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Advantages of TV Advertising

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1 Advantages of TV Advertising
Creativity and impact Coverage and cost effectiveness (but what about target market reach and waste coverage) Captivity and attention Selectivity and flexibility

2 Disadvantages of TV Advertising
Costs Lack of selectivity Fleeting message Clutter Limited viewer attention Distrust and negative evaluation

3 Advantages of Radio Advertising
Cost and efficiency Selectivity Flexibility Mental Imagery Integrated marketing opportunities

4 Limitations of Radio Advertising
Creative limitations Fragmentation Chaotic buying procedures Limited research data Limited listener attention Clutter

5 Advantages of Magazine Advertising
Selectivity Reproduction quality Creative flexibility Permanence Prestige Consumer receptivity and involvement Services

6 Disadvantages of Magazine Advertising
Costs Limited reach and frequency Long lead time Clutter and competition

7 Advantages of Newspaper Advertising
Extensive penetration Flexibility Geographic selectivity Reader involvement and acceptance Services

8 Limitations of Newspaper Advertising
Poor reproduction Creative limitations Short life span Lack of selectivity Clutter

9 TV Advertising is Good when…
You need to reach lots of segments that are fairly similar or they are going through the same hierarchy of effects You need to convey a dynamic message or one with strong visual imagery Your message can be grasped in 30 seconds You have ample budget Your target segment matches the audience for a program or a cable station

10 Radio Advertising is Good when…
You need to reach a local audience, a driving audience, or an audience with particular entertainment tastes (or special interests) You need to keep costs down Your message can be short Your message can be conveyed with “theater of the mind” You’re OK with a “quick buy” placement

11 Magazine Advertising is Good when…
Your target market matches a magazine’s audience Your message can be static, but is enhanced by high quality graphics You need to convey more information to an involved or interested audience You have a good sized budget

12 Newspaper Advertising is Good when…
You need to reach a local audience Your target segment matches well with a section of the newspaper You have a general audience Your message doesn’t need high quality graphics or reproduction

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