x720p 1920x1080i 720x480i 720x480p 1280x720p 1920x1080i

27 26/39 Format conversion Input < output Input > output Input memory Memory De-interlacing/ FC (interpolation) FC display Input FC (filtering & decimation) FC Memory Memory display

28 27/39 Aspect ratio conversion Input (16:9) display (4:3) Crop Wide Zoom letterbox pan &scan squeeze Input (4:3) display (16:9)

29 28/39 Display window control Picture in picture (PIP) Worldwide leader in DTV - LG DTV/DTV, NTSC/NTSC PIP/POP Split-screen Picture out of Picture (POP) still moving Multi-PIP still moving still 2 active windows still moving still moving still moving Single window

30 29/39 XDRpro eXcellent Digital Reality HD NTSC DVD DTV PC/STB HD XDRpro

31 30/39 XDRpro ( ) LG DVD 3 SD HD

32 31/39 Full digital A/V processing Digital TV : transmission, A/V compression Full digital video processing Digital display (PDP, LCD) Video adjustment : Brightness, contrast, tint, color temperature, gamma correction Full digital audio processing Analog AMP digital AMP (digital) Video Decoder (digital) XDRpro (digital) Video adjustment display Audio Decoder (digital) Digital AMP

33 32/39 EPG (Electronic Program Guide) Program guide 1-button recording with HDD

34 33/39 Data broadcasting :,, DASE : HTML, JAVA MHP : Return channel OCAP : Full internet Video decoding & scaling with positioning Enhanced data (graphic & OSD)

35 34/39 Graphic & OSD 2-D graphic primitives Point, block transfer and text manipulation Full-screen drawing capability up to HD Arbitrary scaling of OSD bitmap data RGB/YCbCr color space Anti-flickering for interlaced display (480i/1080i) 5 layers, 2/4/8/16/24/32 bits/pixel 2, 4, 6 and 8-bit alpha blending H/W cursor (2bits/pixel, 64x64 pixels)

36 35/39 LG DTV ASIC history 1 st 2 nd 3 rd 4 th video 3 chips Video 3 chip - Transport - Video decoder - VDP Video 1 chip - LGDT1101 Audio/Video 1 chip - LGDT1102 DTV SOC - LGDT1103 (Kwanak) video 1 chip A/V 1 chip DTV SOC audioCPU audioCPU 0.6 m 0.35 m 0.25 m 0.18 m 0.13 m process 1997.10 1999.11 2002.3 Under development 5 3 2 1 # of chips

37 36/39 Block diagram VSB Demo- dulator Audio D/A Tuner 16-/32-bit RISC CPU Transport De-multiplexer (MPEG2 system) Audio Decoder DSP (AC3/MPEG/AAC/ DTS/PCM/MP3/ TruSurround) MPEG2 MP@HL Video Decoder Display Processor (Format conversion, 1080i/720p/480p/480i, Scaling/PIP/POP, NTSC/PC/component, NTSC encoder) OSD & Graphic engine (OSD 5 planes, 2/4/8/16/24/32 bpp, Anti-flickering, 2-D graphic resizing) Memory Controller 3ch D/A 3ch D/A xN PLL Audio PLL FLASHperipherals 64Mbit SDRAM 64Mbit SDRAM LGDT1102

38 37/39 ATSC DTV system diagram 2-chip solution LGDT3101 VSB receiver LGDT1102 System decoder Audio decoder Video decoder Display processor Graphic processor OSD controller NTSC/PAL encoder DAC, PLL, audio PLL 16/32-bit CPU Analog RGB/YCbCr Digital RGB/YCbCr CVBS/S-Video 525i/625i 64Mbit SDRAM 64Mbit SDRAM NTSC decoder NTSC decoder or PC/component Digital 5.1 ch SPDIF

39 38/39 PRT Projection HDTV LCD Projection TV Affordable TV PDP TV LCD TV DLP Projection TV DIRECTV HD-STB PVR HD STB

40 39/39

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